Mexico Tells Americans Not To Cross Border

Mexico Tells Americans Not To Cross Border

Mexico Tells Americans Not To Cross Border

We live in an upside-down reality. Remember how President Trump campaigned on a “big, beautiful wall” at the southern border and that Mexico would pay for it?

It’s taken years for the government of Mexico to take border enforcement even remotely seriously, but with the coronavirus pandemic happening, Mexican citizens are protesting at a checkpoint in order to keep AMERICANS out!

Residents in Sonora, south of the US state of Arizona, have promised to block traffic into Mexico for a second day after closing a checkpoint for hours on Wednesday.”

They wore face masks and held signs telling Americans to “stay at home”.

Mexico has fewer than 500 confirmed Covid-19 cases and the US over 65,000.”

The border is supposed to be closed to all except “essential” business, but protesters said there has been little enforcement and no testing by authorities.”

All “nonessential” travel was stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border almost a week ago, but these protesters don’t want ANYONE coming in. Mexico might have “only” a handful of confirmed cases compared to the United States, but the Mexican government, which has been a corrupt mess for decades, no matter who is in charge, is only reporting that many cases because they AREN’T testing.

The Lopez Obrador government might not be taking the pandemic seriously, but the people are. There are lines for testing in Mexico City at private clinics that people are paying out of pocket for, even as the government tells people that they don’t necessarily need testing. Mexico was the starting point for the 2009 H1N1 “swine” flu epidemic, and suffered huge fatality rates. It’s little wonder that people are willing to pay up for testing in this moment, even if the government is not responding aggressively.

But oh, the fact that Mexicans are telling Americans to stay out of their country…

The bottom line is that Mexico has not worked in the years since the H1N1 flu epidemic to seriously prepare themselves for anything like it again. Th “meh” attitude on testing by the government is not going over well with the people. When the numbers in Mexico are so low as compared to the rest of North America, one has to realize that it’s not that the virus isn’t spreading in Mexico, it’s that the government doesn’t WANT to know the real numbers.

But if the Mexican people are wanting the border closed down, I say we do that, and then maybe we let them block it off as well. Maybe with a wall? One that has doors that are only opened and closed if people on either side have the appropriate paperwork to pass through? It’s such a wild idea, it just might work!

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  • mac says:

    This is the best idea I’ve ever heard come out of Mexico. We would do MUCH better as a nation if we just closed that land border permanently and mined both sides. Shoot without warning any person trying to get across on land or by sea. Anyone who wants to come to this country from Mexico should a) be vetted for legal admission within an inch of their life, including cavity checks, and b) be able to afford a first-class ticket on an airline.

    Long story short, we need no more Mexicans in the U.S., whether their rich, whiter-than-white upper classes or their poor, uneducated brown Indios. They are, de facto, an enemy country. Leave them to sort out their hellhole on their own and keep the U.S. the hell out of it!

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