McCaskill Threatens Family With Annual Riot Watching

McCaskill Threatens Family With Annual Riot Watching

McCaskill Threatens Family With Annual Riot Watching

If you happen to belong to the immediate or extended family of former Missouri senator Claire McCaskill, it’s time to make alternative plans to celebrate Independence Day.

Because if you happen to show up to her house on July 4th, McCaskill has plans for you. Fireworks? No. Picnic? No. The reading of the Declaration of Independence done in costume? Nope! Claire McCaskill, in a desperate attempt to justify her MSNBC paycheck, says that she’s going to make her family watch footage of the January 6th riots at the United States Capitol on the Fourth of July, and that this will be a “new family tradition” from now on.

Just listen to her yourself:

Yeah, that sounds like tons of fun.
If I could make a suggestion to the extended McCaskill family? Find other things and events to do that day. If your family tradition involved spending time with Claire there, I would leave Miss Havisham alone to obsess over the New York Times “documentary” by herself, wearing her old campaign swag and muttering to herself about how she used to roam the halls that she’s now watching on TV, wishing that she could now claim the same levels of PTSD that AOC talks about.

And if you thought McCaskill was crazy for claiming that she is going to make her family watch January 6th footage every single year on the Fourth of July from now on out, just wait until you hear her tell you that January 6th was SO MUCH WORSE than… Benghazi.

Sadly, I am not joking. Just listen to the arrogance in McCaskill’s voice as she compared the two.

Hmmm, with these kind of political instincts, it’s really hard to understand why McCaskill is no longer a United States senator. (The sarcasm ends here.)

Only someone who desperately loved the trappings of political power would stretch the truth this far. While yes, the imagery of January 6th was awful, the comparison of damage and death and horror to BENGHAZI is just beyond the pale. To hear McCaskill try to equivocate the two, because the attack of an American embassy – our outpost on foreign soil – along with the murder of an American ambassador and three other Americans, got multiple Congressional hearings and WAAAAAHHHHH, January 6th is only getting ONE, is just mind-blowing. McCaskill is projecting herself here, as a former senator. Yes, January 6th was bad. Yes, but for the bravery of a few Capitol Police, the mob might have found Representatives and Senators, and who knows what would have happened at that point. But to compare that to an actual terrorist attack where four Americans died, and the posturing and cover-up by media and Democrats to protect Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, is obscene.

But honestly, what can you expect from a failed senator whose entire life now circles around making herself relevant enough to stay on MSNBC? Of course she’s going to say extremely stupid and radical things, because that’s exactly the market that MSNBC is in. Of course she’s going to make disgusting claims that January 6th was worse than Benghazi. Of course she’s going to say that watching the video of January 6th is going to be a new family tradition for her.

If McCaskill does dare do that this year, I’m betting that next year’s party is strangely deserted. Heck, this year’s party deserves to be empty. Just leave Claire to herself, watching riot video and wishing that she had been in danger that day.

Meanwhile, those of us who actually recognize what Independence Day means, and stands for, will have more meaningful and affirming traditions to partake in. My boys enjoy watching the Disney cartoon “Ben & Me” every Fourth of July, because it is entertaining and comes from a time when Disney celebrated American values, unlike the pandering they do now. They also like to watch “This is America, Charlie Brown” and I might toss in a Independence Day concert into the playlist, like the Boston Pops playing the “1812 Overture,” because cannons. Also, for the grown-ups, I’m very much enjoying the Daily Wire’s new podcast called “American’s Forgotten Heroes,” presented by the supreme storyteller Bill Whittle. I’m also planning a large barbecue dinner with friends, and in support of small business, will pick up a fantastic cherry pie from a local bakery for dessert.

However you celebrate Independence Day – be it with food, friends, fireworks, movies, cartoons, pie, podcasts – just remember: whatever you do, you’re doing it better than poor pathetic Claire McCaskill.

Featured image: Claire McCaskill, official Congressional portrait from 113th Congress, public domain

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  • Scott says:

    ” be it with food, friends, fireworks, movies, cartoons, pie, podcasts”

    Deanna, you forgot celebratory gunfire! (we usually have an impromptu shooting competition with our neighbors)..

    And McCaskill is lame as hell.. Hope she celebrates “Ungrateful Colonist Day” alone..

  • John says:

    I could agree with her. IF AND ONLY IF they ALL are forced to watch ALL ov the videos, including the not yet released videos showing the Capitol Police opening the front doors and escorting the protestors in, as is shown in several already released videos.
    And repeated viewings of the murder of Ashli Babbit.
    No, not worse then Bengazi. Here the DC .gov did not call off necessary air support.
    John in Indy

  • OldTexan says:

    No more Red, White and Blue for your, just a Great, Green, Glob of Greasy, Grimy, Masticated, Mutilated, Slippery, Slimy, Gopher Guts ~ MEW CUSS ! ! ! !

    For dear friends and families and now let’s eat some stir-fry dog, I think the Poodle is a bit more crispy than the Husky but same some room for the traditional Hot Dog Dachshund. Remember it’s what Obama would do as a remembrance of the defeated nation of racist, white, bastards,

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  • Howy says:

    What difference, at this point, does she make?

  • ROP says:

    This sounds like a sick comment but with truth.
    Perhaps if she really want to make it realistic. She goes out and shoots at point blank range a conservative.
    Sad to say my bets are on that nothing would happen to her.

  • ROP says:

    Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that all democrat’s and democratic wannabes ( rinos) are crazy !?
    The problem with this is they are running the asylum.

    I sure hope that biden when he’s drinking his ensure doesn’t spill some on the football and start a nuclear war

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