Jack Brewer Calls Joy Reid Out For Child Abuse Remarks

Jack Brewer Calls Joy Reid Out For Child Abuse Remarks

Jack Brewer Calls Joy Reid Out For Child Abuse Remarks

Joy Reid doesn’t like Ron DeSantis. So much so that she was willing to claim children at a recent event with the Governor are victims of child abuse.


The implication here is that the Governor is the abuser. Just when you think Joy Reid can’t go lower, down she goes!

What was the event in question? The signing of Florida legislation concerning taking the Disney and other areas special privileges away, and signing an anti-critical race theory piece of legislation into law.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Friday banning critical race theory at both schools and such events as workplace training sessions, calling the concept an instrument of division.

DeSantis and others have described CRT as the notion that race determines one’s standing — either as an oppressor or a victim.

That approach fosters a fixation on race and minimizes personal responsibility, CRT critics say.

Watch in full, here. What do you see? People of all ages and race gathered around the Governor for the signing. 

Yet what does Joy Reid do? Singles out the young boys and uses them as props in her continued campaign against Ron DeSantis. She’s made her outright hatred of Ron DeSantis very very clear.

Over the weekend, Joy kept doubling down on her assertions and implication that Ron DeSantis is a child abuser for daring to have young black kids at his event. Notice she is NOT concerned about the white or Hispanic children at the event. Her focus is 100% on those young black children. 

Yesterday evening, in the midst of the Twitter Blue Check meltdown, former NFL player and philanthropist Jack Brewer called Joy Reid out for her atrocious remarks. 

Brewer explained the boys in the photo are students of his education and mentorship programs and were well aware of why they were attending the event.

“Joy Reid messed with the wrong boys,” Brewer told Fox News Digital on Monday, adding that he has also retained legal counsel about a potential defamation suit.


“We are a faith-based program where we stand firm on the word of God,” Brewer told Fox News Digital in a phone interview Monday. “For people to be questioned … this is just a tragedy, and this is the problem with Black America. This is the problem with underserved communities right here. Joy Reid is the example of the crisis going on in Black America.”

“The biggest concern that we both have is just for the safety and protection of my kids and our program,” he continued. “We’ve received several phone calls from parents and different people who are obviously getting calls and harassed by folks in regards to this crazy thing that Joy did.”

Jack is absolutely correct. Joy Reid has made it her mission and purpose to declare all white people are racist all the time. Everyone else is racist she claims. Yet it is Joy who throws the racist card every chance she gets. We’ve documented it here multiple times. Twitchy has a plethora of examples as well!

The fact is, Joy Reid implied that Ron DeSantis, and essentially every other adult in the room was engaged in child abuse towards those young black children. She further implied that none of the children knew what was going on as in, they were hostage to the event. Except that Jack Brewer specifically told the students what the event was about. 

Keep in mind, the students in question are part of Jack’s teaching and mentoring program. In fact, many of those same students were at ANOTHER event earlier in the month with Ron DeSantis. An event in which DeSantis signed legislation creating the Responsible Fatherhood Initiative. 

The Jack Brewer Foundation’s American Heroes Initiative, which partners professional athletes and local leaders with fatherlessness youth across the U.S. to “bridge the cultural gaps that are escalating [due] to the absence of spirituality and positive male influence” was highlighted at DeSantis’ press conference. Part of the program’s curriculum teaches boys financial literacy.

Brewer attended the press conference alongside youth participating in the American Heroes Initiative, who wore shirts emblazoned with the organization’s logo. In remarks at the press conference, Brewer warned that mental health issues are on the rise “because we have fatherless children who are getting indoctrinated in our public schools.”

“We talk about [critical race theory] and all these other things. Those are not our issues. Our issues are we are indoctrinating kids that don’t have a sound household,” he stressed.

Did Joy have anything to say about promoting responsible fatherhood across all communities? Not that I could find. Will she backtrack now that her chosen narrative claiming child abuse has been blown out of the water? No, Joy will instead continue to show her ugly character as only she can. 

Two very prominent highly regarded black men have called Joy on the carpet for her remarks. My guess is, she’ll try to spin it that black men criticizing her is racist or something. 

Featured Image: Thomas Hawk/Flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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  • Robin H says:

    Can we counter with pictures of kids holding up My Body My Choice signs that they don’t understand? Or how about F* Trump signs that parents thought were so funny? Child abuse anyone? No matter what the real story is these dunderheads will never apologize or, God Forbid, think before posting next time. It’s an endless stream of accusations just thrown out any old way and hoping they get repeated.

  • BSmith says:

    That quasi-person is not worthy of a response. Ignore, and Move on.

  • Lloyd says:

    Reid is a racist, plain and simple. We should listen to nothing that comes out of her mouth. Those who allow her to spout her racist garbage are promoting racism. She should dry up and go away.

  • GWB says:

    When I saw the headline the first time, I thought it read “Jack Bauer Calls Joy Reid Out For Child Abuse Remarks”. And I thought, “Dang! Isn’t that taking this to a bit too high of a level? Does Reid really deserve torture and death over this remark?”

    Then I reconsidered my question.
    THEN I re-read the headline and realized my mistake.

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