Lady Gaga: The Clueless Elite Strikes Again

Lady Gaga: The Clueless Elite Strikes Again

Lady Gaga: The Clueless Elite Strikes Again

In an effort to try and relate to blue collar voters, Lady Gaga engaged in one of the most awkward and embarrassing videos of all time…except she doesn’t know enough to even be embarrassed.

Celebrities have been trying to influence the rest of us for decades. Way back in 1985, a bunch of celebrities got together and sang “We Are The World,” a catchy but somewhat preachy tune about our obligation to help every single person all over the world. The entertainment elite has also appeared from their lush houses to tell us to stay obedient during quarantine lockdown, and even got naked on camera (some not for the first time) to lecture us on voting.

In an effort to get the rest of America (read: flyover states) to vote for Joe “I Make Up Nonsensical Words” Biden, Gaga appeared in some kind of weird camouflage outfit. I suppose it was meant to appeal to those of us who do things like hunt, fish, and drive around in our huge pickups with gun racks, spitting out the window and throwing empty beer cans while the back of our mullets blow in the wind. Oh, wait, we don’t actually do half of that.

Except Lady Gaga doesn’t just appear in the camo. She stands there, attempts some weird accent, cracks open a beer in a way that makes it clear she doesn’t do it often, and then THROWS THE BEER after taking only one sip. In between her horrifically embarrassing portrayal of rednecks as stupid and her obvious contempt for all of us, she pontificates about how SHE is voting for AMERICA, so she is voting for JOE BIDEN.

What is Lady Gaga trying to say here? That Americans who get dirt underneath their fingernails for a living, or who feed their families in part with their ability to hunt and fish, or who, as Dan Bongino put it, leave their work boots by the front door, are somehow lesser people? We are crass and unwashed and we are all drunks who litter? The crazy thing is, I’m not even sure she was mocking those of us who are country. I think she may have been trying to relate to us—and that’s what makes it so cringe-worthy. Even her own followers found the piece ridiculous and embarrassing.

For the record, Ms. Gaga, we aren’t uneducated idiots. In fact, I know quite a few of us who have far more education than you do. We might hunt and fish and do other things you find gross, but we can actually feed our families even if there’s no organic grocery store for miles. You see, we don’t use meat as a dress.

We throw it on a grill. Like normal people.

Perhaps you could stick to making your version of music, and leave the campaigning to Joe himself, with whom you share a special level of cluelessness. We rednecks are doing just fine out here in flyover land, and we already know who to vote for, thanks.


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  • Scott says:

    What a doofus.. But hey Kit, many of us do exactly half of that stuff.. (liking to hunt and fish, and drive in our trucks with gun racks… While her music is generally not my style, I have to give her props for her musical education, and an amazing set of pipes! The girl can sing… Of course thinking for herself is an entirely different thing, one which she is apparently incapable of..

    And as to the education part, thanks for reminding me. After being deployed to wildland fires, or covering for others who were 40 out of the last 53 days, I’m a bit behind in my studies, so I need to hit the books beforeI go back on shift tomorrow.

  • Kit Perez says:

    Scott, we absolutely DO half those things. I’m about to hunt my butt off to fill my freezer this next week, and I’ve enjoyed trout over the summer. I’m standing outside wearing a camo coat as I type this. The mullet, however, is left to Billy Ray. 😉

  • brett short says:

    Gaga is old news and never a great talent. Totally wacky by trying to exploit her body thinking that will attract the prurient interests. Who care what this mindless soul has to say about politics?

  • Lloyd says:

    Can it be, that somewhere there are fools who really care what this bimbo singer thinks about anything?? Sadly, I think there are…..and, their votes for Biden just might kill America as we know it. Please….if you love America, make up your own mind re: the upcoming election; ignore completely the meaningless comments of celebrities…all celebrities: movie stars…singers/musicians…pro athletes…etc. They are far from normal people and know little of what is of importance to us !!

  • Hate_me says:

    “ to appeal to those of us who do things like hunt, fish, and drive around in our huge pickups with gun racks, spitting out the window and throwing empty beer cans while the back of our mullets blow in the wind. Oh, wait, we don’t actually do half of that.”

    I do, at least, 3/4 of that.

  • Ish says:

    Stefani Germanotta, a.k.a. Lady Gaga, is the heir of an Upper West Side family of business executives. Not exactly the über-wealthy, but certainly well-to-do. She went to private schools all her life, then off to NYU to study acting and music… all paid for by mummy and daddy.

    I don’t begrudge her parents for having done well in their careers and provided a good start in life to their kid. Nor do I begrudge Lady Gaga’s success at turning recycled four chord pop songs into a multi-million dollar career. I DO resent her decided to lecture us on what America really is like. The woman didn’t leave Manhattan until she was an adult.

    Shut up and sing… or as close to it as autotune will let you.

  • njc says:

    Ish, are you suggesting she’s an adult?

    • Ish says:

      She’s thirty-five years old, if I recall correctly. I see no reason to infantilize her, just because she has adopted Peter Pan Syndrome as a public persona.

  • Fen says:

    Lady Gaga is great artist, her music and style has touched even an old Deplorable Marine Grunt like myself.

    But she has horrible political instincts. The Blue Bubble crowd may cheer her effort, but she has no idea how out of touch she appears and her effort will do her cause more harm than good.

  • Rick Caird says:

    I have never understood why people who can act and sing think we should pay attention to their political views. In fact, their political views are inimical to my political views. So, why would these idiots insult half their audience. I do not know a single person who would change their vote because of Lady Gaga or any other celebrity.

    I will also add, she looks ridiculous in that outfit and she would not be caught dead driving that truck. Wearing camo does make you look comfortable in truck or a hunter. Where is your fly fishing rod. Can you even imagine Lady Gaga hunting or even taking a trout of a hook?

  • Pam says:

    This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. Is this what they think we do and say. Or worse, is this what passes for persuasion? I am surrounded by serious, intelligent people who understand the essence of this election. And many of them are not credentialed. None of them to my knowledge at least have that Yale/Harvard cred which passes for proof that you are brilliant and should be my ruler. Yet at their core they understand corruption. They understand money laundering. They understand condescension. They understand the economics of self-preservation. They understand the personal and economic security of their families. I could go on and on. The problem with identity politics is that at some point on the spectrum it runs into the wall of what actually helps me personally, and pandering to my skin color and gender doesn’t get it done.

  • DoubleDog says:

    Just … wow.

  • Gerry says:

    Gaga is a vagina and a voice. She promotes her vagina very, very much. Is that artistic?

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