Lithuania: Now a Dystopian World of the Covid Pass

Lithuania: Now a Dystopian World of the Covid Pass

Lithuania: Now a Dystopian World of the Covid Pass

You probably know very little about Lithuania. After all, it’s in Eastern Europe, and doesn’t make much noise on the international stage. So the fact that it’s the first European Union nation to strictly enforce Covid passes probably didn’t register with most Americans.

But life in the Baltic nation just got a whole lot more draconian.

A Lithuanian man named Gluboco Lietuva, who calls himself a “Lithuanian father, husband, forager of wild mushrooms,” does not want to get the Covid vaccine. In his blog, he tells us why neither he nor his wife have been vaccinated:

“My wife has a long-term progressive disease. Based on data from both the vaccine trials and countries which publish real-world side-effect statistics, we are worried that the vaccine could trigger serious side effects in the short-term, or worsen her condition in the long-term.”

“Additionally, she’s pregnant with our third child.”

They discussed the issue with her doctor, who agreed that Lietuva’s wife should not receive the vaccine. The doctor also wrote a note requesting exemption.

“We discussed our concerns with the specialist doctor who has treated her for years. The doctor researched the topic and reached the opinion that she is at increased risk of severe adverse effects due to her condition. We presented to the authorities a note written by the doctor detailing my wife’s situation and the conclusion that vaccination is therefore not worth the risk for her.”

But it didn’t matter.

“Our request was rejected. My wife will not receive an exemption from the Opportunity Pass restrictions. We received no explanation. As far as we know, there is no appeal.”

Here’s what the Lietuva family are dealing with in Lithuania now that the “Opportunity Pass” is in effect, as of September 13.

In addition, they both lost their jobs. They could not get clothes for their children. This happened when they tried to access stores and the library:

If they want to purchase food, they do it Soviet-style:

He writes that the government has allowed Lithuanians to prove their immunity through testing if they don’t have an “Opportunity Pass.” But the government only accepts the more expensive PCR test with a longer wait for results, rather than the rapid antigen test. They want to increase the burden on the unvaccinated.

And the people of Lithuania? Like the rest of Europe, there were some clashes with police over impending Covid restrictions.

However, Lietuva writes that 70-80% of Lithuanians support the Covid mandates. They also support excluding the unvaccinated from society. As for those who oppose this pass — the media and the government silence them, as well as socially stigmatize them. Writes Lietuva:

“The result is a wedge that has cleaved society in two: the Good and the Bad. Covid policy in our country has become a signal that you’re Good and do not belong to the inferior group of mystical, crazed people.”

Sound familiar?

Here’s an example of the contempt the media have for the unvaccinated. This came from a mainstream Lithuanian newspaper, written by a TV personality who had once served in the Lithuanian parliament:

Lithuania/Covid pass

Screenshot: Twitter/Gluboco Lietuva.

But the Lithuanian government does show you what kind of fun people can have if they just get their “Opportunity Pass.” This image is from their app.

Lithuania/Covid pass

Screenshot: Gluboco Lietuva.

You should read Lietuva’s account of his life under his country’s “Opportunity Pass.” His blog post is lengthy, but well worth your time. And then there’s this thread, too. It’s at Twitter — for now, anyway.

Why a nation with Lithuania’s history would go to such draconian levels to quash freedom is beyond me. Particularly when you consider the things it endured throughout the 20th century.

Prior to World War I, Lithuania was part of the Russian Empire. After the empire collapsed, the country enjoyed freedom for a short time, but then the Nazis rolled in to occupy the country. And when the Soviets chased the Germans out in 1945, they took over Lithuania. That lasted until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.

So you’d think that the people of Lithuania would know a thing or two about totalitarianism. Apparently they forgot.

As Lietuva wrote in his blog:

“The contrast with recent history is stark. In my country, we were occupied for decades by the Soviet Union. We fought for – and won – a revolution of independence 30 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of people took real risks to oppose the oppressive communist regime. . . .”

“But now, three decades later, our current population is apathetic about losing freedoms which the previous generation fought for.”

But don’t think it can’t happen here. Remember how Joe Biden first said he was opposed to vaccine mandates, and now he is proposing them? Guess who else said they didn’t want vaccine mandates — the leaders of Lithuania.

Let that country be a lesson to those in the United States who would love to see such mandates here.


Featured image: Globoco Lietuva/screenshot/Twitter/cropped.

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