Media Bias Front And Center With ICE Story [VIDEO]

Media Bias Front And Center With ICE Story [VIDEO]

Media Bias Front And Center With ICE Story [VIDEO]

Mere days after media around the world wrote whiny op-eds about how people are being mean, how they really really are journalists dontcha know, and all of this is just a complete misunderstanding because TRUMP!, the media proudly displayed their bias once again with this story involving ICE arresting someone here illegally.

According to the national media, a pregnant woman and her husband were going to the hospital in San Bernardino CA, to have a baby and those awful ICE agents arrested him for no good reason!

The Daily Wire reported on the media’s non-biased objective journalism masquerading as narrative.

The Sacramento Bee: “They were on their way to the hospital to have a baby when ICE took him away”

CBS News: “ICE detains man driving pregnant wife to hospital to deliver baby”

TIME: “ICE Agents Detained a Man Driving His Pregnant Wife to the Hospital”

Quite the compilation of headlines isn’t it?

Only there’s like a YUUUUGE problem with the headlines. There is key information either missing or buried way deep into the story.

A. the mother wasn’t in any real danger, they were driving to the hospital for a SCHEDULED C-section

B. Loving father has been in the U.S. ILLEGALLY for over 12 years

C. Loving father is a really nice guy who has never ever broken any laws his attorneys say.

D. Loving father was arrested by ICE because of his illegal status and because of this:

But immigration authorities say Arrona Lara is not just an otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrant. He is also wanted by Mexican authorities for murder.

“Mr. Arrona-Lara was brought to ICE’s attention due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Mexico on homicide charges,” ICE spokeswoman Lori Haley told The Daily Caller News Foundation. [Emphasis Added]

So this really super nice guy who never broke any laws (except to be here in U.S. ILLEGALLY) is wanted in Mexico on suspicion of homicide? Y’all know what homicide is right?

Yep, pretty much. Homicide is ummmm… MURDER. But hey! He’s such a nice guy! And HEY! the media really hates Trump’s immigration policies so let’s all band together to help these folks out and do our damndest to make media good and Trump look bad once again.

And, of course, many who didn’t bother to actually READ the stories responded to the very misleading headlines.

Uh huh … that’s just one of the MANY examples of the media’s chosen narrative shows that journalistic integrity on the national level is non-existent.

Some members of the media were led astray because they either didn’t read or didn’t bother to take five minutes to research the story.

And then Joe Kennedy chimes in.

It’s not only that they are dunking on ICE, it’s that their bias against Trump is so YUUUUGE that they’ll take any an all avenues necessary to dunk on Trump and all of us Deplorables who dare to hold them to a higher standard.

Yes indeed. The national media was ever so brave when they wrote their whiny little op-ed defending their rampant bias. Yet they still persist in putting forth news stories that fit narrative instead of waiting for facts. However, Daniel at least gets how problematic original story and tweets are regarding ICE’s arrest of an illegal wanted for murder in Mexico.

Well sure. Then you really should delete original tweet. But it’s still there. And the original tweets and info put forth by ALL the national media still stand. Just a few days ago the media whined about how America and Trump doesn’t think they are credible. This ICE story is a prime example of why the media is no longer trusted.

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  • GWB says:

    The thing is, too… notice that he is wanted IN MEXICO.
    Know what that means?
    Yeah. MEXICO called THEM.

    This wasn’t a “Hey, let’s look for some bad illegal to collar, so we can win that Chuck E Cheese’s Family Playtime Deal the chief’s been offering!” This was MEXICO putting the guy on a list (at minimum) of “bad people we think have escaped our clutches, and if you find them, could you kindly capture them for us?” They were asking for help from ICE.

    But, ZOMG, Baby! So, see? He must be just another wrongfully accused, persecuted, poor guy just trying to make his way in our cruel, cruel (but still oh, so desirable!) country.

    • Sam L. says:

      And the media wonder why we despise them. Poor ignorant fools.

    • Jacki says:

      This man was wanted in Mexico for murder. I know that when a friend of mine was murdered by 3 Mexican nationals in Florida and then went to Mexico his wife would have liked fir them to have been brought back. Instead the committed another crime in Mexico and died in prison there before Florida could get them. That’s the reason we have extradition laws and they work both countries.

  • Aurora Borealis Lara Xterra, we are going to put you ,the hag and rug rats,on a catapult and fling back you all over the border wall. Enjoy those chiclets and fried Iguana in Tijuana !

  • Rob K says:

    Just wondering – how many patriots serving in the armed forces missed the births of their children because of assignments?

  • Robertz says:

    I love that this is now exposed.

  • Shirley Ann says:

    Illegal Maria & Mate are so proud. Maria has provided another Anchor Drop so that both Mama & Daddy are living the Good Life off of Anerican Citizens.
    Maria told a Heart Breaking Tale, about Daddy being spirited away by ICE, while driving Maria to hospital for Fifth Anchor Baby.
    Maria Lied about ICE & Illegal Daddy is wanted for Murder, but never mind, Maria got her tale out to the sympathetic Fake Media, aka
    Enemy of the People.
    The LEFT is still using Maria as “American Mama of the Month”.

  • Nancy Tondreault says:

    Thanks for including the important details. I live in FL and remember reading about this case but the murder was never mentioned in the article. My initial comment to my husband was “Gosh, the reporter doesn’t mention how fortunate this guy is that the United States will be paying for his six kids now that he is being deported! Lucky us!” More of my tax dollars to people who don’t live here but have their kids here and worse have lived here 12 years and never bothered to go through the citizenship process …oh yeah, and who murder people in other countries.

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