Kaepernick Fundraises For Radical Anti-Cop Group

Kaepernick Fundraises For Radical Anti-Cop Group

Kaepernick Fundraises For Radical Anti-Cop Group

Wait, there’s more. Colin Kaepernick raised funds for a radical, feminist, racist, collectivist, anti-cop group. Everything about this group to which Kaepernick donated $20,000 is Anti-American, but then what can one expect. Colin Kaepernick, spoiled athlete, has embraced the radical ideology,

without having to deal with all of the icky details of a radical collectivist life. I’ll explain.

FBI Most Wanted Poster for Assata Shakur

Let us hop in the “Way Back Machine” to the bad old days of the 1970’s. A well-educated woman named JoAnne Chesimard joined the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army and the Republic of New Afrika. Groups like these along with the Weather Underground Organization were the stuff of my childhood nightmares. From a biography of Chesimard/Assata by F. Kenneth Taylor:

The year 1971 was pivotal for Assata; in April, she lost her fear of guns and being shot after an altercation at a Manhattan Hilton hotel. She was allegedly involved in a struggle that resulted in her being shot in the stomach and arrested on charges of attempted robbery, felony assault, reckless endangerment, and possession of a deadly weapon. She was later released on bail. Four months later, in August, Assata was questioned about a robbery that took place after a photo of a female suspect was said to fit her description. Additional details about the incident could not be found. Only days before Christmas, on December 21st, 1971, she was ideed from an FBI photo as a suspect involved in a grenade attack that left two New York City police cars destroyed, and two officers dead. This incident would spill over into the new year as she became wanted on January 28th, 1972 for her alleged role in the murder of the two New York City policemen.

and then a law enforcement officer was killed in 1973:

Prior to approaching the vehicle, the first trooper radioed for backup, and it was during his questioning of Zayd Malik Shakur, the driver, where things took a drastic turn for the worst. Some reports claim that Zayd Malik Shakur and the first trooper began arguing, and Zayd Malik Shakur reached for a nearby revolver or other firearm. Other reports claim it was Assata, who was in the front passenger’s seat, who reached for the gun…

JoAnne Chesimard and the murdered officer Werner Foerster

She was adjudicated and found guilty. As stated in the FBI poster, Assata escaped from prison in 1979 and has lived in that “Worker’s Paradise” south of Florida since 1984. Now, former President Obama could have negotiated her return when he normalized relations with Cuba, but, um, nevermind, you know.

In her own words from “Revolutionary Front Lines”:

My name is Assata Shakur, and I am a 20th century escaped slave. Because of government persecution, I was left with no other choice than to flee from the political repression, racism and violence that dominate the US government’s policy towards people of color. I am an ex-political prisoner, and I have been living in exile in Cuba since 1984.

Back to the present day.

Assata’s Daughters in a stage program. So sweet.

Which brings us to “Assata’s Daughters” the group to which Colin Kaepernick donated twenty large. From the “Assata’s Daughters” website, their mission statement:

Assata’s Daughters is a grassroots intergenerational collective of radical Black women located in the city of Chicago. We identify our work as part of the larger Black Lives Matter movement.
Our programs aim to escalate, deepen, and sustain this movement for collective liberation.

They are upfront about who they are. And, their “Herstory” is even more delicious:

Assata’s Daughters was formed in March 2015 in order to address a shortage in programming and community for women identified young Black people in Chicago. Founded, planned, and operated by Black women, Assata’s Daughters carries on the tradition of radical liberatory activism encompassed by Assata Shakur.
We grew out of a critical gap in Chicago of programming for young women to get trained up in the radical political tradition of Black feminism, and to learn how to organize around the demand of abolition.

Who needs Cotillion, Girls Scouts or Jack and Jill of America when you can be trained up in radical collectivism with a bitter cup of hatred? They have a program called “Cop Watch”. You won’t be able to watch the whole video because of the uber woke jumpy filming style but give, oh say, 45 seconds.

And here is the Assata’s Daughters recruiting video:

Did you catch that? They want the abolition of police and prisons. So, when bad people do bad things who is going to protect those precious little girls in the video. Condoleeza Rice and Mia Love are not the kind of women Assata’s Daughters want these girls to emulate.

This is the group Colin Kaepernick has donated $20,000 big ones to help. Victory Girls has covered Colin Kaepernick well. Read this piece by our Nina here. The great thing for Kaepernick is that he can be all woke with his radical pose and not have to deal with the consequences. Kaepernick sold his California mansion and spent $3.2 million on a luxury TriBeCa condominium. You know, door men, security, automated parking (???). Read about the apartment here. It sounds swell. He didn’t move into an ungentrified neighborhood if you catch my meaning.

Me, I am gonna pray really hard tonight for our Nation. We are screwed. Little children being raised in radical, liberation ideology like Assata’s Daughters cannot have a good outcome.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    A-holes for Assata sure sound like a bunch of super idiots. And it sounds like Assata was a forerunner to today’s BCLM type of whiners that have afflicted all of society. Assata can stay in her Cuban paradise with her delusions-perhaps one day her spiritual heirs will be dealt with properly right here in the US-if we’re lucky.

  • GWB says:

    Asshata’s Daughters

    she was ideed
    Huh? Does the author mean “she was ID’ed”? Would be much better to use “she was identified”.

    I am a 20th century escaped slave
    Absolute proof that she needs to be in an institution. She’s delusional.

    I am an ex-political prisoner, and I have been living in exile in Cuba since 1984.
    No, you’re a convicted murderer, and a fugitive.

    a grassroots intergenerational [blah, blah, blah}…
    No, you’re a communist- or Soros-funded revolutionary group aiming to cause societal disruption and destruction.

    the tradition of radical liberatory activism encompassed by Assata Shakur
    No, that’s called criminal violence and revolution.

    They want the abolition of police and prisons.
    Proof they are really about societal disruption and destruction. What their goals break down to is “We want to do whatever we want because we’re black, and we want absolute power based on that trait.”

    She deserves to be dangling at the end of a rope. All those that follow her (and are ‘sane’ adults) deserve the same. If your goal is to sow disruption and societal collapse, then you are an enemy and will receive no quarter from me.

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