“Knockout Game”: Who is playing the race card?

“Knockout Game”: Who is playing the race card?

As if there are not enough things in the headlines to make us roll our eyes and place a palm to our foreheads, we now have roving bands of thugs hell bent on randomly attacking and severely injuring people on city streets to worry about. It seems as though no one is safe from the “knockout game”.  Victims in the past week have been a 30 year old chef from New York who was attacked in Philedelphia, a 76 year old woman attacked in Brooklyn, and an Orthodox Jew also attacked in New York city.

Ralph Eric Santiago, a 46 year old homeless man murdered in Hoboken, NJ by two thirteen year olds and a 14 year old

A homeless man was murdered by a band of young teenage assailants (two were 13 and one was 14) when he was attacked in Hoboken, NJ in one of the early attacks. Evidently this has been a well  known and popular “game” in certain societal circles for many years now, it just flew under the national pop culture radar. Now it has come to the fore of the American contiousness and we have people like Ebony writer Maya Rupert saying that this “game” should not be used to “criminalize” black youth. In her piece titled “Playing the Race card with the Knockout Game” she laments that:

“Instead of focusing on the tragedy itself, much of the commentary so far has  made a curious and ahistorical claim that when white people are the victims of  crimes committed by Black people, it receives little attention. Nothing could be  further from the truth. Not only do White victims of crime receive a disproportionate  share of media attention regardless of the race of the perpetrator, cases  with a White victim and Black perpetrator are also significantly more likely to result in an arrest and  conviction.”

So, according to Ms. Rupert, Americans should be more concerned that black people who are caught “playing” this “game” should not suffer the logical results of that participation-arrest and prosecution? But then, dear reader, are we really suprised that anyone in this day and age thinks that roving bands of youth of any race should be allowed to terrorize our urban landscapes injuring and killing innocent citizens at will with impunity? Not so much.

If any good has come of this, it is that the national attention brought to this repulsive excuse for entertainment has forced black “leaders” like Al Sharpton to decry this behavior on the national stage. Recently, Mr. Sharpton wrote a piece for the Huffington Post where he said of  the Knockout “game” :

“There is nothing funny or even remotely entertaining about attacking innocents walking down the street. This is not a “game”; it is inhumane behavior that has no place in our country or the world.  When you start condoning it and you start to act like there’s something funny about these types of actions, you set up the kind of crisis that leads to the demise of everyone. Diversity is one of the greatest strengths of this nation, and we must respect one another in a way that preserves and further develops this diversity. Therefore, when an injustice happens to anyone, it is the duty of all to speak up. Silence is akin to tacit acceptance.”

For once I feel as though I can say a heart felt “AMEN!!” to something that Rev. Sharpton has said. Now if we could just get the mothers in the communities where the young thugs playing this game are growing up to step up and tell them that this is unacceptible behavior in any kind of civilized society. Then maybe, just maybe, we would stop hearing about these random attacks on the evening news. Until then, there is always a CHL.

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  • Kevin says:

    “So, according to Ms. Rupert, Americans should be more concerned that black people who are caught “playing” this “game” should not suffer the logical results of that participation-arrest and prosecution?”

    Why does the right always interrupt statements from black leaders as, “Do not lay judgement on black people?” Did you ever think in a million years that her statement meant, “Hold everyone, white and black, to the same standard.” It is common knowledge that people of color are disproportionately over-represented in the criminal justice system. People with connections and money are held to a different standard.

    So, when I read what Maya Rupert wrote, I clearly hear her saying, “Everyone should be held to the same standard.”

    • Kit Lange says:

      For the record, they’re “disproportionately over-represented” because they commit more crimes. Not because of their color, but because of their lifestyles and choices. According to the Bureau of Justice, 1 in 3 black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime. I’m sure you’ll say that’s because of evil white men who prey upon the poor black victims. Actually, it’s because young black men are more likely to be in gangs than young whites. Also, how often do you see white men raping black women? Can you show me a statistic where it’s proportional to the number of black men raping white women?

      • Jodi says:

        This ^^^

      • Kevin says:


        Here’s the problem with the internet. You put a chimpanzee in front of a computer screen and it will pull up this vile crap you referenced and not go any further; just like you did. I can understand why a chimpanzee randomly typing on a computer keyboard will do this. What’s your excuse? Did you take one minute to investigate “The Examiner” to understand who is publishing this information? Did you reference back to the Department of Justice data and documents they referenced? Of course you didn’t BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST! The reason when you type into Google “Black on white rape” you get this article is because thousands of pea brained individuals hiding behind a computer monitor in the darkness of their bedroom are looking for this crap.

        Do me a favor … If you are so certain about the validity of this vile information spread through conservative blogs, the next time you go to a job interview with your Masters in Intelligence (assuming you’re able to make it through the academically rigorous course load), espouse your beliefs about non-white Americans. Since you think they’re true, you should be able to reference your facts verbatim without fear of retribution because they’re true. Right? They’re posted on conservative blogs and we all know everything on a conservative blog is true. Correct?

        I guarantee that in about five years you’ll still be sitting on your pleather couch with your ten old suckling at your teat because no person with an IQ greater than a chimpanzee will offer you a position. I had to read your response about black on white crime and rape to a group of friends and all were horrified.

        It’s only when you get into the bowels of the internet do you begin to see the true ugliness of how people think.

        • Kit Lange says:

          Guess what? The federal statistics you claimed didn’t exist are right here, and they show you to be absolutely, irrefutably wrong. The below statistics are from the Department of Justice’s “Crime Victimization in the United States” statistical tables, for the years 2005, 2011, and 2012. In addition, you can look at the Bureau of Justice’s series “Homicide Trends in the United States.”

          From 2010 to 2011, White non-Hispanics and Hispanics experienced an increase in the rate they were violently victimized. The rate for blacks stayed the same (2011, p. 5). Interestingly enough, the crime rate, or rate at which people victimize others, increased in 2012 for blacks but “remained stable for whites and Hispanics” (2012, p.1). Back in 2005, they weren’t quite so politically correct about it, and so they actually put the numbers in terms of offender-victim race. Table 6 of that year’s data shows a victimization rate of 25.5 for whites and 32.6 for blacks. Before you get all excited and scream that this is proof that blacks get victimized more often than whites, I’ll just go ahead and agree with you. In fact, Table 9 of that same year shows that in the age group of 16-19 year old black males, their victimization rate was a whopping 62.6, compared to 42.3 for white males of the same age group.

          The problem is that you and your horrified friends stop there. If you actually went all the way to Table 42, you’d see WHY black males (and females, for that matter) have such a “disproportionate” victimization rate. Are you ready? It’s a doozy. In 2005, whites targeted whites 49% of the time, and blacks 10% of the time, with “other” coming in at 9.8% and “Unknown” being 27.7%. Even if we pretend that every single one of the “unknown” completed/attempted victims was black (which is statistically impossible), that still leaves you with the fact that whites targeted blacks for violent crime less than 40% of the time-—and that’s only single-offender crime. The numbers are even more interesting when you flip it to multiple offenders. Out of all multiple-offender crimes, 33.9% were committed by blacks, 28.8% by whites.

          In multiple offender violence, when the offenders are black, they target other blacks 73% of the time. They target whites 20.6% of the time. Why is this significant? Because whites target blacks only 4.4% of the time (Table 48).

          Since my educational background seems to be such an obsession for you, I’ll throw you a bone. I graduated with honors from both institutions I attended, and hold a 4.0 in my current program. I should also mention that my specialty is…criminal intelligence and investigative analysis. 😉 As for the bowels of the internet, I’m quite familiar. I’ve been reading your festering missives for several months now.

          You know, I enjoy a good, intelligence debate. I love it when someone disagrees with me and says “Here are the sources and facts that prove you wrong,” because then I am forced to defend what I believe. These types of discourse are what VG is all about. For some reason, your type of discourse is nasty and attacking, and you have yet to produce one single fact to back up your ranting. In fact, your all-caps assertion that the federal records on cross-racial crime don’t exist may be the single most laughable thing you’ve ever said on this blog. But then you crossed the final line. Mentioning someone’s child is off limits, always. There are lines that should not be crossed, and even if you want to assassinate my credentials, my character, and my research, you do not—EVER—bring someone’s child into it. You need help, Kevin–the professional kind. Go get some. But you’ve just traded in your privilege to post here. Hope it was worth it.

  • Did you join MoDo in hearing “Boy” after “You lie!” when Joe Wilson was the first to break protocol and actually say out loud what most of us already knew?

  • CTsOpinion says:

    The “Knockout Game” is not a game, it is deliberate Black Urban Terrorism.

    Rep. Wilson did NOT say “Boy” after he correctly if inappropriately shouted out “You lie” in response to Obama’s prevarications.

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