Melania Trump and the French State Visit Fashions

Melania Trump and the French State Visit Fashions

Melania Trump and the French State Visit Fashions

The State Visit of French President Emmanuel Macron and Madame Brigitte Macron was an eye-catching reminder that we finally, after several decades, have a First Lady of the United States who knows, appreciates, and wears fashion very well.

Not since Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan have we had a First Lady so glamorous. The Mesdames Bush 41 and 43 were lovely women but not fashion plates. Hillary Clinton didn’t even try. The smartest woman in the world cannot be bothered (sarc.). And, although the media tried to sell Michelle Obama as a fashion savvy woman, it only showed the media’s “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Fashion, at its best, should tell the world who the woman wearing it is. Michelle Obama was a mess, a confused mess, or just a frump very often. Mrs. Obama’s daughters were always beautifully dressed.

Every time Melania Trump steps out she is dressed in classic style. Mrs. Trump evokes Audrey. Grace, and Lauren.

Having a First Lady of the United States with an eye to fashion and style can go a long way to smooth diplomatic relations with foreign Heads of State, and Mrs. Trump delivered with the French State Visit. For the double date with the Macrons at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate, Mrs. Trump wore a Little Black Dress (LBD) and a black Givenchy cape. Madame Macron wore yellow Louis Vuitton with black accents.

The morning of the State Dinner, President Donald Trump and Mrs. Trump greeted the Macrons in front of the White House. Melania Trump wore a Michael Kors designed white suit with asymmetrical front detailing. The white wide-brimmed Herve Pierre hat worn by Mrs. Trump caused quite a stir. One youthful fashionista called it “gaucho” like. That could have been solved with a fleur de lis pin or small painting on the side of the hat. Her red, white, and blue shoes are most likely Christian Louboutin. Madame Macron wore a white boucle suit.

Here is the AP video of the official greeting. Both women know how to walk in stilettos, thank goodness.

Mrs. Trump did not change outfits before a museum visit with Madame Macron.

In a clear signal of diplomacy, Mrs. Trump donned a Chanel Haute Couture gown for the State Dinner. Here is how the New York Post described the gown:

All eyes were again on Mrs. Trump on Tuesday evening when she stepped out in a Chanel gown to greet Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, as they arrived for the first state dinner of Trump’s administration. Mrs. Trump’s black Chantilly lace haute couture gown was hand-painted with silver and embroidered with crystal and sequins, according to her spokeswoman.

Madame Macron wore a stunning off-white and gold Louis Vuitton gown. Both women know who they are and what looks good on them. If I were Mrs. Trump, I might have gone for a wider shoulder on the gown. She has beautiful arms, but the top of the dress looks just slightly line backer-like.

If Mrs. Trump continues to wear flattering classic shapes, could it be possible that our country’s females will stop channeling Kim Kardashian and start channeling Mrs. Trump?

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