Liberals Want Chris Hayes Fired For Covering Tara Reade Allegations

Liberals Want Chris Hayes Fired For Covering Tara Reade Allegations

Liberals Want Chris Hayes Fired For Covering Tara Reade Allegations

Liberals are yelling at MSNBC’s Chris Hayes right now. Why? Because he said the quiet part very loudly last night. Discussing Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden is a big No No according to the liberal left.

The media has been doing pretzel backflips overtime in order to keep a lid on the allegations against Joe Biden. But a few folks have been carefully bucking that trend. Ruth Marcus over at the Washington Post yesterday. 

“Reade said last year that Biden had touched her in ways that made her feel uncomfortable, but it was not until more recently that she alleged Biden had assaulted her in a Senate office building hallway, pushing his fingers inside her vagina. The Biden campaign has said the incident “absolutely did not happen.”

Since then, a few more data points have emerged that tip the balance of evidence some important degrees in Reade’s direction. They make it imperative that Biden address these allegations directly, rather than through a spokesman, and that the Biden campaign do its utmost to unearth whatever information may be contained in his Senate archives relevant to Reade’s claims.”

Unlike the spurious accusations against Brett Kavanaugh that were verified by exactly no one, five people have corroborated Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden. A Larry King interview in which it was discovered that Tara’s mother had called in has been memory-holed. All the presumptive ‘PICK ME!!!’ VP candidates such as Lizzie Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Gretchen “Sledgehammer Ban” Whitmer have stayed radio silent on Reade’s allegations. Why? Well, Politico has an explainer. You see, it’s very difficult given their stance regarding Brett Kavanaugh. Thus, leaping to Biden’s defense against Tara Reade would be…hypocritical. So many eye rolls. So many.

The media has stayed relatively silent until now. In addition to Ruth Marcus, the WaPo Editorial board has decided that not only does Tara Reade deserve to be heard, voters should hear directly from Biden as well. Yes, The Washington Post has declared that Biden must have the University of Delaware release his Senate records from that time. 

“These could contain confirmation of any complaint Ms. Reade made, either through official congressional channels or to the three other employees she claims she informed not specifically of the alleged assault but more generally of harassment. They could also contain nothing of the sort. Insisting on an inventory doesn’t mean one believes Ms. Reade or doesn’t believe her. It signals only a desire for the public to know all that’s able to be known, which ought to be in everyone’s interest.”

Awfully brave of The Washington Post to step outside the ‘Joe Biden did nothing wrong’ narrative isn’t it? 

The Biden campaign has and is claiming that there’s nothing to see here, move along. But again, Biden himself has not received one single direct question from the media on these allegations. Heck the campaign is continuing to push talking points to the media and is crowing that the New York Times found that nothing happened. Except the NY Times is saying something entirely different

Which leads me to Chris Hayes. It seems he got just a little too loud last night. 

Needless to say, Biden defenders across the spectrum went ape shit over that segment. #FireChrisHayes is now trending on Twitter. Here is just a sampling of the responses. 

This one had me ROFLMAO! 

There’s much more at Twitter, but you get the gist. Protect Joe Biden at all costs! Let him run, have an amazingly awkward conversation with Hillary Clinton, and whatever you do, do NOT ask him about Tara Reade! Brave firefighters (who went all in against Brett Kavanaugh) to the rescue!

As the Free Beacon found, the media overall has gone conducted 149 interviews with Biden over the course of five weeks and asked ZERO questions about Tara Reade. 

Additionally, various high-profile supporters of Biden are also carrying the torch for Biden still. Alyssa Milano, who put herself on display during the Kavanaugh hearings, is here to tell us that more “nuance” is needed regarding Tara Reade. Nancy Pelosi didn’t like being asked about Reade’s allegations and spun herself into a hole. 

Such wonderful defenders all!

Yet Chris Hayes is getting dragged into oblivion and people want him fired all because he said that Biden needs to step up and address these allegations. 

The upshot is, all the liberals screaming at the sky are showing us that #MeToo is only supposed to go ONE direction, and that direction is far far away from Joe Biden. 

The hypocrisy is real and it is slimy. 

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  • Dietrich says:

    And yet, Rapey Joe’s* support will not lessen much, if at all. His campaign will issue a statement to the effect that “VP Biden has a different recollection of the encounter, which he remembers as if it were yesterday. He showed Ms. Reade the same affection and gratitude for her service he displays to all his staff. VP Biden regrets if his intentions were misinterpreted.”
    * Upgraded from :Gropey Joe.

  • Mister Lee says:

    Whats the statute of limitations for assault, 20, 40 years?
    …and the timing, hes running for POTUS; “Oh yeah, he tried to finger me over 25 years ago, it didnt bother me much when it happened though, or while he was VP, but now that hes running for Pres, and Trumps stimulus and memory checks cleared, now his actions fucking irks me to my core, and he must be punished!” And five others, “Yeah, we saw it too!”…but did nothing about it.

  • Mister Lee says:

    5 Cheerleaders 27 years ago: “Hey Girl, you should report his ass!” Tara: “Nah, I’ll wait!”

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