Mary Trump Interview With George Stephanopoulos

Mary Trump Interview With George Stephanopoulos

Mary Trump Interview With George Stephanopoulos

This morning, Mary Trump, niece of President Donald Trump, gave an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America. Miss Trump is currently flacking the book she wrote about Uncle Donald, Too Much and Never Enough, release date is July 28, 2020. My takeaway from the interview is that she is not very self-aware for a woman with a Ph.D. in Psychology and that her real anger is with Grandpa Fred.

It’s interesting that the subtitle of Mary’s book is “How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”. It shows the depth of her hatred for her family and her myopic worldview that Mary Trump considers Uncle Donald more dangerous than some of the vile dictators of the world today. Vladimir Putin of Russia holds President Trump’s strings according to the Left. Xi Jinping of China unleashed Covid-19 on the world and his treatment of the Uighurs is beyond anything seen since Nazi Germany. Ali Khamenei of Iran killed 1500 protesters in the streets last year, but Uncle Donald is worse? Can you say myopic worldview, Mary? And, hyperbole?

Victory Girls’ Deanna wrote about President Trump’s efforts to stop the publication of this book, read it here. A judge disagreed and the book will be sold. Speaking of selling, Mary Trump is a, hmmm, media courtesan. She admits that she gave the New York Times the Trump tax documents, which her lawyer probably got when she filed suit against her grandfather’s will.

Speaking of Grandpa Fred, Mary Trump really blames him for the family troubles. Here is her video of her Stephanopoulos interview:

Miss Trump diagnoses her grandfather as a sociopath and that’s certainly in her wheelhouse. She says that he “excised” her father, Fred, Jr. because he was no use to him. Mary’s father died in 1981, when she was just 16 years old, due to complications of his alcoholism. That had to have been horrible for the whole family. Grandpa Fred died in 1999. In his will, Fred, Sr. specified that only his living children would share in his fortune. The grandchildren would each get $200,000.00 a piece. Mary and her brother filed suit and argued that they should get their late father’s share. In the intervening 18 years, if that had been her grandfather’s intent, he would have changed his will. It was his money; his choice. Mary and her brother settled with the family and signed non-disclosure agreements. The NDA apparently means nothing to Mary in her quests for media approbation and score settling. Miss Trump says she is not interested in fame or money, her motives are all about the country, so why try to get the filthy lucre from Grandpa’s will?

Mary says that Grandpa Fred severely limited the range of human emotions that were permitted to Donald Trump, and presumably his siblings. First, Fred Trump, Sr. was born in 1905. He survived two World Wars and the Great Depression before he was forty years old. Has Mary, the psychologist, ever looked at things from his point of view? Maybe life experience had taught Fred, Sr. some very hard lessons. Lack of empathy, Mary?

When George Stephanopoulos asks Mary if it’s all about the money, she shrugs and says, “I’m a Trump”. Her excuse is that in the Trump family it’s always all about the money. And, when Stephanopolous asks her if writing the book is an extension of the dysfunction in the family, her answer is another shrug and, “Probably”.

So, to sum up, Mary is really, really angry at Grandpa Fred, she has no empathy for him or anyone else in the family, she has a very small worldview, and zero self-awareness. Mary, find a mirror and take a good, long look.

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  • Johnny says:

    This lady is one sick puppy.
    I pity her – she was handed a tough row to hoe with her dad’s illness.
    That being said, now that she’s dumped everything in this book one can only hope the catharsis will help her.
    Unfortunately the odds are pretty lousy on that.
    Sad. Just sad.

  • Lloyd says:

    Unfortunately, with the hatred for Trump on the left side, this book will sell…probably big. Too bad…”Tell All” books are usually full of outrageous lies, told just to make money. Why does she bring this book out now? I am sure the anti-Trumpers on the left encouraged her to do so. In trying to defeat Trump, the liberal left is willing to destroy America as we have known it.

  • WangWeiLin says:

    She’s got crazy eyes.

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