#Lysistrata2018: Alert the Men, Feminists are Now RESISTING Sex!

#Lysistrata2018: Alert the Men, Feminists are Now RESISTING Sex!

#Lysistrata2018:  Alert the Men, Feminists are Now RESISTING Sex!

The feminists strike again. Yep, they are literally striking. Nope, they’re not taking a day off from work to show everyone how “valuable” they are. They are going on a SEX strike!

#Lysistrata2018 is the brainchild of Jennifer Wright, political editor of Harpers Bazaar. Wright suggests women add a female judge emoji to their “dating profiles” to “show people you won’t date/sleep with anyone who doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose.” She then coins the hashtag #Lysistrata2018. (Video may be NSFW):

Wright has encouraged women to withhold sex, in fashion of the Greek play by Aristophanes in which women withhold sex from their partners in order to “stop the war”.

“We’re very likely to lose Roe Vs. Wade. Some men may think that doesn’t concern them. Make it.”-Jennifer Wright

Don’t you just love it when the ladies who hop on the 3 Train from their flats in Brooklyn “protest”? Lysistata, they say with their noses in the air and their pinkies out. “Look how educated we are”, they say, by showing us how much they’ve put their study of Aristophanes to use. They’re so smart, they’re not going to spread their legs for just anyone anymore. They can afford to be selective and only sleep with men who support ripping the fetus from their uterus. Because only a TRUE man respects a woman’s decision to abort a child after a night of indiscretion.

This isn’t Wright’s first rodeo in defense of abortion. Back in April, she criticized the Pro-Life movement by comparing chickens and eggs…or something like that:

“Anti-abortionists who refuse to see any difference between a fetus and a child must be very understanding if they ask for chicken and you give them a plate of eggs.”-Jennifer Wright


#PartyofScience, right?? These are the “scientific” folks, ladies and gentlemen. Can’t argue with the concept of these women holding out on their soy-boys, though. We personally like this form of Natural Selection:

Not to mention, we like the concept of less abortions:

So, in a nutshell, what these women are advocating for is abstinence which is great because quite honestly, I am tired of having them shoving their lady parts in my face and saying it’s empowering to have loose morals yet kill off an innocent heartbeat. Good going, ladies. Keep putting the little judges on your dating profiles. Now, if Planned Parenthood would only take this one on. We’re not holding our breath.

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  • Stephen Ippolito says:

    Good column, as always.Thanks.

    The Church of the Modern Feminist Woman seems to have elevated to the status of holy sacraments: the evils of contraception and abortion. Both are targeted directly against life, and despite their tedious and increasingly transparent claptrap about being “strong empowered” women – both sacraments are at their core, passive and whimpish: they demand no work or effort or sacrifice or agency by the woman. (Disagree? Just ask St Lena Dunham. She’s on the record as looking forward to having one).

    I am a very poor Christian but even I can’t help contrasting this barren Feminist church with a true, life-affirming church where motherhood is elevated and honoured.

    John’s Gospel mentions that even as Jesus lay dying at Calvary in the most painful way, he still actively honoured the relationship between mother and child. In the midst of his agony and moments from death he said from the cross to his mother, speaking of his disciple John who was also there: ” Woman, behold your son” and to his disciple, John: “behold your mother”, thereby showing us how important is the relationship between mother and child.

    There is surely something diabolical in Feminism’s rush not merely to diminish motherhood – but to abolish it. It’s madness.

  • Jim says:

    Speaking as a male, Feminists are one of the great causes of male abstinence. The sight of one of these ”ladies” is enough to delete any lascivious thoughts from male minds and inspire solo expeditions to very cold places.

  • GWB says:

    They’re so smart, they’re not going to spread their legs for just anyone anymore.
    Yep. They’re raising their price.
    In yet another example of how the left doesn’t understand economics.

    We’re very likely to lose Roe Vs. Wade.
    One can only hope. Because it was badly decided as to facts and as to judicial reasoning. I have no illusions, though, that any current court would throw out all that bunk and rule properly.

    Libs are going to teach pro-lifers a lesson by practicing abstinence.
    Yeah, that one is pretty ironic.

  • Bill Cook says:

    As for the lady in the first image, I don’t think there is any danger of anyone wanting to lay hands on hers.

  • Timmy says:

    Where does one buy a vagina costume?

  • Tom says:

    Aristophanes, not Aristotle.

  • cthulhu says:

    Funny how this coincides with the development of robot bordellos….

  • Mark Hayes says:

    Lysistrata was written by Aristophanes not Aristotle.

    It was comedy, which seems rather appropriate.

  • Propertius says:

    Aristophanes, not Aristotle.

  • Jeffro says:

    It was Aristophanes. The Greek playwright. Not Aristotle. Still, good take on this.

  • Fabius says:

    Aristophanes, not Aristotle. Otherwise, good column.

  • Sebastian Luxford says:

    Hi Lisa Carr,

    My apologies. Small correction. Was Aristophanes not Aristotle who wrote Lysistrata. They were contemporaries and influenced by Socrates so you were close,


  • hmi says:

    Small correction: Greek play by Aristophanes, not Aristotle.

  • costume says:

    Women using sex as a weapon? Yeah, I don’t see any stereotyping going on there.

  • Mike says:

    Aristotle? Please fix that; you don’t want to sound like Maxine Waters when snarking.

  • Lanceman says:

    A play. I’ve heard enough.

    As if men this side of barbarians are going top concern themselves with wives that have already had a couple of kids decide whether they have sex or not.

  • Achillea says:

    A gift for the photoshop-inclined …


  • Propertius says:

    Thanks for correction – don’t you think it was a little dishonest to remove the comment that contained it?

  • Eran Zamir says:

    Actually, Lysistrata was written by Aristophanes. But great column.

  • Vigo the Clown says:

    It reminds me of the fat ugly chicks protesting outside of the local Hooters. Leftists are fugly inside and out. Seen any hot leftist women lately? (rhetorical)

  • Bunky Archer says:

    All of the Victory Girls are hotter than a C-130 loaded down with several kinds of hot peppers.
    Their men are known to have huge smiles on their faces while thinking how blessed I am to be with such an awesome woman.

  • Mark Hayes says:

    Oh man! I love this site. But….

    I notice an error in the report (Aristotle didn’t write the Lysistrata ;Aristophanes did) and I post a comment pointing it out. Not attacking the error, just noting it.

    My comment goes into moderation. Fair enough – regular reader, infrequent poster.

    The error is corrected without comment and my comment fails moderation.

    Not cool folks. If ‘they’ did it, we’d be offended and go full mock.

    I’ll still be a regular reader, but a little less trusting,

    • Kate says:

      Hi Mark
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I do want to respond to this:

      “The error is corrected without comment and my comment fails moderation.”

      We did correct the error but not sure what you mean by your comment ‘failing’ moderation. I just saw this comment a bit ago and approved it. I didn’t see any earlier comments from you. Your comment didn’t fail anything.


  • Fred says:

    Wait there was an ancient Greek play about women withholding sex to stop a war? But I thought all women were nothing more than slaves in those days and that it was perfectly acceptable for the husband to rape his wife if he was wanting some and she didn’t…. You mean, maybe women weren’t just considered property to be used as men saw fit?

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