Land Mines In West Virginia For Kamala Harris

Land Mines In West Virginia For Kamala Harris

Land Mines In West Virginia For Kamala Harris

There are apparently abandoned land mines aplenty in West Virginia, and Kamala Harris managed to step in several on last Thursday. She gave an interview with a local television station and didn’t give the state’s centrist Senator Joe Manchin a heads up and that was only the beginning.

Joe Biden may have used the word “unity” frequently in his 2020 Presidential Campaign and in his January 20, 2021 speech, but he didn’t mean it at all. His 9,539 executive orders and actions are proof that this is so. His Veep, Commie-la, has learned from the Deep State avatar sitting in the Oval Office that one does what one wishes without a thought to unity, even within one’s own party.

With that thought in mind, Commie-la gave an interview with WSAZ-TV’s Amanda Barren to discuss Covid-19 vaccinations, emissions and coal jobs, and plans for the economy regarding the economy. The subject of the loss of coal jobs because of Biden’s New Green Deal came up Since jobs in the coal country of West Virginia are not in Harris’s wheelhouse, she messed up the order of operation in a phrase regarding lands that had been mined. Commie wanted to tell the news reader that coal miner’s who lost their jobs in coal mines could get jobs “reclaiming abandoned mine lands”. She said that they could get jobs “reclaiming abandoned land mines”. There is a big difference there, Veep. Be careful where you step.

Jayme Metzger of The Federalist lives in West Virginia and had some thoughts on the land mines:

True, various munitions have indeed played a role in West Virginia history. Besides being birthed in the Civil War, the state has seen several mining-related conflicts, the most spectacular of which involved the Logan County sheriff hiring planes to air-bomb striking miners in 1921 (yes, really). At least one unexploded bomb was recovered and used as evidence in the miners’ subsequent trial.

Despite this explosive history, however, there’s no evidence that West Virginia is currently teeming — or has ever teemed — with minefields. There certainly aren’t enough land mines around here to create even one minesweeping job. Frankly, I doubt there are enough to make minesweeping into a decent hobby.

The good news is that the pay for coal mining and mine land reclamation is roughly the same. Probably don’t need as many employees so that’s a problem.

Speaking of land mines, Kamala really should have given the senior Senator from West Virginia a heads up in the name of unity before she opened her pie hole.

The females on The View weighed in:

Yes, Whoopi said that Kamala is the Veep and that it is bigoted of Manchin to think she should let him know before she did local media. Sunny Hostin agreed and was offended by his disrespect. Never mind what Joy said.

This is reason number 7,592,466 why Liberal women should never have power. They think they are dictators. These same females called President Donald Trump a dictator. Yet, he always acknowledged local politicians. Lord have mercy on their craven souls.

Kamala did not have to ask Joe Manchin’s permission. As a professional courtesy, you give the Senator a heads up. It’s for unity and collegiality, not permission, you dolts.

If Kamala had given Joe Manchin notice, she might have avoided those dangerous West Virginia land mines.

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  • Dietrich says:

    Expecting unity and collegiality even within her own party from Harris* would be a fool’s wish. Remember even the Dems rejected her in their primaries. (Certainly not meant to imply that the author is the fool.)

  • Robin H says:

    This whole administration will be stepping in land mines. And in my lawn the mines are left by my dog.

  • opus says:

    Having worked a lot in Cali from the late 90s to 2012 I watched her operate as DA and AG. She is completely unremarkable save for her craven ability to put her finger in the wind and screw anybody on any issue at any time. Fortunately anyone running against her in 4 years will seem like a genius.

  • Walter Burchanowski says:

    Do these Women not understand common courtesy?

  • Michael says:

    Senate ‘protocols’ (both state and federal) require visiting politicals to inform the ‘local official’ of their presence in THEIR LOCAL DISTRICT! Don’t come in my house making no speeches less I know about it … and take whatever ‘action’ I need to take!

    It’s the bond that keeps the political class in power, holding on to territory.

    The deeper/sub-surface political game may have been to subtly let the Senator be on notice that the Office of the Pres and V. Pres need not notify him of their actions. Since the Gentleman from West Virginia has taken umbridge of the V. Pres’ action, this will bear watching as to this Democrat switcheroo’s behavior supporting the Democratic agenda. Or…. it may have been a rookie clumsy oversight by the V.P. or staff (but I doubt it)

    This kerfuffle is not a Black- White thing nor a Male- female thing. This is just big-time power play in hidden/coded politics (unwritten courtesies). Look to the future to see how the Senator behaves (withhold some legislation from progress; vote against a treaty; who knows?) and vice-versa the Administration.

  • Carlos says:

    So she wants to eliminating mining, but wants to higher former miners to do a job they have already done as part of their jobs as miners. Unless she wants to re-reclaim land that has already been reclaimed per Federal regulations. And when that is over, time to re-re-reclaim the land again.

  • LoL No says:

    kamala harris is an ordinary prostitute who literally fellates married men for political gain, nothing more. And, since I’m on the subject of truth, her boss is a corrupt, senile pre-pubescent girl enthusiast with a long history as a grifter and a political career devoid of one single example of upholding or defending Americans Constitutional rights. So, effectively, the powers that be expect us to believe America elected a pedophile and a prostitute… Not buyin it. What’s more, I sincerely hope the propagandists masquerading as journalists are held personally responsible for their role in all this when the balloon goes up.

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