Ketanji Brown Jackson: Her Decisions Are Fair Game

Ketanji Brown Jackson: Her Decisions Are Fair Game

Ketanji Brown Jackson: Her Decisions Are Fair Game

Senator Josh Hawley really struck a nerve when he brought up the sentencing record of Biden SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

In fact, the left and the media (but I repeat myself) are now positively apoplectic at the sheer nerve of Hawley. HOW DARE HE QUESTION A BLACK WOMAN WHO IS A HISTORICAL PICK FOR THE SUPREME COURT? Which, QED, means to the left and the media that Hawley is a RACIST. I mean, just ask the brain trust at “The View.”

Also jumping on the “asking questions about Ketanji Brown Jackson and her judicial record is WRONG” is the Washington Post‘s Ruth Marcus. Let’s just say that while the left has the memory of a goldfish on drugs, the rest of us kind of remember an extraordinarily brutal and unproven line of attack on a Supreme Court nominee that no one apologized for after the fact.

If the left and the media were so very confident about Ketanji Brown Jackson and her ability to defend her own judicial record – which are public records, so it isn’t like Hawley had to go “digging” for them – then why are they freaking out this badly? The ultimate in hysteria right now is Elie Mystal, who insists that by bringing up the public record of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Senator Josh Hawley is *checks notes* apparently “trying to get her killed” because anyone who disagrees with the judge is a big bad racist.

Mystal argued that Jackson’s biggest challenge will be not “punching one of these fools in the mouth” during the hearings. He mentioned Senator Hawley, and (Tiffany) Cross followed up on that, saying Hawley intends to allege that Judge Brown Jackson has a “pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their crimes.”

“She is going to be confirmed and she is going to be well-liked while she’s confirmed,” he said. “So them going to the mattresses against her is kind of a waste of their time.”

“But I don’t want to let the Josh Hawley thing lie, because here’s, you know, like — here’s where I need the Democrats to step up. Because when they try to smear her, I need the Democrats to get up there and defend her just as vociferously as Lindsey Graham defended alleged attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh,” Mystal continued. “I need that level of energy from the Democrats”

That’s when he upped the ante, arguing that Hawley bringing up that alleged pattern has a sinister aim.”

“What Josh Hawley is doing, let’s let’s be very clear, what Josh Hawley is doing when he tries to do this, is he’s trying to get her killed,” said Mystal. “He is trying to get violence done against a Supreme Court nominee.”

Mystal argued that “we know this” is what Hawley is doing because of violence that happened as a result of the so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory.”

“You know how I know that Josh Hawley knows what Pizzagate is all about? Because guess who’s the judge who sentenced the Pizzagate guy?” he said. “Oh, that was Ketanji Brown Jackson.”

“So like, that’s where this stuff is coming from, and that’s — so you need to know where it’s coming from, and Democrats need to know how to defend her from this stuff instead of letting her, leaving her out there on her own.”

Hmmm. Could Elie Mystal maybe answer a few questions about his own conflict of interest here?

The lobbying group “Demand Justice” (run by former Hillary campaign flunky Brian Fallon) is indeed going all out to the tune of a $1 million ad campaign to push for Ketanji Brown Jackson. And guess who is on the board of directors for “Demand Justice,” which is spending that kind of money on ads pushing people to call their senators to confirm Judge Jackson? That would be one Elie Mystal. Yeah, no, MSNBC did not mention that little tidbit when they brought on Mystal to scream “RACISM” about Josh Hawley. But it’s kind of important, right?

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be sitting down in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow to begin the confirmation process. If the judge is as brilliant and wonderful and logical and reasoned as the women on “The View” and Ruth Marcus and Elie Mystal believe her to be, then she will have perfectly sane and practical reasons as to why she has a public judicial record of undersentencing those convicted of possessing child pornography without needing to be afraid of those questions. And, like Justice Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearing, she should be able to do it without notes.

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  • American Human says:

    She could be another Kamala Harris and she’ll still get approved. Mitt Romney will vote for her.

  • Scott says:

    ” “So them going to the mattresses against her is kind of a waste of their time.””.. is he talking about the judge or Harris?? Maybe someone should educate the fool that the phrase is “going to the MAT”, as in wrestling, now “mattress” as in a democrat with no qualifications…

    • Humility says:

      While I appreciate and agree with the humor of the phrase taking on new meaning when it comes to Harris and her “climb” to power. The expression comes from the movie “The Godfather.” Without spoiling the movie, it generally means going to war.

  • bob sykes says:

    So, what is her sentencing record?

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