Kevin McCarthy vs. Eric Swalwell – Oh, Baby!

Kevin McCarthy vs. Eric Swalwell – Oh, Baby!

Kevin McCarthy vs. Eric Swalwell – Oh, Baby!

It took 15 votes for Kevin McCarthy to get the Speaker of the House post. It was worth it. If it took 15 more votes to get a Speaker with a spine of titanium, it would have been worth it. It was worth listening to Hakeem Jeffries’ Alphabet Speech to watch him hand the gavel. It was worth watching Hakeem Jeffries beg McCarthy to keep Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff on the Intelligence Committee. Kevin shutting them down was GREAT. Little Eric Swalwell pouting and threatening McCarthy is better than Top Gun: Maverick in 3D.

What makes the schadenfreude so yummy delicious is the cavalier and capricious way Republicans were treated for the last two years. The Democrats behaved as if they had been elected for life as a permanent government and broke every rule of comity, led down the garden path by San Fran Nan. It would have been tit for tat if Kevin McCarthy had denied Swalwell and Schiff seats on Judiciary for revenge. He denied them and he had good reasons. He sent Hakeem Jeffries a letter and snippets were published at CNN:

“I cannot put partisan loyalty ahead of national security, and I cannot simply recognize years of service as the sole criteria for membership on this essential committee. Integrity matters more,” McCarthy wrote in a letter to House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries that he posted on Twitter Tuesday night.

McCarthy has cited a “new standard” from Democrats for why he would strip Schiff and Swalwell, both of California, of their committee assignments. The Democrat-led House in 2021 removed GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona from their committees for inflammatory rhetoric, including support for violence against Democratic members of Congress.

In the letter, McCarthy added that “it is my assessment that the misuse of this panel during the 116th and 117th Congresses severely undermined its primary national security and oversight missions – ultimately leaving our nation less safe,” and that he wants the panel to be one of “genuine honesty and credibility that regains the trust of the American people.”

Oh, Kevin, it’s going to take a lot more, but this is a start. And, then, with his new spine of titanium burned a disrespectful reporter.

I almost forgot about that last part. The FBI briefed Speaker Pelosi and Leader McCarthy against Swalwell being on the Intel Committee because of his relationship with Fang Fang and Nan put him on anyway. Holy Chinese New Year, Batman. Nina wrote about the Reptilian Adam Schiff and the Intel Committee yesterday. The Nations security is safer without Schiff, too.

Because there is no hubris like Democrat Hubris (trademark pending), Eric Swalwell, Ilhan Omar and Adam Schiff held a presser to kvetch about losing their plum committee assignments.

Eric Swalwell used to look like a smug middle school tattle-tale. With his beard, he now looks like a bloated bum. Hakeem Jefries can put Schiff, Omar and Fartwell on every Committee he wishes, just not Intelligence. In that press conference Swalwell repeated the “McCarthy will regret” comment he made to Lawrence O’Donnell on Tuesday night, per the Washington Examiner:

Swalwell was booted from the committee for a past relationship with an alleged Chinese spy, and Schiff was booted for pushing the theory that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. Republicans ousted Omar for antisemitic comments about Israel.

“He’s going to regret the day that he has given me more free time, Lawrence, because I’m not going to be quiet. I’m not going to back down,” Swalwell said on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC Monday night.

Pound your little fists and kick your little feet about not being as powerful. Bwa ha ha!. You can still stand outside the door and cry like the thumbsucker you are.

Kevin McCarthy needs to keep the Titanium Spine in fighting shape. Yeah, baby.

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  • Citizen Tom says:

    That was really good! Pray it continues.

    • Christopher J Whitaker says:

      I DO pray it continues, but I don’t have tremendous faith in Mr. McCarthy, as he is more on the “establishment” side of the GOP than the MAGA/Freedom Caucus/etc. I pray that the “Gang of 15” (sic?) will ensure his feet are held to the fire and help to stiffen his spine, but I expect betrayal to the UniParty at every turn.

  • Cameron says:

    Their tears nourish my soul.

  • Icepilot says:

    Consider the subtext on the Republican side.
    By showing some spine, doing the right thing & shining a light on the corrupt Democrats, the Speaker gained some friends (& possibly some votes) amongst the more conservative members that originally opposed him.

  • American Human says:

    One of the questions is does McCarthy really understand why so many of his people did not want to vote for him? Does he understand how sick and tired we all are of the Deep State, the increasing debt, the $1.5T yearly deficits, the lies, the deceit, the utter inability of 99% of our congressmen to even try to understand that we understand that money talks and integrity walks and most of them will sell their souls to China for the right amount of money.

    When will McCarthy do the one thing that will make the rest of us cringe inside and think: “Well, this is what we ultimately expected.” because this is what we figured would eventually happen.

    Being elected to congress is about one thing: money and power. That’s it.

    I haven’t even expressed 0.01% of my disgust for congress.

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