La Raza Attempts to Intimidate Murrieta Illegal Immigration Protesters

La Raza Attempts to Intimidate Murrieta Illegal Immigration Protesters

La Raza Attempts to Intimidate Murrieta Illegal Immigration Protesters

In a scene reminiscent of the Pennsylvania polling places during the 2008 presidential election, La Raza activists spent their late Monday afternoon attempting to intimidate illegal immigration protesters in Murrieta, the small California town that has become ground zero in the fight against the invasion of our nation by foreign citizens.

La Raza CA
A group of about 30 Brown Berets and other La Raza members arrived in Murrieta mid-afternoon, after most anti-amnesty protesters had left.
La Raza
Covered faces of the “brave” La Raza members.

Looks eerily similar to this:

Infamous pic of New Black Panther members with batons in front of a polling place in Pennsylvania, 2008.
Infamous pic of New Black Panther members with batons intimidating voters in front of a polling place in Pennsylvania, 2008.

In case you don’t know who La Raza is, and what they want—which is not American citizenship—you can read all about them here. La Raza operatives have enjoyed many a private meeting with the Coyote in Chief, whose agenda Mr. Obama seems fully on board with given his complete disregard for the security of our borders, his overt preference for everyone but American citizens, his penchant for fundraising parties in Texas over visiting the chaotic, disease-infested border he helped create, or—GASP!—actually leading the nation out of this crisis.

Notice the presence of a Mexican flag, rather than an American flag, in the hands of the pro-amnesty crowd.
Notice the presence of a Mexican flag, rather than an American flag, in the hands of the pro-amnesty crowd, including La Raza.

Meanwhile, the infamous Ninth Circuit Court has ruled that Arizona’s Governor Brewer cannot deny drivers licenses to those who came here illegally as children, and buses sit idling on the Texas border awaiting the next crop of future Democrats, ready to shuttle them, along with their various, unchecked communicable diseases, into our nation all day, every day.

“The buses, joined by a fleet of Border Patrol vans, illustrate the immense and grindingly routine task facing Border Patrol agents in the 5-mile slice of deep South Texas that has become the epicenter of the recent surge in illegal immigration.

An Associated Press reporter recently spent several days in this arid terrain, revealing a daily tide of migration that sends impoverished families into a harsh landscape bristling with cameras, lookout towers and heavily armed patrols. Against that backdrop, human smugglers and drug cartels match wits with overwhelmed American authorities.”

And that’s just the way Obama wants it. He’s already flip-flopped on last week’s child deportation edict in favor of appeasing his outraged base. But we knew he couldn’t possibly do the right thing for the country, for the quicker the system crumbles, the quicker he and his willing army of progressive minions can begin convincing Americans they are the only ones who can rebuild it.

But not so fast. In a dawning ray of hope, Texas’ Governor Perry, showing the peevish, inattentive Obama what real leadership looks like, is taking practical steps to help secure our overrun southern border, alongside a reportedly growing number of American citizens taking it upon themselves to do what the Feds refuse to. It is far past time we realized the current illegal-loving federal government has no intention of enforcing our immigration laws, or ceasing its aiding and abetting of this foreign invasion, and stands hell bent on imploding our system. It is up to us. I am confident we are up to the challenge. The question is: Will we roll over and allow La Raza to intimidate us into submission, or will we fight like hell for the salvation of our country?

Murrieta illegal immigration protesters. Funny, they're not at all like the Left portrays them.
Group of Murrieta illegal immigration protesters. 

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  • Piroko says:

    Well whadyaknow, they’re wearing brownshirts…

  • Johnny says:

    You wear a mask, it’s because you intend to do something you don’t want to be identified for. Given who’s in charge of “justice” in America right now, they must be thinking of doing something particularly heinous…

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Bingo. Something for which, like the NBP, Eric Holder will not prosecute, either.

      • Chris in N.Va. says:

        Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac’s administration’s most identifying metaphor ……

        The Sgt. Schultz Syndrome

        …an earlier version made famous by Butterfly McQueen’s “Gone With The Wind” character:

        “I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout (fill-in-the-blank)”

      • richard cianfrone says:

        25 Americans killed a by illegal aliens! Over 60,000 illegal alien murders child molesters, and rapists realesed by obuma! How stupid are the sheeple? Wow, mr Trump, you want to rid the country of this filth of hell? How racist of you. The whore Babylon ( the Catholic protestants, government conspiracy ministers to bring the beast out of the midst of.2 Thessalonians 2:6,7. Check out my post on Greek translation of New Testament. Over twenty thousand translation errors! Trump for president. Jesus saves.

  • Kate says:

    …and how many of the La Raza crowd are here legally?

  • Well, with Cecilia Munoz in the White House …. You know what I am talkin bout! 🙂

  • Brenda says:

    Funny how these low life latinos are so deluded that they believe mask will intimidate anyone. After years of viewing terrorist in the middle east sport such garb, the only emotion I feel is one to jack slap them.
    LaRasa is an unAmerican organization and should not be allowed to exist. Their whole intent is to take back the Southwestern portions of the country under the delusion that the land was stolen from them. Well, folks, that land was either won or purchased from Spain. So take you Mexican heritage and shove it.

    • Jodi says:

      What Brenda said. ^^^ *jack slap!* 😉

    • richard cianfrone says:

      You see why Andrew Jackson wanted Spain off the continent? This invasion is the prelude to the beast of revelation. 2 Thessalonians 2:6,7 erroneous English translation says, you know what restraints him until now. Greek translation, katexon, definition is occupation,possession, ( not restraints) oidate, Greek definition is swelling, ( not you know) arti, Greek definition is completely,( not just now) so, when you see the occupation swelling completely then out of the midst comes the lawless one! That’s the beast of revelation! Trump for president. Jesus saves!

  • Freeman says:

    La raza ( the race) sounds like history repeating itself. Germany and the nazi party. The race ( la raza ) really nothing but hate.

    • Jodi says:

      Yep. And at least one is employed in the Obama regime. Think about that.

    • jr says:

      m=they should read what hitler did with the brownshirts when the dirty work was done he purged them would the socialist
      elite do any different when they are no longer useful or realize they were used

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