Melania Trump: When It Comes To The First Lady, The Media Really Can’t “Be Best”

Melania Trump: When It Comes To The First Lady, The Media Really Can’t “Be Best”

Melania Trump: When It Comes To The First Lady, The Media Really Can’t “Be Best”

Melania Trump has been under attack by the likes of CNN and the liberal media since day one. It seems that even when she’s acting charitable and showing warmth, the basement dwellers dig deep and find whatever little negative nugget of a spin to the story.

Here is a glimpse of some of what we don’t see enough of when Melania hits the news (fast forward to about :50):

Melania Trump wore heels aboard Air Force One, wore a jacket with a statement that showed her “indifference”and decked the halls with red Christmas trees of death, Her interview with Sean Hannity is the latest in the attacks:

In a rare interview Wednesday night Melania Trump proved that she doesn’t understand what it means to be first lady.

She told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that “opportunists who are using my name” are the hardest part of being first lady, again making the job about herself and her family instead of taking the opportunity to talk about the challenges she sees other people facing.-Kate Andersen Brower, CNN

Andersen-Brower suggests “Melania is a Trump through and through. Melania’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, defended the First Lady in her own CNN piece last night:

This condescending opinion, apparently written in response to a single answer Mrs. Trump gave in a Fox News interview Wednesday, was published just hours after the first lady traveled to Children’s National hospital in Washington to read a Christmas story, visit sick children and thank the hardworking hospital staff.
CNN has a dedicated reporter who covers Mrs. Trump. But the media consistently ignores the first lady’s work on behalf of the people of this country, and children in particular, in favor of more trivial matters. And my defense, here, of the first lady will certainly draw criticism and be framed as another assault on the press, but this predictable reaction won’t make my observations any less true.-Stephanie Grisham

The irony in all of this? In Andersen-Brower’s hit piece on The First Lady, she mentions Mrs. Trump’s philanthropy. She’s met with women and babies struggling with opioid addiction, children as part of her “Be Best” campaign who have been bullied at school, people whose homes were destroyed in the California fires. She’s read to children at Children’s National Hospital and has comforted them. She made a trip in support of the military members aboard USS George H.W. Bush. Andersen-Brower mentions all of this. But according to her, Melania Trump’s interview with Hannity was nothing short of a “pity party”.

Sean Hannity or Mrs. Trump could have steered the conversation in a way to highlight Melania’s outreach. Sure. But my guess is writers like Kate Andersen-Brower would have spun that in a completely different direction. Imagine if Melania Trump talked of her “Be Best” campaign? Imagine if she spoke more about her appearances? You know this and I know this; these pen-wielding opportunists would have painted her as an egotistical braggart. Melania Trump would have been clumped in the same category as her husband who always likes to talk about himself.

In my opinion, Melania Trump has a right to troll the media and their bias just like her husband does.She also has a right to defend her spouse and her family name and to point out the sheer pettiness that is part of the bullying that does happen in the circles of mainstream media. This op-ed by Kate Andersen-Brower points out this very triviality that plagues the biased. “Let’s talk about how the First Lady as having a pity party for her family on national TV while we mention all of her philanthropic deeds of the week. Oh, and let’s whine and kvetch about whyyyyyyyy she can’t be like her predecessors while we’re at it!”

People are sorting through our shoes and our hair … whether we cut it or not. We take our bangs and we stand in front of important things the world needs to see. And eventually, people stop looking at the bangs, and start looking at the things we’re standing in front of. That’s the power of our role.”-Michelle Obama

This is how TONE DEAF these people are. In her interview with Hannity, Melania Trump said “they’re writing history and it’s not correct.”

“The media also has the opportunity and responsibility to report fairly, accurately and without bias. They are, in fact, writing the first draft of our nation’s history. In many ways, they are failing to measure up to this responsibility. This failure must be addressed.-Stephanie Grisham

We won’t hold our breath for that to happen. In the meantime, Mrs. Trump, do your thing and know that you have women and families who see your warmth, compassion and kindness and appreciate your humor. And to the members of the media who are critics…you don’t need that ugly sweater at the annual party because your garishness oozes out from within. You all are truly miserable human beings. Be Best.

Photo Courtesy of: The White House/Public Domain

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  • Kathy says:

    Melania Trump is so obviously a caring, intelligent, modest, and wonderful woman. Too much of the press is only lookng for bad things to report so they get attention focused on them. As Mrs Trump pointed out, they are falling down on their job of accurately reporting what will become history.

    I have so much respect for our lovely First Lady.

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