Jesus Christ Is Harshing Trump’s Self Love

Jesus Christ Is Harshing Trump’s Self Love

Jesus Christ Is Harshing Trump’s Self Love

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is cramping President Donald Trump’s self love. At least, that is, according to sources in the White House who spoke to New York Magazine writer Olivia Nuzzi. Since Trump is the fount of all evil in the world and is the ultimate narcissist, this makes perfect sense. POTUS hates the Baby Jesus because The Nazarene has been famous for 2000+ plus years and really did save the world. Poor Donald Trump. Donald Trump only has about 40 years of fame, is only President of the United States, and is only trying to “Make America Great Again”, all rights reserved, naturally.

You and I and other rational, sentient beings know that Donald Trump is not the fount of all evil in the world. He does have a yuuge ego. It’s really, really big like the buildings he has built. However, those on the left and those on the right who stick their noses in the air and sniff, “He’s not our kind, dear”, believe the very worst about him. So, when New York Magazine writer Olivia Nuzzi pens an article titled, “Donald Trump Hates Christmas Parties” all the bobblehead sheeple nod, “Yes”, for hours.

From her opening paragraph, I don’t wonder that Trump hates Christmas parties. Dig this schedule:

On Monday and Wednesday this week, Donald Trump will leave the Oval Office in the West Wing in the late afternoon and walk eastward to the White House residence, where he will meet Melania Trump. Together, they will head downstairs at 5:15 to the Grand Foyer, a gilded hall directly past the main entrance, where they will be greeted by 600 people. Melania at his side, he will wave and smile at his guests, shake their hands, pose for photos, and engage in small talk. She will say “Merry Christmas” and he will deliver unscripted remarks. He will wave and smile and shake hands and pose and engage in small talk some more. After about two-and-a-half hours, they will ascend the stairs and return to the residence. Just before 8:30, the whole ordeal will start again. Smile, wave, pose, shake hands, make small talk. “Merry Christmas!” Unscripted remarks. Smile, wave, pose, shake hands, make small talk.

Can you imagine anything more torturous? Khalid Sheik Mohammed is feeling pretty good about the waterboarding right now. And, I am pretty sure that the subhuman monster who killed journalist Daniel Pearl is .007% more evil than DJT. Am I right, sentient beings? The only person more tortured in this situation is the First Lady. She is doing it in Christian Louboutin stilettos probably.

By the 26th, he will have attended 21 Christmas parties, clocking in at more than 52 hours of festivities in total, or about 10 percent of his waking hours this month.

Kill me now. And, yeah I know, every President since The Constitution has put up with this whale excrement. Just proves how un-Presidential Donald Trump truly is. So, in my humble opinion, every other President was stoopid. It’s the people’s house. If I were President the people could party without me. I would tape a message. They could put out a cardboard cut out of me and take pictures with it.

But, Olivia is not done insulting the President or Jesus Christ just yet. Nah. Again, from the article:

One person close to the White House told me, “It makes perfect sense” that Trump hates the entire production surrounding Christmas, “because it’s not about him!” This person added, “If it were about him, he’d love it. Christmas is not about him.”

“It’s just a lot,” a senior White House official told me. “They’re hosting all these people, half of whom they don’t know,” the official said. “He just gets impatient. He likes to go go go. Sitting through things, he gets restless.”

Here is the video report:

Jesus Christ is harshing Trump’s self love. Dude, for real.

Interestingly, in the article Nuzzi notes a “bizarre” Todd Purdum article about how President Barack Hussein Obama (cue media swoon) didn’t care for the “grip and grin” aspects of the White House Christmas parties. I remember reading that article at the time. I remember it didn’t affect my opinion of BHO one way or the other. That’s called being an emotionally mature, rational, sentient being.

Also, as Nuzzi notes Donald Trump is a germaphobe. Can you imagine the horror of having to shake hands with all those people and being a germaphobe.

I suspect that Donald Trump loves Jesus Christ. I suspect this back to back party schedule cuts into the time he is preparing for those who are out there plotting against him. Ima pray for him.

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  • I think that the parties got really out of hand with Jackie Kennedy, when the primary “social scene” of the movers and shakers was moved from NYC to DC.

    Another thing – when you see a poisonous screed like this one in the MSM, remember that DJT _cancelled_ the traditional two parties for “journalists” (one for print, another one for broadcast). Do you think that might, just possibly, be coloring their “reporting”? (Myself, having a party for people that are going to go right back to viciously attacking him and his family bright and early the next morning, makes no sense. DJT strikes me as a sensible person!)

  • GWB says:

    I suspect that Donald Trump loves Jesus Christ.
    Not sure I’d go that far.

    One person close to the White House
    Were they inside or outside the fence? ‘Cause that phrase has a big assumption that goes with it, that is NOT what the words can actually mean.

    The whole Mean Girls shtick is really old, folks. The constant bitching and kvetching and bemoaning everything to do with Trump is really ……
    Do you people WANT more Trump? Because THIS is how you get more Trump.

  • Wfjag says:

    And (finally mentioned near the end of the article) this year there’s no “party for the press” because POTUS decided to cancel it.

    Oh the humanity!

  • CaptDMO says:

    “according to sources in the White House who spoke to New York Magazine writer Olivia Nuzzi….”
    Full stop.
    SEE: Gell Mann

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