Kamala: Rural Deplorables Can’t Vote Because Kinkos Isn’t Available

Kamala: Rural Deplorables Can’t Vote Because Kinkos Isn’t Available

Kamala: Rural Deplorables Can’t Vote Because Kinkos Isn’t Available

Rural deplorables, according to Kamala, won’t be able to vote because they don’t have the ability to get their ID photocopied at Kinkos.

Yes, you read that correctly. Since Thursday, Kamala and the DNC have been pushing an whole new grandiose plan to get people to VOTE! Of course, their plan means the voters they drag to the polls will check all the boxes by those candidates who have a (D) after their name. But I digress. 

Harris made the announcement and call to action to get out the vote at her alma mater, Howard Unversity, an HBCU, kicking off remarks by saying it’s “so good to be home.” The location was also significant in that Democrats have argued that Republican voting bills popping up in legislatures across the country are threatening to suppress historically disenfranchised communities, including Black voters.

Where did she make this announcement? At a high-priced college located in very expensive Washington D.C. 

Every vote counts? Good. Then they’ll be working for election INTEGRITY correct? No more keeping the wrong political party out of vote recounts right? No more of that mean-spirited papering of windows so the public can’t view the vote recount proceedings, right? Yeah, don’t hold your breath. 

This $25 million push to get new voters is condescending in multiple ways. The key however, is that this Democrat push ASSUMES that people, especially the poor and people of color are just too stupid or lazy to fill out those ballots nor can they seem to figure out where their local polling place is.

Liberal attorney Marc Elias, back in April, threw the deplorable flag big time regarding the Georgia voting law by outright implying that voters are too dumb to understand how to read their own drivers license!

Well, yesterday, in a fawning BET special, Kamala went a step further than Marc. Heck, she cleared the field in one giant leap!

Vice President Kamala Harris was decried for saying that some voter identification laws make it “almost impossible” for rural voters at the ballot box, with critics suggesting she doesn’t think rural citizens have the wherewithal to use a copy machine.

Election laws requiring voters to include a copy of identification with their ballots threaten to shut out those who might not have access to a photocopier, Harris said Friday.

Let’s roll tape shall we?

If you ended up with a concussion or a broken jaw because of your ‘WTH did I just watch??!!’ reaction, I’m truly sorry. 

Quite frankly I laughed when I saw the above clip. Especially since I was heading to an event in my hometown with a population of 3,100. Several other towns in that county have a population of about 250-400. So yeah, she was speaking of towns like that. She was talking about people in the rural communities who just don’t know how to navigate this whole voting thingy without needing help from the Democrats. 

Evidently, she thinks our towns are still on the party lines, and when those don’t work, all communication arrives by stagecoach or Pony Express! As for needing copies of something, the only way that’s possible, per Kamala’s ‘brilliance,’ is to travel a great distance to find the nearest Kinkos. 

“Well, there are a whole lot of people, especially people who live in rural communities, who don’t — there’s no Kinko’s, there’s no OfficeMax near them,” the vice president said, citing two retail chains that offered photocopy services. Kinkos was purchased by FedEx for $2.2 billion in 2003, and the last Kinkos stores were shuttered in 2008.

I would dearly love to get my hands on the video to see her reaction when she’s informed that Kinkos was shut down permanently in 2008. That would be comedy gold!

The reactions to her commentary are rightfully on point!


Kamala, as did Joe with his claims in February that Hispanics and Blacks are too dumb to figure out how and where to get vaccinated, is showing her true self. But, as Razor points out, please do not call her that bigot word. She’s a Democrat. She CARES!

Rural deplorables, according to Kamala, need help understanding how to vote, WHERE to vote, and how to find a Kinkos so someone can teach them how to mimeograph their ID. 

It’s very enlightening to see Democrats slam rural deplorables. It’s even more enlightening to watch Cackles Kamala do so from a remote ranch in Wyoming while I write this blog post on my MacBook Pro using an internet connection that has been in place for nearly fifteen years. 

At least I no longer need to communicate by telegraph. Progress indeed!

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Feature Photo Credit: Kinkos by coolcaeser at Wikipedia, via Wikimedia commons, cropped and modified

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  • SFC D says:

    My white privilege allowed me to buy a very inexpensive printer/copier. Maybe 50 bucks. I hand my voter registration packet off to the weekly pony express rider and pray that the Apaches don’t get him.

  • Kim Hirsch says:

    Over the past year I had the privilege of participating with a women’s group who toured parts of Kansas to learn more about the state. We made trips to western and southeastern Kansas and visited huge farms and ranches that produced wheat, hemp, and cattle.

    Not only were the farmers and ranchers equipped with updated computer technology and internet access, these were also highly educated people, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in science!, because science! provided them the means to achieve the greatest crop yield. Science! gave cattle ranchers knowledge on how to breed their stock for the best yields in meat.

    Kamala is probably from the Mike Bloomberg school of agriculture: “You just put the seed in the ground, and it grows.” No wonder this tone-deaf woman thinks that rural Americans don’t have access to simple copy machines and printers.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    We can deposit checks using a cell phone, and we can’t figure out how how to PHOTOcopy our ID? That woman is a gift to Republicans.

  • 370H55V says:

    But if you confront her about it, she’ll just double down and claim she’s right–possibly even to the extent of asserting that Kinko’s is still around.

    These people are so incredibly brazen. We need to be the same.

  • GWB says:

    Every vote counts?
    No! We don’t want every vote to count! We want every legitimate vote to count!

    Kinkos was shut down permanently in 2008
    Let’s be clear: only the last store still branded Kinko’s was shut down. I still have three FedEx print and copy centers in my area.
    BTW, OfficeMax was absorbed by Office Depot, as well. So, she’s a little behind the times. (Of course, she’s been in office for long enough she hasn’t had to copy her own handbills in a while.)

    The funny thing is they are pandering to rurals the same way they condescend to minorities. Once again, we can look at each other and wonder what world these folks live in. (And the answer is the one of coastal American globalist elites, who have the ‘right’ to rule us for our own good.)

  • Forbes says:

    Lived in NYC for 34 years–never been in a Kinko’s. Corner stores, pharmacies, et al. have copy machines for public use at a nominal price. Also, they used to have fax machines–I’d hate for Kameltoe to have to go down that rabbit hole. Pretty sure the same is true in places other than Manhattan.

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