Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Independence Day” Edition UPDATED

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Independence Day” Edition UPDATED

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Independence Day” Edition UPDATED

See the UPDATE to this post below.

As America moves into the Fourth of July weekend, with some locales celebrating Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Prideful Day or George Floyd’s Uncles’ Communion Day – it’s worth asking – what’s that body count going to be? For instance, how many black folks are going to be shot by other black folks in Chicago?  Last weekend it started out as 71.  That’s a lot.

That’s a lot of African Americans denied the American dream, and our sacred promise of Independence Day. Which until recently was a self-realized dream of self-reliance with the byproduct of prosperity. No more though . . . That dream has turned into a nightmare in every Blue City Sewer.

Just last weekend:



Last weekend’s Chi-Town shootings started out with 71 then rose to 74, then rose again.  Maybe that’s why you can’t find the 74+ CFP headline any longer. Page not found – CITIZEN FREE PRESS  — only some disconnected photos.

Perhaps the headline had been overtaken by events, turning into 77 shot that weekend.  Maybe by now it’s 81, maybe in Chicago they’re counting this as a long weekend right up to the 4th.  Who the hell knows? Too much murder, too much mayhem, too difficult to count. No wonder half this country wants to secede from the other half.

Glenn Reynolds posted a widely read think-piece asking the question Can more local self-rule save a ‘Late-Roman’ America?  With the Feds toying with fiscal collapse, illegal alien sanctuary laws, surrender abroad and an official policy of hating whitey at home, things look pretty shaky. So whole territories are ready to make their own way in life. Partly through secession, county re-alignment and so forth. The Reynolds piece mic-dropped an interesting conclusion: “Even if the federal government fails, the states will remain. Think of it (self-rule) as a backup system that we hope we won’t need — but increasingly might.

If self-rule at the local level is truly a backup system, there are great swathes of the country in need of a divine guiding hand and serious prayer.

Chicago again, everyone by now has seen this dashcam vid of the guy firing at a line of cars spraying special forces firepower with a 100-round-drum-mag  into midday traffic.

Awesome, Dude.

Just last Thursday, somewhere else in Chicago there were 4 killed and 28 wounded – while piling on for another good time, an 8-year-old girl, and two more 15-year-olds were wounded. Along with some broad-daylight shootouts.  July 2. Getting an early start on the weekend.

Don’t ask Paladin to count these up correctly.  No doubt there’s an overlap.  But on Friday things were so bad the crippled limbs of local city government swung into action. The question on the table, bring in National Guard to Restore Order?  But the motion was tabled when her Royal Lightness of Being gaveled the Emergency Meeting closed, telling her City Council members to sit down and shut up, “This meeting is adjourned.”

Did you wonder how Friday night was going to turn out? Not that there’s so much difference between daytime and nighttime shooting. A shooting is a shooting is a shooting in the Windy City.

Outdone in murder, but not to be outdone in mayhem, the Stewed Apple saw the culmination of a gay pride month, with Washington Square Park the scene of  numerous arrests, a lesbian self-identifying as a nasty Schnauzer biting a cop, while others beat an Egyptian food vendor, nearly to death . The poor middle-eastern schmuck had the effrontery to fly an American flag on his cart. Watch that last twitter clip – it’s horrifying and disgusting.  Sorry Abdul, the gays in Washington Square Park aren’t going to let you show your patriotism to your adopted homeland. You’re just not as important as they are. Hopefully, the city sanitation service will clean up the park’s total squalor before you return to work for the Holiday weekend.

Oh, and spread that mayhem like mayonnaise on our Stewed Apple Women too. It’s open season on dames.  You’re so pounce-able! Which begs the question of self-rule? The jury is still out on whether great hunks of this country can prosper under self-rule. But that’s not news to anyone who lives in Red State bliss.

Closer to home, by Paladin’s redoubt — the local Arab deli owner flies the largest American flag in his window you’ve ever seen.  And he married a blonde – is America great or what??

UPDATE 7/5/21

Paladin asked the questionas America moved into the Fourth of July weekend – what’s Chicago’s body count going to be?Last weekend it started out at 71 and ended much higher, 74+.  

This weekend we know the partial answer— 82 Shot and 14 Dead.  

And it’s not even Monday night.

Last Thursday, Her Royal Lightness of Being blamed ‘99%’ of criticisms on sexism or racism.  If corrupt governance is political theater, that’s 82 more racists acting as theater critics. Gotta wonder what that dangerous elected fool is going to say tonight or tomorrow, if at all.



Featured photo is a screen grab from a video found here. Additional photo is also a screen grab from Citizen Free Press, page no longer found





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