Kathy Hochul Worse Than Cuomo On Covid-19 Omricon

Kathy Hochul Worse Than Cuomo On Covid-19 Omricon

Kathy Hochul Worse Than Cuomo On Covid-19 Omricon

You could feel sorry for New Yorkers but they voted for all this. They thought they had escaped an authoritarian douchenozzle when Andrew Cuomo resigned as Governor. Surprise, surprise, surprise. With the advent of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, new Governor Kathy Hochul has exposed herself as the new authoritarian.

As I wrote yesterday, a new Covid-19 variant has been foist upon the world from South Africa just in time for the holidays. Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) assigned a Greek letter to this variant. It should have been Nu. But, because the WHO is wholly owned by China, they skipped Nu and went to Omicron. You see, Xi comes after Nu. There will always be more variants and having a Xi variant would have reminded the world that Xi Jinping unleashed this gain of function monster upon the world. Can’t have that.

No cases of the Covid-19 Omicron have been diagnosed in the United States yet. NY Governor Kathy Hochul is not going to let that in the way of her authoritarian dreams. Governor Hochul has declared a State of Emergency for New York state:

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has declared a state of emergency ahead of potential COVID-19 spikes this winter due to the already-circulating Delta and newly-identified Omicron variants of coronavirus.

The declaration, which goes into effect on Dec. 3, will allow the state to acquire pandemic-fighting supplies, increase hospital capacity and fight potential staffing shortages. It would also allow the state Health Department to limit non-essential and non-urgent procedures at hospitals.

“We continue to see warning signs of spikes this upcoming winter, and while the new Omicron variant has yet to be detected in New York State, it’s coming,” Hochul said.

The move comes hours after the governor said her office was closely monitoring the new variant, which was first sequenced in South Africa earlier this week.

Hmmm. What does that mean? Here is how it was reported by WROC in Rochester:

Limit procedures? Mammograms? Colonoscopies? Electrocardiograms? That will have no effect on the population, right? There is not evidence that the survival rate for the Omicron variant is less than 99%.

And, Kathy Hochul isn’t looking at the causes for staffing shortages:

Eyewitness News for WABC reported on Friday evening that the order will “help boost hospital capacity and address staffing shortages ahead of potential spikes in COVID cases this winter” and “will allow the Department of Health to limit non-essential, non-urgent procedures for in-hospitals or systems with limited capacity (below ten percent staffed bed capacity.)”

The order will be put into place on December 3, one week from today, and last until at least January 15, at which point it will be reassessed, based on the numbers.

Such coverage does not mention that “staffing shortages” may be due to how New York has one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country, with healthcare workers not even being granted religious exemptions. Earlier this month, however, a federal judge ruled that the mandate must, at least temporarily, allow for religious exemptions. In addition to New York, only Maine and Rhode Island do not offer religious exemptions.

Fired healthcare workers? Check. It was just two months ago that the vaccine mandate took effect:

Tuesday, Sept. 28, was the first day that health care workers across New York were required to either be vaccinated against COVID-19 or lose their jobs. A wide variety of hospitals and other health care facilities had to release workers who refused to get vaccinated from their payrolls. It was a challenge for many facilities, but it seemed surmountable, according to the latest figures provided by the facilities.

Way to go, Kathy. Good job.

Do you think Kathy Hochul will send senior citizens into nursing homes as Andrew Cuomo did? Fire healthcare workers, check. Limit non-emergency procedures, check. Kathy Hochul is Andrew Cuomo in a skirt. Authoritarians gonna authoritarian. They are incapable of learning. They don’t care to try.

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