Kermit The Woke And The Rainbow Connection

Kermit The Woke And The Rainbow Connection

Kermit The Woke And The Rainbow Connection

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side? The lovable Muppet, Kermit thee Frog, made a guest appearance yesterday on Disney Plus’ Pride Event and sang his signature tune.

Let’s let this marinate for a bit. Disney’s streaming service, Disney Plus, hosted a Pride Celebration Spectacular. Here’s a sampling of what you’ve missed:

That was Frankie A. Rodriguez and Joe Serafini, from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series who are said to be in a relationship in real-life, performing the love song “to give this classic a new perspective,” according to drag queen, Nina West, who hosted the event. Ann Marie Pace, who directed Disney+’s short film “Growing Fangs” about a Mexican-American teen who is half-human and half-vampire, directed the streaming service’s Pride event, entitled “This is Me: This Is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular“. This from the weekend:

Stories about outsiders wanting to express themselves and feel seen resonate so deeply with so many of us in this community.”-Drag Queen Nina West

West dressed in elaborate costumes throughout the event. The event was wrapped up by an appearance of our favorite little green frog, Kermit the Woke, performing “Rainbow Connection”, wishing “Happy Pride” to all, and affirming that he is still green. Phew. Glad Kermit is still identifying as an inter-species dating frog or Miss Piggy may have given him one of her signature Karate chops. So happy that was cleared up for us, Kermie.

But Drag? A medium that is essentially adult-oriented with sometimes risqué innuendo, a medium that takes women and makes them a caricature with dramatic make-up, clothing, wigs and mannerisms, is now part of Disney Plus’ mainstream programming to honor the LGBTQ+ community? Why? Because love is love is love?

Let’s break this all down for what Pride is according to the mob who infiltrates this whole month. The basic premise of all of this is expression of individuals who have a a certain sexual preference and disposition. Now, could a young child know which way he or she leans at an early age? Absolutely. But the ultimate journey outside of the binary is discussed between two consenting and accepting individuals-just like sexual relations between two consenting members of the binary. This is not something that needs to be advertised, celebrated or encouraged with regard to young children.

Disney, a household name, feels differently. Hell, they even got cute, little, lovable Kermit on the woke train strumming away about rainbows, nothing to hide, the lovers, the dreamers…

The Disney Plus event was meant to raise awareness for GLSEN, a non-profit that says it “works to ensure that LGBTQ students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment.” So, my question is this-what about other types of bullying and harassment that happen within the school walls? What about other populations of a student body who may be bullied? What about the sheer content that a parent finds on a day-to-day basis on the Disney Channel? Displays of the pretty, popular girl running away in fear over a nerdy boy who asks her out. Shows, complete with canned laugh tracks, that display children mouthing off to their parents and authority figures. Take “Princess Turdina”, for example, from an episode of Star vs. The Forces of Evil:

A young boy dresses up as Princess Marco Turdina — get it? Turd-ina — in order to rescue a group of girls from the evil headmistress at St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses. Sounds tame, right? Boy rescues girls, how traditional.

But when the boy is revealed to be — gasp! — a boy by the headmistress who reveals he has chest hair under his princess costume, the young girls rally around him and launch into the sort of social-justice lecture one might see playing out on the University of California, Berkeley campus.

The scene begins with the headmistress shouting, ‘Turdina isn’t a princess. She’s a boy!’ To which the girls, responding to such a disgusting display of gender bigotry, offer a chorus of defense for Turdina, shouting down the headmistress with comments like:

‘Why does it matter if he’s a boy? Nothing he said was wrong! “He can be a princess if he wants to! Turdina is a state of mind!'”-Julie Gunlock, The New York Post

That was from 2014, so, Disney’s been working at this for a while. It just took them a bit to incorporate drag queens and Kermit into the mix. This “Turd” fest was long in the making.

But, alas, when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. If Pinnochio can be a real boy, a young girl who wants to be a real boy and a young boy who wants to be a real girl can also do the same seemingly overnight, right? Except a girl who aspires to be a boy will never suddenly sprout a penis and a boy who aspires to be a girl will never magically grow a set of boobs. Gone are the days of Prince Charming coming to the rescue of a princess and a mermaid being willing to give up her beautiful singing voice for the love of a man. The feminazis went after them for all of that long ago. Enter the Rainbow Connection of 2021. In an effort to be “culturally sensitive”, Disney Plus hops on the Pride bandwagon and cooks up new fantasies without addressing the consequences of these lifestyle choices for these children who may be watching. It’s all sunshine and rainbows for these kids taking puberty blockers? This is Me, they say. Until the person they think they are changes his/her/they/their/them’s mind.

Disney’s irresponsible programming does not address the dark side of the storm before the rainbow, nor do they care to. Disney is making money off of the lives of your children and they got poor Kermit to play along. Someday, you’ll find it, parents. Your TV connection. Unplug it and switch it, you’re free. Yes, you can even turn off Kermie.

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  • George V says:

    There’s a concept that I think I first read about on the Ace of Spades website about the parasitic behavior of left-wing progressives. Much like certain predatory insects that lay eggs inside caterpillars which eventually hatch and eat the caterpillar from the inside, left-wing progressives will work their way inside an organization, bring in more people of their political beliefs, and hollow out the organization from the inside. Eventually the organization, as originally conceived, is dead but is now populated by left-wing thinkers “parading around in it’s skin”.

    Thus we get medical, legal, and scientific organizations that spout all the approved progressive thoughts, and now we are seeing corporations that show the same symptoms. Disney no longer exists to provide entertainment while delivering value to shareholders but to indoctrinate viewers to approved progressive thought.

  • ROP says:

    The left destroys everything it touches. and one day they will destroy themselves, because all they live on is hate

  • GWB says:

    express themselves and feel seen
    And that’s what it’s all about: being seen. IOW, it’s about getting your fame for being abnormal. It’s about forcing people to celebrate your perversity. It’s about a severe self-esteem problem that they think can be solved by forcing people to affirm them and their choices.

    This is not something that needs to be advertised, celebrated or encouraged with regard to young children.
    Oh, but it IS, Lisa. Because they weren’t allowed to be celebrated as a pervert as a child, they have to ensure they pervert more young minds to assuage their conscience. If they can convince more kids to choose that sort of behavior, then they can be assured that they’re more normal than everyone said. Re-read my first paragraph and the need for grooming children becomes obvious.

    The root of ALL sin is PRIDE. So, obviously, they adopted that as their word.

  • Scott says:

    This is not, and never has been about pride, it is about indoctrination, with the end goal of completely destroying traditional values. It’s about confused miserable people making everyone else just as miserable as they are.

    George pretty much nailed it above.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, as this so clearly illustrates.

    • GWB says:

      But it IS about pride. It’s about thinking that you are the most important and glorious thing in the universe and no god is going to hold sway over you! Though the Greeks had another word for it: hubris.

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