Donald Trump, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and Dragon Energy

Donald Trump, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and Dragon Energy

Donald Trump, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and Dragon Energy

Chance the Rapper, birth name Chancelor Johnathan Bennett has chimed in on the Kanye West/Candace Owens controversy. For those who are unaware of the Rap Culture, Kanye West is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of his own story and married to THE Kim Kardashian. Chance the Rapper was a Kanye fan in his youth and successful rapper. He’s only 25 years old. Neither man is known for his scholarly thoughts on political science. But then, Candace Owens happened.

Candace Owens was at a Turning Point USA event at UCLA and challenged the Black Lives Matter group think.

Kanye West tweeted seven words and the world rocked back on its heels. reported:

Owens, the director of urban engagement at the conservative organization Turning Point USA, has been making waves on the internet for her ideologies. Nicknamed “Red Pill Black,” Owens has raised eyebrows for downplaying Black Lives Matter causes. Some have even been accused of widespread discrimination against minorities. But some see her as a key cog in passing along the message of making America great again.

The situation feels similar to the time in December 2016 when ‘Ye set the internet ablaze after meeting with President Trump. At the time, it was reported Trump was looking to make West “an ambassador of sorts” and possibly wanted to give Yeezy an “entrepreneurial leadership role.” It doesn’t appear anything ever came of that meeting other than a photo opportunity.

Just so you know, “Yeezy” is one of Kanye’s alternate names.

Alleged actor Tom Arnold and Azealia Banks let their displeasure (sarc.) be known. The rumor went out that Kanye/Yeezy lost seven million Twitter followers. Twitter has since disputed the loss of any Twitter followers.

Did Kanye West apologize? Oh, hale no. I am not a Kanye West fan, for sure. Kanye West tripled down. Kanye called the President his brother and said they have “Dragon Energy”. “Independent thought” in Hollywood? Mind blown.

Omgravy. Next up, Chance the Rapper backed his friend and mentor with this world shifting Tweet.

I mean, can you imagine? Black folk making up their own minds and thinking independently. Truth be known, black folk, like most folk, make up their own darn minds.

The Washington Post (Democracy Dies in Darkness) summed up:

West’s praise of Trump on Wednesday prompted a swift backlash from fans, activists and celebrities. Legions of Twitters users, particularly those in the black community, criticized him for voicing his support of a president who has hesitated to condemn white supremacists, called African nations “shithole countries” and whom many Americans consider to be racist.

Democracy may die in darkness. Republics have to survive fake news. President Trump did not hesitate to “condemn white supremacists”. Trump rightly acknowledged that there were activists on several sides in Charlottesville. The “shithole” countries comment was in regard to some African countries and Haiti. Visit the countries and then describe them. “Many Americans” consider Donald Trump to be racist because they have been told daily by the fake news talking bots that he is racist.

Personally, I haven’t been into Rap since Kurtis Blow, Tone Loc, and the Sugarhill Gang. If Rap can lead to the rapprochement between Americans regarding racism and identity politics, I am down with that.

Speak and think independently Kanye and Chance.

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  • Scott says:

    Ahh, Sugar Hill Gang… haven’t heard a reference to them in a long time.. and yeah, generally not a fan of Kanye, but good on him for this one..

  • harleycowboy says:

    And Chance folds up faster than a cheap candy bar wrapper.

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