Lesbian Parents Put Their Eight-Year-Old Boy Through a Sex Change

Lesbian Parents Put Their Eight-Year-Old Boy Through a Sex Change


Most rational human beings understand that a young child does not have the wisdom and maturity needed to make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their life. After all, a kid can barely make up their mind on what their favorite color is, or what movie they like best, let alone huge life choices. So it is the job of a parent to help guide the child, and make big decisions for them. After all, would a parent let their child choose what new job Mommy or Daddy will take? What city they’re going to move to? Which school to attend? Of course not. Parents are expected to intervene and lay down the law.

A notable exception is the rare parent who will allow their children to go through a sex change as young as eight. Because, hey, an eight-year-old is totally mature enough to know that they want to change their gender for the rest of their life, right? They might change their mind every other day on literally everything else, but oh no — they’re sure about this.

With that, read on about a California boy whose lesbian parents decided to let him begin a sex change at the young age of eight.

The lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy who is undergoing the process of becoming a girl last night defended the decision, claiming it was better for a child to have a sex change when young.

Thomas Lobel, who now calls himself Tammy, is undergoing controversial hormone blocking treatment in Berkeley, California to stop him going through puberty as a boy.

The mothers say that one of the first things Thomas told them when he learned sign language aged three – because of a speech impediment – was, ‘I am a girl’.

At age seven, after threatening genital mutilation on himself, psychiatrists diagnosed Thomas with gender identity disorder. By the age of eight, he began transitioning.

It couldn’t possibly be because he’s being raised by two women, could it?

The entire reason they claim their child wanted to be a girl was because, well, he said so. So what about a child who wants to be a car? Or a bird? Or a dinosaur? I mean, hey, that’s who they were meant to be, right? So why not fulfill their delusions so they can be happy? Nevermind that an elementary schooler is going to undergo a huge life-changing decision. It’s what they say they want, and a parent couldn’t possibly say no, right?

It really makes you wonder what would have happened to little girls raised twenty, thirty, or forty years ago who hated dresses, wore their hair short, and loved playing sports. They were called tomboys then, but today, how many of them would be put through a sex change because clearly, they wanted to be a boy?

What’s truly sad is that this is in no way an anomaly or unusual. It is apparently nothing at all for parents to decide to rob their children of a normal childhood, simply because their child wants something, and the parent doesn’t want to say no. They want their child to always be happy, and if pretending to be the opposite sex makes them feel good, then by golly, that’s what needs to happen. But what kind of childhood can this little boy possibly have? He can dress up like a girl, but the fact remains that he isn’t one.

As John Hawkins has said, you can sew yourself into a cow suit and glue horns on your head, but it doesn’t make you a cow.

Regardless of whether or not a sex change actually changes your gender (here’s a hint: it doesn’t), if an adult wants to choose to mutilate their genitals and live their life as a member of the opposite sex, then whatever. Go for it. You’re an adult, it’s your decision, I may not agree or understand, but it’s your life and your body. The difference here, however, is that this is a child. A child cannot understand the potential long-term consequences of their actions. A child cannot consent to hormone therapy and understand the health risks they could be taking. A child cannot understand that they are choosing to give up any chance of a normal childhood and adolescence. A child cannot think long-term, they cannot understand consequences of their actions, and therefore cannot make such a huge, life-changing decision as getting a sex change.

This isn’t just an example of poor parenting — it’s parents with an agenda to push, acting it out on their defenseless child who ends up being nothing more than a social experiment to their delusional parents.

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  • Elm Creek Smith says:

    Where is the Department of Human Services on this? Why aren’t they protecting this child?



    • me says:

      seems like the 2 lezbos dont like men……i mean..just look at them…they probably dont want to raise one either

      • life says:

        Are you kidding? If they weren’t prepared to raise a man then they wouldn’t have picked a human with male genitalia as their fucking adoptive child! what are you even saying? Are you saying that when a woman doesn’t want to have sex with a man she doesn’t like men? Because that’s what I’m hearing.

        • DrEvil007 says:

          They picked a male and now they are treating him with hormones and surgery to destroy his maleness.

          • Life says:

            Did you fucking neglect to read his diagnosis or watch the short documentary on her? They are not destroying her “male-ness” There are no plans for surgeries! And they’re not even pushing this on her. It’s her choice to be a girl. It’s her choice to be tammy. And if when she gets older and she changes her mind, the treatments can be reversed. They are not changing the fact that she has a penis or the fact that she was born male. they are simply allowing her to be who she IS. And you’re a close minded judgmental human being if you think it’s because her parents are lesbians! Do you even know a lesbian in real life? because if you did your opinion would most definitely not be so fucking ridiculous.

      • tom says:

        Just because they are lesbians does not make them men haters. Come to the 21st century please.

        • Elmer says:

          These are men haters and they raised a little boy to self hate. What do you expect from him.

          Caring, nurturing people don’t do what these dikes did.

    • jennifer says:

      @Elm Creek, this was my question exactly, where are they? They are too busy poking their noses in some perfectly safe, sane, decent families business, and they leave nut jobs like these alone….this makes me so very mad, this kid has no idea what he is doing to himself, how pitiful, God help him, this is absolutely unacceptable behaviour on part of these two sorry excuses of women. Please folks, PRAY,PRAY,PRAY, for our country this kind of things should not be able to be allowed, it’s wrong!!! I’m praying for this little boy, he must be so miserable inside, that’s a terrible way to live imagine how bad it’s gonna get it he goes through with this surgery, you’d think some authority would have the right to stop this kind of thing, maybe there is, but they feel nothing wrong with it.

      • life says:

        They didn’t say they were having surgery. They’re only doing hormonal therapy. Why are you assuming they’re making this kid go through a surgery?

  • Jodi G. says:

    California CPS REMOVES an infant from the home of his parents simply because they sought a second opinion on having surgery performed on him….but two lesbians can alter, FOREVER, the sex of their child at age eight because “he wants to.” WTH is wrong with this country?!

    These women should be ashamed. But I’m betting they’re not.

    • jennifer says:

      @Jodi G., I saw the heartbreaking story of the parents of the little infant, that mother was devastated to say the least, my heart breaks for her and her husband and the baby. I tell you folks we better pray like never before, for God to turn this nation around quick!!!

    • life says:

      Did you read something i didn’t? They said nothing about having reassignment surgery. You people are so blind.

  • D says:

    I wish my daughter would make up her mind! Is it a chicken or a turtle now?! Hurry up and decide so I can start the correct hormones. You’re not getting any younger!

  • AAAAA says:

    Hormone blocking therapy isn’t a sex change dumbass.

    • ZZZZZ says:

      AAAA writes, “Hormone blocking therapy isn’t a sex change dumbass.”

      It is the first step of sex change. It is probably reversible at this stage. Blocking hormones in a maturing child DOES make irreversible changes in brain development.

      • Life says:

        In the video, the doctor actually explains that this childs brain was and has always been developed more like a girls than it was or is a boys. SO I’m not sure how allowing hormone therapy to be a girl will really change that…

        • Anonymouse says:

          Leaf, if you would stop being so apologetic for clearly irresponsible people and bashing on commenters for a moment and actually READ the whole article you might just notice how the top bit is all talking about an 8 year old while just under that it switches over to a mushmouthed 11 year old. The 11 year old is only getting hormone therapy but there’s no mention of if the 8 year old will get the same treatment or irreversible surgery. Things like this IMO should have age requirements, at least let the child reach sexual maturity before you go and try to change it’s sex, which isn’t possible anyways.

    • james says:

      Please don’t call another human being; expressing their oponion…a dumbass. We’re all adults here.

  • This is sick! It really is. If I were their neighbor, I would take the poor kid away from there. That environment that they call “family” is definitely a toxic environment!

  • Anonymous Shark says:

    All of you need to shut the hell up. No one knows you better than you do. And no one knows this child better than she knows herself. For someone to make a decision to alter their gender, or even come out with their self-identity (being trans) requires a lot of thought. Obviously the child has thought about it a lot growing up, or she wouldn’t have made this choice. And hormone blockers are NOT THE SAME THING AS A SEX CHANGE. Learn what your talking about before you open your damn mouth. Quit being so damn judgmental and let the child think for herself. Don’t force your opinion of who she should be onto her.

    • Bledar says:

      You’re serious here? You think a CHILD, an EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD, has thought about this? Are you SERIOUS? LIke, are you REALLY serious? Because i myself cant remember SHIT from when i was eight. Not a DAMN thing. Therefore i was acting on, probably pure instinct and conditioning. How are you gonna say that this child knows what they want to be? Are you effing serious? No joke, are you really serious that his child has “thought long and hard about this?” How can supposedly rational people think like this?

    • ZZZZZ says:

      Obviously the child gave a lot of thought? That is not obvious at all. It is far more likely that the lesbian parents forced this on the child.

      The whole sex change medicine is based on the poorest “science”. (I don’t even call it science without quotation marks.)

      Is Gender Reassignment Surgery Evidence Based? Recommendation for the Seventh Version of the WPATH Standards of Care Stan Monstreya, Herman Vercruysse Jr.a & Griet De Cuypereb, pages 206-214

      No class A data. Just biased substandard articles from biased researchers.

      And as I said before, hormone blocking therapy on a maturing child is making irreversible changes.

    • james says:

      I just love the 3am pro castration rants. obviously there are hormonal issues that are in play. I also find it interesting how the people who cuss and rant are the ones that have anonymous names. They are in the shadows because even they are unsure. truly sad overall. The child is deaf, I would assume the child wants to fit into many norms. Too bad the only norm is that of the roles of a lesbian couple.


      • Life says:

        The child isn’t deaf. She had a speech impediment that didn’t allow her to learn to speak at a young age. She speaks now. Watch the video.

    • Name says:

      to Anonyous Shark,
      You are 100% correct. Trans people know at a very early age in their lives they are in the wrong body. They will continually tell their parents this until they really “hear” them. A child doesnt know much, but a child knows who they are and expressing this to the parents and the parents are listening takes a lot of “listening parenting.”
      We all are born in the right/intended body of who we are have nothing to talk about because we havent been there. Consider yourself lucky and consider yourself “unknowledgable” in this arena. You dont know anything about trans people. Educate yourself first.

      • CLYDE says:


  • Jack says:

    An eight year old knows he wants to be a girl? At eight, I wanted to be a fireman. Want to guess when I went to the Fire Academy? Never.

  • Jack says:

    Right – we should stop being judgmental and let the child think for herself.

    With your line of thought, your daughter will be diseased and pregnant long before she finishes school, if she’s still alive by then. Because y’know – maybe one day she just might think it would be great to be a zombie and turns the chainsaw on herself.

    As for hormone therapy – it’s not therapy unless it fixes a problem, and then too it could create more problems. Hormones, the wrong ones, can create lifelong problems and with growing children, whose bodies haven’t reached maturity, the results could be such that correcting it with proper hormones , when the kid decides he wanted to be a boy after all, might be too late and have already done the damage by use of wrong hormones.

    • ZZZZZ says:

      We shouldn’t be “judgemental”? About child abuse? Really?

      An 8 year old “can’t think for themselves” in the eyes of the law.

      Sex change reassignment surgery has such shaky medical science behind it that it shouldn’t be performed outside of a academic trial. And one doesn’t do medical interventions on children until it is proven to be of benefit in adults.

  • Code Monkey Wrench says:

    “Anonymous Shark May 11, 2013 at 3:20 am

    …Obviously the child has thought about it a lot growing up, or she wouldn’t have made this choice….”

    Not sure if serious, trolling, or going full retard.

  • Kevin says:

    A couple of points… Why do the website moderators allow such derogatory and hate speech to go on. Once someone starts calling other people names based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation you have to step in. Speaking of an 8 year old, if a parent, school teacher, pastor heard a child saying such things, they would step in. My second point … I have worked with a lot of children questioning their sexuality. It’s a very complex issue. Given the child is so young and appearing as a “girl” would be relatively easy, I would have encouraged the child to go by their name of choice, dress in gender appropriate clothing and would have put off any physical changes until they got closer to puberty. Maybe I missed it on this blog site but why do people jump up and say, “This is an eight year old who doesn’t have the ability to make such an adult decision.” and not say the same thing when it comes to giving a child a gun. I’ve heard multiple stories in the news the past week where parents were handing over rifles to their children under 8. Where were the parents in these cases? Both situations are similar … a child is just that, a child and does not have the emotional control or worldly knowledge to make adult decisions. Gender change, owning and operating a weapon (gun, knife, etc.) are things left to adults who can rationally gather the information and make an informed decision. Let the fireworks begin!

  • Hitokiri Craig says:

    Where is CPS??? This is SICK! What is wrong with people?!

  • Largebill says:

    The people who sold the “born that way” lie own horrors like this. The left has been pushing the notion that people are born gay or someone is a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice versa as natural instead of being either a mental disorder or learned behavior for so long it is generally accepted as fact despite no scientific basis for the claim. Disgusting.

    • rocketgirl says:

      Its totally wrong what they are doing to this child. It seems to me that the “moms” have an agenda. I think that the saddest thing is that this child is going to have mental issues for the rest of his/her life because of all of this. What if he/she wants to have biological children one day?? God save them!!!

  • Why aren’t their laws to keep these freaks from screwing up this child? Kids don’t know what to do at a young age and should not be forced or put through hormones at a young age, it could cause more than just uncertainty but could also cause problems later on in his life. On other things I am wondering If the poor kid knows that 2 girls can’t procreate together it takes a man and a woman. This poor kid could have some sort of mentality of being special In that sense but If you were born a boy god made you that way and when you go screwing up Nature you start making bad seeds.

  • guinea pig says:

    So is this evolution? By the way, that child looks ridiculously happy…

  • Mike says:

    It is cases like this that cause people to think that it there is an unhealthy environment for children with same-sex partners.

    • Life says:

      It’s more like cases that are presented like this allow people to think that it’s unhealthy to have same-sex parents. This case really isn’t as negative as it’s written to be. I do agree with you though. It is heart breaking to me that someone has taken such an inspirational story and skewed it to gay-bash, or to fuel gay bashing.

  • JayMan says:

    “It couldn’t possibly be because he’s being raised by two women, could it?”

    No, it couldn’t. Parenting does not affect how children turn out (so long as they’re not severely beaten, locked away in a dark room, or subject to other extreme circumstances). All else being equal, it doesn’t matter if they are raised by a man and a woman, a man alone or a woman alone, or by two men or by two women.

    Where there is variance, it’s due to heredity.

    One might argue that this child will grow up to be profoundly different because his parents opted to mess with his development physiologically. But, having parents who subject their child to a sex change is most certainly “extreme”.

    I have discussed this in on my blog. For more, please see:

    Taming the “Tiger Mom” and Tackling the Parenting Myth | JayMan’s Blog

    All Human Behavioral Traits are Heritable | JayMan’s Blog

    “Regardless of whether or not a sex change actually changes your gender (here’s a hint: it doesn’t)”

    On that point, you’re quite correct. See Greg Cochran’s words on that:

    Transsexuals | West Hunter

    • DAHodgkins says:

      Correction: It DOES in fact change Gender, but not SEX. And these women have two SONS, apparently normative, hetero guys. So I am not seeing any agenda other than trying to prevent this child from taking a knife to her/himself in self-mutilation.

      If you have never spoken to a transgender person, you should. It will require, for many of you, an enormous amount of empathy. But I think you will find it worthwhile.

  • Brooklyn says:

    This may be one of the most ill-informed things I’ve ever read in my life. Trans* issues, you do not understand them.

    • Brooklyn says:

      PS When did you know that you were straight? When did you know that you were the gender you were assigned at birth? Why is that somehow more credible or viable than someone who identifies as gay or Trans* in childhood?

  • Heather says:

    Some kids come out as trans-people from birth. It has nothing to do with her two mothers. Any one says that child services needs to be called because a child wants to transition and the parents are cool enough to allow it are sick fucks that need to have their heads checked.

    I’ve seen some commits that have said basically, “why not wait until the kid is grown up to make this decision. Well when a kid is grown up the kid has the pressure of landing a job. Usually the most awkward time to transition is in the first 2 years or so … so why subject the kid to additional stress. Besides the younger you transition the more passible you can become which is what most trans-people desire the most to blind-in and not cause a fuss….

    One last note: for you of those against her transitioning at this age your knuckles must be bloody all the time since they must drag on the ground all the time.

  • bob says:

    you people are fuckin sick

  • Jon says:

    Sorry, but no amount of rationalizing can overcome the selfish agenda that these two idiots have fogged their common sense with. Where is the state on this one? Probably prosecuting someone else over something much less significant. This is criminal neglect of responsibility as a parent. Man hating at its finest.

    • Life says:

      It seems to me that you’re WOMAN HATING. How in the hell are they neglecting responsibility as a parent? Child threatened to cut off his penis. Parents too him to doctor. Doctor diagnosis child with Gender identity Disorder. Doctor discusses hormone therapy with child and parents, child decides that’s best. Effects can be reversed if child changes mind? It seems to me that instead of letting their SON cut off his penis to be a girl, they took a much better approach. Keep the penis until child is able to really decide this is what he/she wants, but allow child to stop being uncomfortable in her own skin. IE hormone therapy, name change, and wardrobe change. Please tell me where the man hating and lack of responsibility is?

  • Name says:

    this child knows who they are and has nothing to do with the parents. Trans people exist in this world-educate yourself before you make such cruel remarks to people born in the wrong body. The child has been telling his parents forever, no doubt, it takes good parents to create a “listening” for this kind of talk. The child has a birth defect-wrong body, done in the womb, no ones fault. I feel for them because I have worked in this field, and wake up everybody…this is real. Dont be so rigid in your thinking, you arent educated in this field enough to speak. Every child in the wrong body tells their parents this day in and day out, every second of the day, because they know something is totally wrong. Count your blessings that you havent had this in your life, 1 out of every 350 people do.

  • Denise says:

    Everybody who is reading this without any trans experience should be ashamed of themselves. You arent educated in this medical field to make cruel comments about other human beings. This is real-born in the wrong body. Everytime someone attempts to show people or educate them, they shut the door and make judgmental remarks that are ignorant. Wake up everybody, this is a real life situation for people and it begins by a child telling their parents they are born in the wrong body. The parents are cool because they are listening.
    All the others that made these nasty remarks, bury your head deeper in the sand, uneducated fools you are!

  • Randy says:

    This could have been a normal child growing up to be a normal adult. Instead he will spend his life being ‘something’ but definitely not normal. Study after study has shown that children grow up to be happier, and with more successful fulfilling lives if they are raised in a traditional male/female setting. Allowing children to be raised by a same sex couples is going to cause society to have to deal with a multitude of mixed up, screwed up kids in the future.

    These two lesbos should be taken out, tied to a tree, and horsewhipped for what they have done to this child. His life is ruined.

    • life says:

      Please define normal? You are not normal. Normal doesnt even exist. Normal is only what you’re used to. Abd clearly you’re not used to children understanding themselves. Probably because for yeaes and years parents did everything they could to force opunions and lifestyles. So now the general population thinks the same and unduviduals dont have individual thoughts. Therefore when a child speaks out and makes their own choices you flag it as abnormal without even knowing what normal is.

      • Joe says:

        are you freaking retarded? This BOY (I don’t care if He does eventually get a full sex change, he’ll always be a boy) is EIGHT years old. Only a true idiot can argue that an eight ear old can make this big of a decision. Try leaving an eight year old child in the real world living by himself/herself and see what happens. right now, this boy is DEPENDENT on his parents. the fact that they are okay with this is sick in and of itself, but the fact that you can honestly DEFEND a freakin’ EIGHT YEAR OLD’S opinion to have a SEX CHANGE makes me want to throw up. you seriously think he knows this is what he wants for the rest of his life? he’s EIGHT! just say he lives to 70, he’s got 62 more years left to be influenced by other people to change his mind. no matter how you spin it, this is a true, sickening example of bad parenting. “oh, the child wants it, so let’s let them have it” what if the child wanted to jump off a cliff into a pihranna pit? bet you’d stop him from doing that. this is truly sickening… God help us… What has our society come to?…..

        • life says:

          Firstly, Why are you asking if I’m retarded? Does that really matter? are you that judgmental? Clearly you are. And secondly. This GIRL is not having a sex change. There is no reassignment surgery, and if you’d have watched the video provided or read some of the comments you’d know that they’re only allowing her to go through hormone therapy. Which is reversible if she changes her mind. But chances are, she won’t, because being transgender is fucking real. And thirdly, my argument is not “the child wants it let him have it” It’s “the child was an endangerment to herself because she didn’t feel right in her body so you should help her.” So NO I wouldn’t let my child jump off a bridge if he/she wanted to. Just like these parents didn’t let their daughter “jump off the bridge” (cut his penis off). Are you saying you would have let him cut his penis off because you don’t want to deal with a trans child? Do some fucking research, open your fucking mind, and realize that these people are helping their child. With the help from doctors and other professionals.

  • Duane Webb says:

    Siding with Cassy on this. It could easily be a phase he’s going through…or worse he’s been brainwashed.

  • life says:

    There are children her age commiting suicide. If an 8adult year old can commit suicide an 8 year old can understand what they are. She isnt deciding to be a girl. She IS a girl. She was simply born in the wrong body. If my son was threatening genital mutilation and said he was a girl then i’d be doing the same thing for him/her. It isnt’t uncommon for transgender people to learn they were born in the wrong body at an early age. Being raised by two women most likely has nothing to do with it. You’re all just closed minded people with closed minded opinions. Stop telling people how to raise their children. A doctor has basically said “your child is transgendered” and diagnosed this 8is year old. That is NOT the same as your kid saying i want to be a mercedes or a chicken for gods sake!

    • Joe says:


      • life says:

        Firstly, I’m a fucking lady, and it’s really fucked up of you to say “god save us” and then go against Christianity and bash the mentally handicapped. You say that an 8 year old doesn’t know enough about the world to be so depressed.. but I beg to differ. At 8 years old, I knew the general population was a bunch of fucked up people living for something that wasn’t real. I was a depressed 8 year old, and my parents did a wonderful job raising me. I was treated like a “normal” 8 year old is treated, and yet I wasn’t happy. You know what pains my heart? To see you and all these other people bash these parents for doing what they and DOCTORS think is best for their child. Most probably to prevent a suicide! You think this child would have lived after castrating himself? probably not. Do you think if the parents had stopped him that one time with no other actions, ie doctor examinations, therapy, and even this hormone therapy that this child would have just been like “okay, I can’t cut my penis off, I might as well just go on living happy” Because he wouldn’t be happy. It was clear that he was UNHAPPY in his body because he knew that he was a she. She knew she shouldn’t have a penis, and you’re an idiot if you think my argument was dumb. You obviously think that children just wonder around all dazed and happy and day dreaming all the time because they have no life experience. And that might be true for a lot of children. But some children are too smart for their own good. Not to mention Trans children are real, and they know at an extremely young age who they fucking are. Like I said before, you need to do some research on the trans community before you form such an outrageous conservative god fearing opinion. Thanks though bro, I’ll take your advice and stop going “full retard”. You judgmental bigot.

  • debbie says:

    how unhappy this child looks, it should be so much harder for a parent to immasculate a male child! is there a chance the “parents” are imposing their mental illness on a defenseless child? mental illness comes in all genders. someone should be advocating for this child’s rights

    • Life says:

      Wait, you think this child looks unhappy? Did you watch the video provided in the comments? Because she looks pretty happy to me. I think when a child threatens to mutilate themselves, then they’re unhappy. The parents are helping her become more happy and feel better about who she is by letting her call the shots. What would you do if you walked into your sons room and he was trying to cut his penis off because he felt like he was in the wrong body? You wouldn’t allow him to be who he FEELS he is? You wouldn’t allow him to change his name from brad to brenda or dress in girls clothes? You would just let him go on hating himself and committing self harm? Please, take a look at this article and understand how many holes are bias opinions are in it! It doesn’t even give you a sense of who this child is. It only depicts a lesbian couple who is raising a son who wants to be a woman. Illustrating in your minds a picture of two lesbians pushing womanism on a young boy. DO SOME RESEARCH PEOPLE! Transgenders often realize at a young age that something isn’t right! Your close minded opinions and articles only fuck with peoples emotions even more. Saying things like this is what drives people to suicide! You’re not helping by being a negative prick with such a close mind that your brain can’t breath, you’re only making things worse!

  • Joseph says:

    This is absolutely sickening and just further proof of the decline of society.

  • tom says:

    Just because they are lesbians does not make them men haters. In the eyes of the law an eight year old cannot make decisions like this. Since the parents are involved with the decision making process, someone else should be intervening her. Doctors, DCFS, other family members. I mean come on, is everyone turning a blind eye and allowing this eight year old to run the show?

    • life says:

      There are doctors involved. they are the ones who suggested hormone therapy… You didn’t do any research on this other than just reading this poorly written article.

  • Dana says:

    Obvious question: what physician is assisting with this? This “treatment” requires some serious prescription medications, and would also require medical monitoring. What quack has decided that this is a somehow reasonable request, and can his license to practice medicine be revoked?

  • Logan says:

    As someone who was raised to be as straight as humanly possible by very conservative parents, it think it is outright absurd to judge these women and their daughter. Straight couples do not raise straight children, lesbians don’t raise homosexual children. Transsexuality is about brain chemistry and is not a choice. Even if it were, who in their right minds would choose to sign up for a lifetime of dealing with bigotry and hatred? 8 years old is absolutely young enough to know, understand and realize if you align or not with the gender on your birth certificate. I told my parents when I was 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and every single year, multiple times a year, after that that I was a boy in a girls body. Never once have I doubted that. Never once have I thought I was a girl. No amount of praying to some god ever helped. Not going to very damaging “reparative therapy”. Trans people have an alarmingly high suicide rate. While its hard to pinpoint the exact reason, the incredible amount of hate, discrimination, harassment (physical, mental and emotional) combined with an already terrible sense of self loathing are certainly factors. The only thing that saved my life was being able to transition.

    Until you know what it feels like to rather be dead than wake up and have to see the body you are stuck in in the mirror, you can never begin to understand what Tammy is going through. Worry about your own life and your own kids. If Tammy should decide that she is not a girl, that won’t be because of the judgements expressed in earlier comments. The child is happy now with the decision she made. If she wanted negativity from others, she is more than free to ask for it. Support her. Life is hard enough for a trans person without being told you are sick, or disgusting or unnatural.

  • christine says:

    LIfe,,,You are the one with the compassion, wisdom and understanding. Most of the rest are in need of gaining some education. Most of all, the comments reflect what must be a mentality of someone with the IQ of a fig newton. If they read and understand the article the comments would be much different.

    The two women are following the diagnosis and suggestion of the professional medical community.

    There might be much more to this than we know, but from what is available to discern I’d encourage the support of the parents.

    I hope the Shrinks ask the kid lots of questions about what the parents suggest that she say, what they have said to her in the past growing up etc.

  • Ola says:

    Living in a dangerous world and in dangerous times….a world of no rules, no boundaries when the matter bothers on sexuality. If what these women and their compromised doctor are doing to this toddler doesn’t shock you, then you are numbing into moral deadness! It is a scientific fact that one of the fallouts of raising children in homosexual families is that children so raised are often socialized into homosexuality. This is a typical case. That is what is happening to this child. His little, immediate world is that of women. It is a world of women as far as the child’s little brain can appreciate. So, “I must be a woman to fit in,” the little boy seems to whisper. Imagine a child, who’s the product of a male and female union, now being raised by husband and wife that are woman and woman! Do you expect this child not to wallow in confusion regarding his own sexuality right from such a tender age when the human being is most impressionable and malleable? Indeed the worst has not been heard of what the gay culture has in store for our world. And nobody can stop them. It is the spirit of the age and we are doomed to helplessly!

  • […] boy is so confused and unaffirmed, so shamed by his lack of resemblance to either parent that he decides he is really a girl like both of his parents, that he wants to take hormones to someday grow breasts, and have doctors […]

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