Chicken Little Biden Claims Democracy Falling

Chicken Little Biden Claims Democracy Falling

Chicken Little Biden Claims Democracy Falling

“Chicken Little” Joe Biden is warning us that, thanks to MAGA, Democracy is falling. It’s falling. At Arizona State University, Joe Biden dedicated a National Library named in honor of his friend the late Senator John McCain. This was the perfect opportunity to remind the world of the dangers of Make America Great Again (MAGA) and of the collegiality of Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) like McCain. Well, yippee skippy Chicken Little Biden, but we don’t live in a Democracy. We live in a Republic, so eat your pudding and hesh up, old fool.

I’ve plum lost patience with those people. By those people, I mean Democrats who have focused grouped their latest bumper sticker thinking and come to the conclusion that being a President for all the people means everyone but the 75 million MAGAs who voted for Trump. It doesn’t matter that a couple million deny Trump now. They voted for him in the past and so are enemies to Democracy. Too bad for you. HA HA.

Now, this is a kinder Chicken Little Biden warning that Democracy is falling. Not dramatic like his Red Sermon a year ago September or angry like last November when he blamed MAGA for the attack on Paul Pelosi. Doesn’t matter. If you disagree with Chicken Little Joe, you are MAGA and Democracy is falling because of YOU. It’s so fitting that it was at the dedication of a library named to honor John McCain. He was a bitter, angry man who never forgave us for not giving him the Presidency. McCain and Joe Biden are two peas in a pod.

The event from USA Today:

While speaking at Arizona State University where he announced a national library in honor of his friend and onetime competitor, the late Sen. John McCain, Biden sought to make a point that is central to his reelection campaign: American democracy is at risk.

America’s institutions have been “damaged” by attacks from within, Biden said in the Tempe, Ariz. speech on the final day of his trip.

Delivering his most forceful remarks on the topic since his predecessor was charged was trying to overturn the results of the last presidential election, Biden said the executive, legislative and judicial branches are grappling with threats.
“And for that institutional damage, we see distrust and division among our own people,” Biden said. “I’m here to tell you, we lose these institutions of our government at our own peril.”

For decades, the Democrats have been sewing distrust in the “institutions of our government”. They have also not been teaching civics so the young’uns don’t know we live in a Republic not a Democracy. But, of course, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault:

Referring to him at first as the “defeated former president” and moments later by name, Biden said there is an extremist movement within the Republican Party that does not share the basic beliefs of American democracy.

“This is a dangerous notion, that this president is above the law, no limits on power. Trump says the Constitution gave him the ‘right to do whatever he wants as president.’ I’ve never even heard a president say that in jest,” he said. “Not guided by the Constitution, or by comments, service toward our fellow Americans, but by vengeance and vindictiveness.”
Biden asked what they intend to do once they erode the Constitutional requirements of checks and balances and separation of powers and suggested that it includes giving the president the power to refuse to spend money that Congress has appropriated.

Constitutional checks and balances need to be restored. That’s part of the problem. The Executive Branch is run by unelected elitocrats who have assumed way too much power.

“In times gone by the punishment would have been death” for treason is just a cold hard fact. I have no idea whether General Milley committed treason, but I know that he did not serve President Trump well and he let his soldiers down in a way not seen in 50 years and that is Milley’s legacy.

Historian Tim Naftali told CNN that this was one of Biden’s best speeches. He framed this moment in time and his reelection perfectly. Biden will restore the civility of our Democracy.

You and me, babe. We are the uncivil ones. MAGA is the root of all evil of all the problems. Not the creepy dementia of Chicken Little Joe. Not the frightening incompetency of General Milley or the blundering ineptness of Secretary of State Antony Blinken:

It’s a good thing we don’t live in a Democracy. We live in a Republic. Naff off, Chicken Little Joe.

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  • Kevin says:

    It’s about time President Biden addressed “the elephant” in the room directly, the 280 pound Malignant Tumor. The number of stories and articles addressing the “fall of our democracy” is overwhelming going into detail about the spread of lies that are undermining the democratic foundation of the United States. You even have a former president (I’m gaging using the term “president” and the “280 pound Malignant Tumor” in the same sentence but, sadly, it’s true) calling for the execution of the Joints Chief of Staff, General Milley.

    When will the cult members wake up and realize the Golden Calf they’ve been praying to the last six or eight years has only one goal … to save his rice paper thin skin. The Malignant Tumor is doing everything he can to delay the fraud trial in New York (the one where the judge already ruled against the Malignant Tumor because THE EVIDIENCE was so overwhelming against him). The last thing the Malignant Tumor wants is to appear in a Court of Law and try to justify his actions. I’ve read too many articles with references from the attorney’s that have represented the Malignant Tumor and they all say the same thing … DO NOT PUT HIM ON THE STAND IN A COURT OF LAW because he’ll lie through his teeth and be convicted of lying (along with the other crimes he committed).

    You’re in a cult. It’s never too late to get help.

    • John Shepherd says:

      Trump will execute Milley and shutdown NBC/MSDNC the same way he locked up Hillary. It is just campaign rhetoric to stir up the gullible faithful.

      Toni’s last words highlight the problem. We live in a Constitutional Republic. The Founding Fathers rejected democracy as mob rule. It is not that MAGAs, whatever that means, are enemies of Democracy. Biden, the Democrats and Populists are enemies of the Republic.

  • Lloyd says:

    I think you are mistaken, Kevin….Joe Biden does not weigh 280 lbs. He does, however, lead the cult of liberal, America last, Wokies who work overtime daily to destroy this country.

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