Lena lying one more time

Lena lying one more time

Lena lying one more time

Lena I get that your fifteen minutes of fame are fading fast. You want to be relevant and important and make money off millennials. But did you really have to try and destroy airline employee’s careers with lies? Your lies do transgendered folks no favors. You claimed on twitter that two uniformed employees of American Airlines were transphobic and American better DO Something. Or Else! And the airline did something: they did the right thing.

And once again there were some facts which came to light that made this one more Lena lie. She has lied about being raped, lied about rescuing a dog and is there anything this overexposed useless wench won’t lie about to build her narrative? Because Lena is the great defender of the underprivileged? Unless they work for an airline of course. Or a guy who did not know you, did not date you but you made sure he was identified as your faux rapist. Yeah that makes you the voice of the voiceless or is it the liar who lies?

Ben Shapiro had a few things to say about Lena here

No, no, heavens forfend, no! These dastardly employees engaging in conversation about a hot button issue in a way that a woman who once wrongly accused an innocent man of rape cannot accept!

Because nobody can have an opinion contrary to Miss Dunham’s. But facts again come into play.

On Friday, American Airlines told Fox News, “We always look into complaints from customers, but at this time, we are unable to substantiate these allegations.”

Uh oh. So these American Airline employees were like your so called rapist Barry? Okay then.

So now there’s no evidence of these horrible “transphobic” women from American Airlines doing anything untoward except for a serial liar’s word — a repeat liar who often fibs in order to forward her political agenda.

And sadly the American Airlines employees and the Transgendered community are hurt by this. To be clear when in uniform on a worksite or on Social media be careful (there are policies in every company in the world now about social media). And the stuff on this blog is all me by the way. And Ben Shapiro sums it up nicely.

We should all stop paying attention to Lena Dunham. But the Left won’t let us. So we’ll just keep pointing out the fact that she’s a garbage human being.

A garbage human being indeed. As Marc Giller of the Resurgent said here

Okay, let’s set aside for the moment the whole trans issue, and whether or not you think this kind of talk is out of bounds. Let’s also set aside the folly of American Airlines taking at face value the word of a known liar and drama queen, and assume that everything Dunham said is true. Doesn’t anybody else find it genuinely creepy that she would not only eavesdrop on the conversation of two total strangers and then take the time to report it to the “proper authorities

Soviet much, Lena?

And since American actually you know did the right thing and investigated the incident and did not believe the liar who lies, this happened.

A spokesperson for the airline told TheWrap that they are unable to substantiate the allegations made by the creator and star of HBO’s “Girls.” Dunham tweeted around 3 a.m. ET, said the airline spokesperson, when American’s last departure/arrival at JFK was around 1:45 a.m. ET.

Whoops! But there is still more!

Additionally, a video that Dunham posted around the same time showed that the actress was flying on Delta Air Lines, which according to the spokesperson, doesn’t operate out of Terminal 8, whereas American Airlines does. The two are not connected, argued the spokesperson.

If one believes her tale still think about this.  She got off her Delta flight at JFK at terminal 4.  She sat on the Air Train (a tram around the airport) and got off at Terminal 8 where she had no connecting flight? Sure she did.


And here is the story on video.

Now the thing I find most offensive is that if an employee did say something about a possible customer in a customer facing area of their workplace they would be dead wrong.  And would have the employee(s) terminated with cause.  Because staff represents the employer.  In uniform.  Heck, my father in law could not drink coke in a restaurant because Pepsi would fire him.  Now anyone who worked retail (I did longer than I want to admit at times) had at least one customer who was transgender and guess what: they were just another customer.  Some were jerks and some were super nice.

Then there is common sense: at 3AM nobody really is eavesdropping on nonexistent conversations.  We are trying to sleep in a chair.  Or we are looking for a hotel shuttle or our ride home.   Because the airport is not a fun place to spend hours at a time.  Especially if there is not a next flight.  Because adults plan ahead.


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  • Lynn says:

    Well that video was 1:25 I’ll never get back. How about providing a link to the screenshots of her DMs with American instead?

    • Gail Boer says:

      Appreciate the feedback. 🙂 Changed the video. Of course Transgendered people need to be treated with respect and so do flight attendants that were not in Delta’s terminal at 3AM. I guess Lena sees Flight attendants not pink elephants when drunk? 🙂

  • GWB says:

    Why does Dunham get the airtime? One reason: Hollywood is a town full of perverts.

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