Kamala Harris Insinuates That ICE Is Just Like The KKK [VIDEO]

Kamala Harris Insinuates That ICE Is Just Like The KKK [VIDEO]

Kamala Harris Insinuates That ICE Is Just Like The KKK [VIDEO]

Senator Kamala Harris really really REALLY wants to be President. So much so that she smugly decided her line of questioning to Ronald Vitiello, President Trump’s nominee to head U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, should involve a baseless insinuation that ICE is just like the KKK.

Photo Credit: Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

Yes folks, she dove headfirst down that road.

Let’s summarize:

  • Harris uses a years-old tweet of Vitiello’s that perfectly describes the Democrat party to springboard her line of questioning insinuation
  • Vitiello states he didn’t mean words that way and yes they were offensive. Harris, acting like a tight-assed school principal wants to know WHY those words are offensive
  • When Vitiello states that today the KKK would be considered a domestic terrorist group (they were then as well) and she turns around and asks WHY?
  • Harris then wants to know WHY people have the perception that ICE is like the KKK!

To Vitiello’s credit, he was having none of her insinuations

I’ve watched the above exchange three times now and Harris’s smug lecturing tone makes me want to break things.

This exchange with Vitiello is another example of her preferring to insinuate rather than assert. It starts with some mild pedagogy about the Klan, with Harris leading Vitiello until he specifies that the group’s intimidation tactics were race-based, and then it takes a turn. Are you aware that there’s a perception that ICE also uses fear and intimidation in targeting Latino immigrants, she asks? I reject that parallel, says Vitiello. But are you aware that there’s a perception, she emphasizes. See, she’s not claiming there’s a parallel (necessarily). But some people are. That’ll be her defense to the endless headlines about this in righty media that Harris compared ICE to KKK. I didn’t, she’ll say, but some people see a resemblance — and that’s troubling and worth addressing, don’t you think? Vitiello should have asked her if she’s aware that there’s a perception that pre-civil-rights-era Democrats were “neo-Klanist.”

Just like she did during the Kavanaugh hearings, if she can make the insinuation stick then life is groovy!

Only one problem with her latest insinuation comparing ICE to the KKK

Yeah, I’d say that quite a few folks at ICE are likely not happy that they are being compared to the KKK at this juncture. Especially given that the first wave of illegals has not only gotten to the U.S./Mexico border, they are trying to climb the fence!

Hours after images of migrants climbing a border wall in San Diego went viral, the Homeland Security Department deployed razor wire Wednesday to prevent a repeat.

The immigrants, who said they were the vanguard of the caravans streaming north through Mexico, ascended the fence Tuesday in a display of defiance. Video and photos showed them cheering and jeering atop the slat-style fence

Such nice peaceful folks aren’t they?

But again, that perception thing will resonate with folks because of the narrative. Said narrative being that we can’t use the word ILLEGAL. Heck, we can’t even call them undocumented because feelings!

From Powerline:

1) The asserted parallel between ICE and the KKK is both contemptible and absurd. But this, apparently, is what the Democratic Party’s base wants to hear.

2) Notice how Harris begins by equating the KKK and ICE, but then backs away and concludes by asking Vitiello a completely different and more innocuous question, pretending that it was the same one she started with.

3) Have you ever seen anyone as smug as Kamala Harris? Well, yes, on reflection: Harris is the California version of Hillary Clinton. Go ahead, Dems–nominate her!

Kamala Harris is a grandstander plain and simple. She also hardly knows what she is talking about at any given moment. By her “logic” we have as follows:

ICE enforces the laws which is the same as the KKK who BROKE the law on numerous occasions.

Sure Kamala! Go ahead and run in 2020. Just don’t count on the rank and file at ICE to vote for you.

Feature Photo Credit: Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

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  • SFC D says:

    Robert Byrd was unavailable for comment.

  • GWB says:

    Such nice peaceful folks aren’t they?
    I’m a fan of beanbag rounds for those on top of the fence. It really doesn’t matter which side of the fence they fall on.

    I’m also a big fan of rounding these folks up with military assets, and treating them as invaders. Throw them in Guantanamo. Then repatriate them, with prejudice.

    I’m also a big fan of treating those who help them as enemies of the United and several States. Repatriate them to the countries of origin of these invaders, too.

    I just want my home defended from people who think they deserve to walk into it and live, heedless of any invitation.

  • scott says:

    “Such nice peaceful folks aren’t they?
    I’m a fan of beanbag rounds for those on top of the fence. It really doesn’t matter which side of the fence they fall on.”.. Use a big enough round (I’d suggest 37mm or 40mm) beanbags, and there’s no question which side they’ll fall on…. just saying..

  • ed says:

    I believe that a majority of ICE officers are minorities. So a democrat compares ICE to the military arm of the democrat party. Let that sink in.

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