Kristi Noem: Response To Child Rape And Abortion Law

Kristi Noem: Response To Child Rape And Abortion Law

Kristi Noem: Response To Child Rape And Abortion Law

A ten year old child in Ohio was raped, and became pregnant because of that rape. Due to the Dobbs decision, Ohio’s law supposedly wouldn’t allow for an abortion as the child’s pregnancy was six days past the Ohio law’s cutoff.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Indianapolis, received a call last Monday, three days after the Court’s ruling, from a child abuse doctor in Ohio who had a 10-year-old girl in their office who was six weeks and three days pregnant, and therefore ineligible to receive an abortion in the state, according to a report from The Indianapolis Star.

Outrage ensued with most focusing on the child and how the Dobbs decision along with the Ohio law was forcing her to stay pregnant. Two such examples below. 

Then, AOC, after deciding to paint her nails red to celebrate abortion healthcare access including for ectopic pregnancies (note to AOC, killing a baby is NOT healthcare by any definition), promotes the following. 

CNN’s Dana Bash tried to run a gotcha on South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. 

The more I think about it, the more I believe she is correct. Compounding one tragedy by adding another won’t solve either issue and doesn’t take into account that EVERY life is precious. Furthermore, Governor Noem asks a very important question regarding the entire case. 

“What’s incredible is that nobody is talking about the perverted, horrible and deranged individual that raped a 10-year-old, and what are we doing about that?” said Noem. “As much as we talk about what we can do for that little girl I think we also need to be addressing those sick individuals that do this to our children.”

As noted above, this is a CHILD ABUSE case. Mama Kin above thinks the parents are being victimized as well as the child. 

As everyone focuses on the abortion laws and the fact that the child had to travel from Ohio to Indiana to get an abortion, it seems that NO ONE is asking additional questions. 

The child was abused and raped by whom?

If it was a family member, has the child been safely removed from that environment?

Is the rapist abuser in jail right now? 

Too many are focusing on the fact that the child was six days past the due date for an abortion. Is anyone asking how LONG doctors and officials knew about this child?? It’s a tough question, but one I believe MUST be asked. 

If this child is being used as a political pawn by doctors, officials, and abortion activists, then she’s been abused and victimized all over again. 

The tragedy is that a family member or close friend abused a CHILD. The tragedy is that the child became pregnant BECAUSE of that abuse. Focusing on just the fact that an abortion can’t be performed on an abused child shows once again how morally broken people are.

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  • Fromage du Nord says:

    The reason no one is asking these questions is because this never happened. It is obviously a fable being peddled by the MSM propaganda brigade.

  • David Krishan says:

    One other thing being ignored. A 10-year-old is in HIGH danger from a pregnancy. Just because you CAN get pregnant at onset of menses doesn’t mean it’s safe to have a child that young. “Safety of the mother” kicks in when a girl (she’s hardly a woman) is pregnant that young.

  • GWB says:

    I tend to agree that this has “hoax” written on it. It’s an MSN article, that sparked outrage on Twitter….

    However, even if this is true, I have to ask, “So?” She was adequately transported to another location where the procedure was successfully performed, right? And now Ohio can revise its laws (hopefully not based on moral panic, however, but on considered reason). This is not an existential case for making abortion legal everywhere in all circumstances. It in no way, shape, or form defines “Abortion is a human right!”

    Though, as Noem points out, this isn’t just a tragedy, it’s a CRIME. Where’s the perpetrator? Why hasn’t he been arrested and charged? (Another element that makes it seem like a hoax.)

    The ghouls using this to declare that all women should be able to kill their babies in all circumstances because of this claim are… well, just that: ghouls.

    (Also, btw, I guarantee if the doctor had executed the abortion and been arrested for it (and had actually turned in the perp) a jury would have not convicted him for 3 days in this circumstance. Just not going to happen.)

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