Marines Walk Back Tucker Carlson War

Marines Walk Back Tucker Carlson War

Marines Walk Back Tucker Carlson War

Some U.S. Marines got their silkies in a twist over comments made by Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson. Carlson was criticizing Joe Biden’s comments about military maternity uniforms on International Women’s Day. The II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF) admitted that the Twitter war against Carlson was not a good look.

Along with Kamala Harris and Secretary of Defense LLoyd Austin, Joe Biden used International Women’s Day to announce the promotion of two females to four star Generals. Mumbles Biden stumbled through the announcement.

A little bit of history is important here. President George W. Bush nominated the first female four star General, Ann Dunwoody, in 2008. The two women announced on March 8, 2021 had actually been available for promotion last year. Showing just how ill-served President Trump was by his Defense Department personnel, Secretary Mark Esper and General Mark Milley didn’t put their names before Trump “over fears of his reaction”. Read that again.

So, Mumbles Biden gets to the end of his speech and says:

You know, some of — some of it is relatively straightforward work where we’re making good progress designing body armor that fits women properly; tailoring combat uniforms for women; creating maternity flight suits; updating — updating requirements for their hairstyles.

Now, I am a girly-girl. I love tulle and glitter, but the idea that the man occupying the Oval Office would see fit to mention hair and fashion on International Women’s Day struck me as condescending. Especially, standing in front of two women who have spent their careers in uniform.

Tucker Carlson found it odd, too. China is worrying about the feminization of men and we are getting flight suits for pregnant women. As our Kim wrote, there are Generals worried that we may lose to China in a war, we are designing flight suits for pregnant pilots.

Tucker’s comments seemed reasonable to me. Here is the video:

Why would Biden worry about China? China owns Biden. General Jack Keane (U.S. Army, ret.) is worried about China, though. Would we really want pregnant pilots flying into a combat zone? Really?

Defense Department spokesman, Admiral John Kirby (U.S. Navy, ret.) was offended by Carlson’s comments:

“We still have a lot of work to do to make our military more inclusive,” said Kirby, whose own wife, a Navy veteran, took leave for the birth of their child and returned to duty shortly after. “We recognize the lack of female leadership across the senior ranks.”

“What we absolutely won’t do is take personnel advice from a talk-show host or the Chinese military,” Kirby added. “Maybe these people think they have something to prove. …That’s on them.”

Well, that was a little witchy with a “B”. Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott Walker, formerly of the Marines and currently with the U.S. Space Command, took offense:

“I don’t watch a lot of drama TV. I understand some comments were made yesterday and I watched the clip that Mr. Carlson produced as he referred to pregnant women in the military,” the military officer said. “I’ll remind everyone that his opinion, which he has a right to, is based off of actually zero days of service in the armed forces.”


Stalker explained that giving women service-members adequate maternity leave actually helped them recover and become stronger before returning to active duty. He said it “actually makes us a more lethal and ready and fit force.”

“The bottom line is that we value women in our armed forces,” Stalker added.

Concluding the video, Stalker asserted once again that viewers should remember that the opinions “were made by an individual who has never served a day in his life.”

“Let’s remember that’s all about drama TV,” he said.

Um, no, it’s all about having a deployable military that can win. Many of us who have never served have an interest in winning a war.

But, it was the II MEF that really got their knickers in a twist over Mr. Carlson’s comments. When we think of Marines, we think of people who eat bullets for breakfast and stir their coffee with a K-bar. We don’t think of people who get offended by something a “talk show host” said. The II MEF tweeted:

Please note that Tucker Carlson didn’t say word one about whether or not women should serve. He did not denigrate their service in any way. U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff got it:

Late Saturday night, the Marines tweeted:

That’s not much better, Marines. Next time, keep the crayon eaters away from the Twitter account and pull your silkies out of your crack.

Featured Image: U.S. Marine Corps/cropped/Public Domain

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  • Bucky says:

    If a pregnant pilot is flying a high performance fighter jet couldn’t the G-suit harm her fetus? Would the G-suit manufacturer then be liable for damages? Has Beijing Biden even thought about that?

    Say the name: Ashli Babbitt! W here is the police report?

    • Toni Williams says:

      Yes, Bucky. Beijing Biden and the perfumed princes at the Pentagon only care about virtue signalling.
      Ashli Babbitt was assassinated


      • Gene says:

        Ashli Babbitt was shot while breaking into the US Capitol with the intent to harm members of Congress. If someone is beating down my door, the moment he breaks through I do not have to ask what he wants or determine if he’s armed. I may shoot him and will prevail in court every single time. Ashli Babbitt was a misguided fool. Her death was tragic, but it was in the end a result of her own foolishness.

        • Toni Williams says:

          You need to watch the video. It was an assassination. Two Capitol Hill police were standing just on either side of her. The assassin shot into a crowd. You wouldn’t prevail anytime with that.


          • Gene says:

            She was climbing through a smashed window. There was only a small anteroom between her (and the other rioters) and the House chamber where congress people were. The shot came from the left where the security detail was, only about 3 feet away. If it was a wild shot into the crowd, why did it hit the only person at that point who happened to be climbing through the smashed window?

            “Two Capitol Hill police were standing just on either side of her.”

            Simply not true. They had been by the doors a few minutes earlier, but by that time they were gone. Rioters had smashed the glass and Babbitt was climbing through the window when she was shot.


      • Judy says:

        Master Gunnery Sargeant Scott Walker reminded us that Tucker Carlson’s opinion, “which he has a right to, is based off of actually zero days of service in the armed forces.” I’m pretty sure that the same thing can be said of President Biden—as a man OR a woman.

    • SFC D says:

      I retired from the Army after 24 years. Based on my first-hand observations, not the “approved reports”, no pregnant pilot will fly. Pregnant service members are immediately removed from any workplace that could have hazardous fumes, petroleum products, RF radiation, anything and everything that could conceivably harm a developing fetus. That means no motor pool, no flight line, go directly to an admin job, do not pass go do not collect $200. You are now a clerk, regardless of what job you are trained in. That’s the reality, not the official pentagon version.

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  • Matthew W says:

    I never served so I’m asking because I don’t know.
    What’s the military and tactical advantage of having pregnant women in forward combat roles?
    How did that work out for Jessica Lynch?

    • Toni Williams says:


      I have never served. I am the daughter of a late Marine Sergeant. The mother of a U.S. Army Major. And, the aunt of an Army Sergeant and an Army PFC. Not only is there no advantage, but pregnant women in a forward combat role would be deleterious to operations.


    • Old Crow says:

      Matt –
      This is a civil response to your legitimate, civil question. i truly hope to provide you with some “no kidding- been there done that” insights.

      My CV – 24 years of service, deployments to Desert Storm, Provide Comfort, Southern Watch, Iraqi Freedom. I was in the Pentagon on 9-11. I returned to work in the still burning Pentagon on 9-12. I joined the military in 1985 when women were excluded from ALL combat coded military specialities, I retired in 2009 when ALL combat coded military specialities were open to women. Years ago – LONG before women were accepted into combat specialities – I had a debate with one of my service buddies about the then potential service of women in combat units. We went back and forth about physical strength, temperament, societal expectations, pregnancy, motherhood, the possibility of rape as a POW torture method (and its physical impact on the woman suffering the rape AND the emotional impact on the men who had an inherent chivalrous orientation toward their fellow female soldiers). After a spirited back and forth my good-ole-boy buddy from Caledonia, Mississippi won the argument and shaped my final opinion on the topic with one well placed, Southern colloquialism – “If you wanna be a lumberjack, you best learn to carry your end of the log.” If you don’t speak Mississippi that means – “You want the rights, that’s great! Then accept the responsibilities. ALL the responsibilities”

      To your questions/statements – There is no tactical advantage to having pregnant women in combat roles. It is pandering to liberals in general and liberal women specifically. It is condensing claptrap put forth by people who never served a day in service and – what’s more – are equal parts terrified and repulsed by the idea. In short, actual “log carrying” is beneath them. That is for <> “other people.” Certainly not their precious. “Other people” like…Jessica Lynch (more on Private Lynch in a moment).

      If there was any truth in the void that should be filled by a politician’s soul, ALL US Presidents serving since 1993 would have used Int’l Woman’s Day to announce that American women, upon reaching the age of 18, are now required to register for Selective Service (a.k.a the draft). Can you imagine that speech? “Good morning, today we enter an new era of possibilities for half of all America. My administration has kicked open the door of opportunity and ensured that equal rights and their attendant responsibilities are bestowed on a long denied segment of American society. Beginning today American women will begin to prepare to potentially serve this great nation during its most desperate hours. While registering is mostly ceremonial, it does signify a quantum leap forward – much like the fielding of black regiments in the civil war, the training and deployment of the Tuskegee Airmen, and the proud service of the storied Navajo Code Talkers – to ‘…provide for the common defense,’…’ and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…’ ”

      Likely, you cannot even imagine that speech because you get statements that maternity flights suits and modified hair standards are milestones on the road to equality. You cannot imagine such a speech because pandering is sooooo much easier that log carrying.

      As I’ve prattled on much too long here’s my closer regarding Private Jessica Lynch. She is a soldier worthy of my deepest respect and admiration. She is, in fact, a “lumberjack.” She was a support POG, who through the fog and friction of war became something she never wanted to be – a soldier who was used by public affairs sycophants and the pandering, feckless, desperately in need of spine donor, excuses for leadership in her chain of command. I would stand in her presence, address her as “Ma’am” despite my higher rank, and willing serve alongside her anytime, anywhere. But Private Lynch doesn’t need me to defend her – or any of the other true “lumberjacks” – like her, she does just fine on her own:

      With respect…

  • Kaden Cheng says:

    I’m almost as embarrassed now about my honorable 8 years Navy (during the Reagan administration) as I am about having been an eagle scout.

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  • Cameron says:

    “Come back when you’ve served and been pregnant”

    Come back with Joe Biden’s DD214 and keep your dickmitten shut until you do.

    “What’s the military and tactical advantage of having pregnant women in forward combat roles?”

    It’s something you can check off on the list of making us more “diverse” which has somehow become more important than effectiveness. As for Jessica Lynch, she was not in a forward combat role. She was a truck driver whose convoy got ambushed and that can happen to anyone.

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Tucker Carlson with his soft body, soft hands, and his elite privileged upbringing was a bad spokesman for this opinion. The first time I saw Tucker on TV, I thought he was an East Coast wealthy prep school boy. I’d heard of him before, but I knew nothing about his background. Turns out my impression of him was correct. If Carlson had served in the military, his message would have carried more weight.

    • Toni Williams says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Tucker’s opinion carries just as much weight as anyone who has served, because we are a Republic.


  • rbj1 says:

    I could send a man who’s going to be a father in 8 months to charge a machine gun nest. But not a woman who’s going to be a mother in 8 months. There’s another life who doesn’t have a say in the matter.

    Women can serve, just that when pregnant, desk duty

  • Toni Williams says:



  • Gene says:

    No, Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott Walker is not “formerly of the Marines,” which is why he currently holds a rank that exists only in the Marine Corps. U.S. Space Command is a joint command, and therefore it has personnel from all the branches of the military in its ranks. Are you sure you understand today’s military?

  • Gene says:

    Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott Walker is not “formerly of the Marines.” He is still very much a Marine, hence his rank, unique to the Marine Corps.

    He is the senior enlisted leader of U.S. Space Command, a joint command made up of personnel from all the services.

  • Gene says:

    Sorry for the double-post. The tab crashed when I first posted it and I didn’t see it when I reopened it.

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