Judge Blocks Biden From Rescinding Title 42

Judge Blocks Biden From Rescinding Title 42

Judge Blocks Biden From Rescinding Title 42

Late Monday, a Louisiana judge blocked Biden’s attempt to rescind Title 42. For now.

“Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said Monday that his office obtained a temporary restraining order blocking the Biden administration from lifting Title 42, a public health order that has allowed the federal government to quickly expel migrants since March 2020.”

Twenty states joined Missouri in obtaining the temporary restraining order.

Before we delve into the mind of Joe Biden and his dementia-laden actions regarding Title 42, what the heck is it and what is the fuss about?

“Title 42 comes from a federal law that dates back to 1944 meant to help prevent the spread of communicable disease. It’s what essentially gave authority to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to take emergency action in March 2020, allowing immigration authorities to quickly expel migrants and denying entry to asylum seekers.”

Remember? This was when Trump became a racist for putting travel bans in place and closing our southern border. It’s one of the left’s favorite squawking points for calling him a racist.

Here’s what weird. Biden promised during his campaign to get rid of Trump-era Title 42. Yet didn’t.

From Bloomberg’s law rag, oozing with leftie, lawful-sounding hate for Trump.

“In his immigration platform statement, then presidential candidate Joe Biden promised to ‘end Trump’s detrimental asylum policies, and ensure ‘the dignity of migrants … upholding their legal right to seek asylum.’ Less than one year into his administration, President Biden has adopted as his own one of President Trump’s most contested, insidious, and indefensible immigration policies: Title 42 expulsions.”

Crazy thing, this Title 42. Biden’s administration has been using it quite successfully to send illegals back from whence they came. It’s actually one of the few tools Homeland Security and the Border Patrol actually have to stave off the onslaught of illegal migrants flooding the border.

“Since it was invoked under Trump, Customs and Border Protection has counted more than 1.7 million expulsions of migrants at the border. Theresa Cardinal Brown from the Bipartisan Policy Center calls Title 42 the ‘primary tool’ of managing migration at the border under both the Trump and Biden administrations.”

Yes, this is my shocked face. Biden has botched the border crisis like nobody can. First, thousands flood our southern border daily. Second, thousands are sent across our country, to create Democrat voters in Republican states. That’s an undisputed fact. Third, his administration sends some illegals back. To the point that leftie groups are criticizing him for doing so. Fourth, Kamala oversees the border.

The border is a hot mess, and Biden realized a few days ago, he’s going to rescind it. Yet he really didn’t know what he was talking about.

Masks…Title 42…Masks…Title 42. Which is it Joe?

The judge’s decision on Monday gave a whole lot of Democrats a huge sigh of relief. Why? Not because an adult in the room made a clear decision. Hint–it wasn’t a member of the White House.

Here’s why, from Politico. Yes, Politico.

“The battle over the border policy was threatening to consume Capitol Hill this week, where party leaders are eager to tackle policy aims such as Covid funding, but have run into Republicans objections over the immigration dispute. And many Democrats, particularly from swing seats, worried that the politics would only get worse for Biden and their party once the order was fully rolled back.”

Those in swing seats are hoping to stave off the pain at the polls in November. They can hope all they want—it’s going to be brutal for Democrats. Period.

In summary, during the campaign, Joe said he would rescind Title 42. He didn’t. It is a tool his agents use to send illegal immigrants out of the U.S. despite allowing thousands to enter. In the last few weeks, he decided to rescind it. Judge said no.


“The temporary restraining order granted Monday prevents the Biden administration from taking any action on Title 42 before a hearing on May 13, which will determine whether the public health order can be lifted later in the month.”

What happens then? A Democrat from the swing state of Arizona weighed in.

“”I warned the administration about this months and months ago, and they still don’t have an adequate plan,’ Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz…’They say they are working on it. My guess is that we’ll get to May 23, there probably is not going to be an adequate plan in place and, if that’s the case, I don’t think we should lift Title 42.’”

Spoken like a Senator up for re-election in a swing state in 2022.

Democrats are in a spin as bad as Biden. Rescinding Title 42 puts them in an even worse position for elections. Keeping it means they show support for a “racist” Trump policy—and we can’t have that. Thanks to Senator Kelly, who tipped the administration’s hand, there isn’t a plan for what to do when May 23rd comes.

Between Title 42 and Elon Musk purchasing Twitter in one day—the writhing of the left is delicious.

It’s only Monday.

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