Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Expulsion From Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Expulsion From Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Expulsion From Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing expulsion from Congress if the resolution introduced this morning is successful.

“Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-Calif.) on Friday formally introduced a resolution to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) from Congress over her past indications of support for violence against prominent Democrats.

“I believe some of my Republican colleagues, and one in particular, wish harm upon this legislative body. And I’m not saying this for shock value. It’s the conclusion I drew after a member of Congress advocated violence against our peers, the Speaker and our government,” Gomez said on the House floor.

“I take no joy in introducing this resolution,” Gomez continued. “But any member who incites political violence and threatens our lives must be expelled. And I’ll do everything I can in my power to protect our democracy and keep all my colleagues safe.”

What’s interesting about this is that Gomez and 70 others who are in favor of Greene’s expulsion from Congress are attempting to draw a direct line from her kooky comments made PRIOR to her winning election to Congress and the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2020. And well…that’s quite a stretch. 

Look, a lot of folks don’t like Marjorie Taylor Greene, and quite honestly, I think she’s a bit of a loon. However, as Kim pointed out, she was elected by essentially a landslide! Furthermore, there are at least two people in Georgia planning runs against her. That is as it should be. 

If the voters in Greene’s district want her out bad enough, they could be circulating a petition for recall. Or, getting her voted out when she’s up for reelection in less than two years. 

However, what Gomez, AOC, and others are doing is essentially cancel culture. And, quite frankly, unless Greene did something while IN Congress that is directly against Congressional rules and ethics, canceling her because of remarks prior to her election is wrong. 

Furthermore, they are also trying to make the case that her remarks about the Georgia election being stolen were wrong. Except that, if they push matters, someone on the Republican side will have to stand up and point to the new and REAL evidence that yes, there was fraud and yes, the purported threats by President Trump to Georgia’s Secretary of State were fake. 

“The Washington Post was busted for publishing fabricated quotes from an anonymous source, attributing them to a sitting president, and using those quotes as a basis to speculate the president committed a crime. The invented Donald Trump quotes, which related to a fight over election integrity in Georgia, were cited in Democrats’ impeachment brief and during the Senate impeachment trial.”

Read it all. It’s long, but Mollie Hemingway has the receipts. 

Back to Marjorie Taylor Greene. Just hours before the resolution was ‘unhappily’ introduced into the Congressional Record, Twitter suspended Greene’s account – AGAIN for twelve hours. Except it was in “error.” 

“A Twitter spokesperson told POLITICO that the company uses both technology and human checkers to enforce its rules and that Twitter’s tech-based monitor locked the congresswoman out earlier Friday morning “in error.” Twitter reversed the lockout and Greene has regained access, the spokesperson said.”

Uh huh…pull the other leg. Meanwhile, not everyone is on board with this expulsion attempt. 

If the expulsion does happen, Congress will have played childish politics (hello Congresswoman Marie Newman) for no other reason than stuff Greene said/tweeted/Facebooked PRIOR to her election.

Yes, everything is very stupid right now. However, for all those in the cheap seats cheering this resolution, this is your reminder that it would take a two-thirds majority to get her expelled from Congress, that is, if the resolution ever comes up for a vote. 

Feature Photo Credit: Official Congressional Photo via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified.

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  • 370H55V says:

    Can’t recall a member of Congress. Have to wait until her term is up.

  • Lloyd says:

    Greene is the nightmare of the left….They fear her and will do anything to get rid of her. Stand by Greene, Ameroica!!

  • Skillyboo says:

    And she’ll be re-elected so what’s the point? Gomez would rather have her terminated but one party rule, although their ultimate goal, is not here yet.

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  • talgus says:

    wow: she says things that make others feel uncomfortable. Screw the 1st amendment all you fascist (Democrats and some Republicans) down will all politicians. time to relearn the meaning of the CONSTITUTION. Yea, that same one that you pledged to support.

  • John says:

    Is Bobby Rush still in Congress?

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