Mark Judge, Kavanaugh HS Buddy, Speaks Up [VIDEO]

Mark Judge, Kavanaugh HS Buddy, Speaks Up [VIDEO]

Mark Judge, Kavanaugh HS Buddy, Speaks Up [VIDEO]

We now know the name of Brett Kavanaugh’s high school bud who was present when Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted a girl. His name is Mark Judge, and he also says that the sexual assault never happened. Emphatically, even.

On Friday, Judge flatly told The Weekly Standard, “It’s just absolutely nuts. I never saw Brett act that way.” Moreover, Judge also told TWS that he can’t recall those sort of actions any other time, either:

“I can recall a lot of rough-housing with guys. It was an all-boys school, we would rough-house with each other. I don’t remember any of that stuff going on with girls.”

Plus, Judge says he still doesn’t know the name of Kavanaugh’s accuser, either.

Now that denial sounds pretty cut-and-dried, doesn’t it?

Well, you’d think. But Democrats and other liberals are not about to take this news lying down.mark judge accusersCredit: DonkeyHotey-flickr

You see, Mark Judge has accusers of his own. Such as the far-left publication Mother Jones. Here’s what they posted on Twitter:

Mark Judge, says Mother Jones, went through high school as a “black-out drunk.” How do they know? Because they managed to dig up a 1997 memoir Judge wrote called Wasted: GenX Tales of a Wasted Drunk. In it Judge wrote about a night of boozing at a Georgetown bar:

“The next thing I knew, I was lying on a bathroom floor. I was curled up in the fetal position with saliva running out of the side of my mouth.”

But wait — there’s more. Like Mark Judge may have thinly veiled Brett Kavanaugh in the text. And the “Kavanaugh” character was — horrors! drunk too!

“Do you know Bart Kavanaugh?”

“Yeah. He’s around here somewhere.”

“I heard he puked in someone’s car last night.”

“Yeah. He passed out on his way back from a party.” 

Alert the presses! Teenage boys sometimes drink! And get sick, too!

In other news — water is wet.

Now it’s true that Mark Judge was a wild child at Georgetown Preparatory School. However, that doesn’t mean that Brett Kavanaugh ever sexually assaulted a girl at a party. That’s a pretty big stretch. And I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t pass muster in a court of law, either.

Furthermore, these women who knew Kavanaugh during his younger years all defend him vigorously.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know the name of the accuser — if she even exists, that is. At this point I have to wonder. But this all smells like desperation on the part of Democrats. And we know that means, don’t we? It smells like. . . Victory!


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  • Susan L Paul says:

    I think the Democrats are grabbing at straws. They are desperate, and smearing a man of true character. This is beyond the pale. They have now stooped to the lowest they can go. They have finally realized that the majority of Americans citizens want nothing to do with their party or themselves as individuals! Amazing, and they sink lower!!
    If these rumors were true, they would have surfaced many years ago. This woman has now branded herself a liar.
    I pray that everyone is aware that the democrats will stop at nothing to regain power. They had it and did nothing for the citizenry of this country. In essence, all the did was line their own pockets. In my 71 years on this earth, the worst actors have been spawned by the democrats. Finally, the truth is smacking them back!!
    Pray for Mr. Kavanaugh and his family that they can put this in the ugly place it belongs and move on with heads held high!

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