Ilhan Omar and the Armenian Genocide

Ilhan Omar and the Armenian Genocide

Ilhan Omar and the Armenian Genocide

It really was no surprise that Rep Ilhan Omar (D-mented), Congress’ Islamic counterpart to Katie Hill, voted “present” on the Armenian Genocide resolution. Her subsequent justification is. And not in a good way.

Ilahn Omar has a list

Let’s look at this part again:

A true acknowledgment of historical crimes against humanity must include both the heinous genocides of the 20th century, along with earlier mass slaughters like the trans-Atlantic slave trade and Native American genocide, which took the lives of hundreds of millions of indigenous people in this country.

First, Omar states she won’t consider acknowledging “this genocide” unless “that genocide” is also acknowledged. Second, note her only two examples of heinous genocides – Trans-Atlantic slavery and the death of Native Americans. Second, how has slavery not been acknowledged by Americans? Is Omar ignorant about that huge war in the 1860’s fought over it? I mean, it used to be in all the history books. As to the latter while there were many singular instances of slaughter of Native Americans, also acknowledged, most deaths and depopulation of indigenous peoples was due to disease.

Omar’s examples are deliberate, aimed specifically at the United States while trying to posture as all inclusive. No mention of the other totalitarian genocides of the 20th Century? The Holocaust? Mao’s Cultural Revolution? Pol Pot’s Cambodian Genocide?

Or even America’s other crime against humanity, WWII’s Japanese internment. Granted, it wasn’t genocide, but it was another shameful episode (instituted by a Democrat President, FDR. Ahem) that has subsequently been acknowledged by America.

And here we are, in 2019, with Omar coming up with disingenuous reasons on refusing to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Muslim Turks of the Ottoman Empire.

It’s not like it wasn’t in all the papers in 1915, either.

In a statement issued yesterday from the offices of the American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief at 70 Fifth Avenue further atrocities committed by Turks upon Armenian Christians were detailed and additional evidence was given to support Lord Bryce’s assertion that the massacres are the result of a deliberate plan of the Turkish Government to “get rid of the Armenian question,” as Abdul Hamid once said, by getting “rid of the Armenians.” ~~ NYTimes Wednesday December 15, 1915

There were other members of Congress who ducked the issue or voted against it. However, it was Omar who decided to attempt to cover up her stance by yelling “SQUIRREL!” I’d call that a crime against morality.

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  • Scott says:

    If there ever was a definition of a “Domestic Enemy”, this hateful skank is it!.. In addition to all the points you make, she’s also terrible at math.. The best numbers I can find would be less than one million Native Americans killed since the founding of the colonies.. This is in no way meant to excuse those acts that were truly genocidal in nature (though many of the deaths were in war, and combatants killed in war would be a great stretch to be called genocide), but there is a huge difference between less than a million, and “hundreds of millions” and this radical muslim is either too stupid to understand that, or is intentionally lying to us (as she does most any time she opens that hole in her face).

    • Darleen Click says:

      Good point. I wanted to address the math, but she’s so vague I couldn’t figure out whether she was talking about from 1776 on or after Columbus; if it was just the US or all of the Americas (which would mean about 10-50 million pre-Columbus). In any event, the vast majority of deaths of Native Americans was because they had absolutely no immunity against diseases that Europeans had adapted to over millennia. Estimates that up to 90% of the indigenous population was wiped out by disease.

      • George Turner says:

        Even that is really sketchy, as there’s no real evidence of any widespread Old World plagues compared to those the colonists also suffered, other than the usual like flu, measles, and such. There’s also genetic evidence that smallpox only entered the human population in the late 1500’s to early 1600’s. (Smithsonian Magazine story), which indicates that the Europeans were every bit as vulnerable to smallpox as everyone else, which shouldn’t be surprising because Europeans have no natural immunity to it, either.

        There were some devastating plagues in Mexico City, but a Harvard-trained Mexican epidemiologist is adamant that it wasn’t any disease known to Europeans, but was one very familiar to the natives, and was most likely a rodent-borne hemorrhagic fever that often re-emerged when rains returned after a long period of drought.

        Early British colonists assumed that a great plague must have wiped out almost all the Indians because they kept finding abandoned villages. But the Indians didn’t have plows, stone buildings, metal axes, or wheels, so it was actually easier for them to rotate between multiple villages than keep on going indefinitely, since the local game and downed firewood become depleted if they stay to long. To Europeans, the idea of just abandoning a village was inconceivable so they assumed all the inhabitants must have died.

      • Oscar says:

        Ilhan: An agent of Satan, of the religion of Satan, in the party of Satan.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    This statement has kind of obscured the fact that she’s as big a sleaze as Kate Hill- and probably distracted her district that she’s not especially following the tenants of her religion.

    • Scott says:

      Yeah, she seems a lot happier with the killing Jews and other infidels part of her “religion” than the subservient woman part of it..

  • Rich Rostrom says:

    “Japanese internment… (instituted by a Democrat President, FDR.)”

    The mass internment of West Coast Japanese-Americans wasn’t FDR’s idea; pressure for it was ginned up by demagogic local politicians, whose real interest was stealing their property. This scam was thoroughly bipartisan; Republican state Attorney General Earl Warren was a prominent supporter.

    Incidentally, the scam was also directed against Italian-Americans, especially fishermen who held valuable docking rights. That operation blew up when one of the targets turned out to be Joe DiMaggio’s father.

  • Randy Wolf says:

    She, along with her socialist friends, continue to prove to anyone with a brain one of two things. Either theyare ignorant of history and thinks they know it or, and this is the one I believe, they make these numbers up to fit their narrative and believe they can get away with it because their constituents are too stupid to know better. Probably a little of both.

    Shielded and unchallenged by the media, they become good liars by saying things…whatever BS supports their agenda true or most likely not. They have zero respect for regular American voters whom they think they are much smarter than and will believe anything they say.

    Another pattern of lies we hear regularly from democrat congress people starts with the following: “The American people believe (fill in the blanks)”. Or “The American people cannot pay their bills” (an example). The truth is these Congress people have no such data to back these broad fantastic statements. They shoot from the hip. Nancy Pelosi is particularly fond of this tactic and does it daily. She doesn’t even know what the people of San Francisco want or need because she doesn’t ask. She takes innuendo at a townhall meeting (there is no such thing. They are usually stacked and staged) and makes broad assumptions. Then acts on them!

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