Wrestling And Washington Omicron Hysteria

Wrestling And Washington Omicron Hysteria

Wrestling And Washington Omicron Hysteria

Leave it to the media to pepper in some Omicron fear with holiday cheer. High school wrestling season is in full-swing. Parents are packing the stands. This has been normal over the course of the pandemic for some states. But not for the state of Washington.

No, Siree. According to this from The Seattle Times, the dreaded OMICRON (Capitalized for effect) variant was linked to DOZENS of COVID cases.

While health officials are still looking into the incidents, the number of cases is currently estimated to be at least between 80 and 90, including both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and at least three cases have been identified as the highly transmissible omicron variant.”--Amanda Zhou, The Seattle Times

Zhou goes in for the shot. At least between 80 and 90 cases but at least THREE of the highly transmissible OMICRON. My Gawd. Time to break them down, Seattle Times. Not mentioned? That some of the vaccinated were among those “at least 3 cases”.

My son was at one of these “super spreader” events. And yes, he wrestled. He tests twice a week. He sat out last week due to a head cold. (I know, people still get those these crazy days.) I have spent three days fielding text messages from concerned family members and friends who have “trusted the Fauci science” and have had both shots and boosters telling us to be careful. I love them, and while I do not agree with them politically, I am genuinely touched that they are concerned and this is not a hit piece on them. I have also gotten into an awkward conversation with a person I do not know. She circled around me about the current state of the wrestling season and proceeded to lecture me on vaccines and boosters for my teenage son. Not feeling the love there. Sorry, Toots. His vaccination status and my choices as a parent are none of your damn business. Oh, but you read medical journals, you say? I leave this one right here.

In my clinical experience, I have found patients to be extremely forgiving with evolving data if you are honest and transparent with them. Yet, when asked the common question, ‘I’ve recovered from covid, is it absolutely essential that I get vaccinated?’ many public health officials have put aside the data and responded with a synchronized “yes,” even as studies have shown that reinfections are rare and often asymptomatic or mild when they do occur.”-Marty Makary

A Johns Hopkins professor. Suffice to say, the guy’s not a dummy. At least, he’s not the Walmart, COVID-denyer-Karen-superspreader-with an-8th grade-education this random woman thought I was. My wrestling son probably is a big, ol’ dunce who has a mullet and drives a truck with a Trump sticker. I mean, really. Let’s keep those generalizations coming, Chica. Didn’t matter when I said we all had COVID last year. Didn’t matter when I said my husband and I had our vaccines so, obviously, I’m not a vaccine denier, we just didn’t feel it necessary to get our kid the jab. Doesn’t matter that our son does not have a mullet and is as preppy as they come. The condescending judgement was oozing out of her pores as she uttered that “multiple vaccinations will only increase his immunity to other strains of the CORONAVIRUS”.

(Sigh.) Perhaps I should not blame her for her bias. I mean, after all, when you read articles like the one from The Seattle Times, it’s easy to form a judgement about the kids and the parents at these events:

Photos and video from the events, he said, show a large number of people sitting in bleachers without masks on, despite masking requirements.”--Amanda Zhou, The Seattle Times

Zhou was referring to an observation from Washington state epidemiologist, Dr. Scott Lindquist. But, but, but…THE VERY SCARY OMICRON!

Universal masking is required indoors when not actively practicing or competing, according to DOH’s requirements for K-12 schools and sports. However, masks are not required for both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes when competing indoors, as long as unvaccinated athletes are tested.”--Amanda Zhou, The Seattle Times

I guess we should be thanking our lucky stars our athletes no longer have to don the masks as they do takedowns. We have it so good, thanks to our policymakers in this great state of Washington. We had better watch out, better not pout or we can go back to last year’s rules, remember those?

“The policy is excessive, and we’re hurting the kids. Our top wrestlers need that level of competition to get better. And college coaches, including Division I schools, go to those big tournaments and the state championships.”-Stephen Perez

Perez, is a wrestling coach at a school in New York. Another blue state that conducted the wrestling season with prohibitive policies last year.

So, it’s time we read between the lines, here, families: wear your masks and get your kids vaxxed or we will deny your children again. Yes. They are truly despicable.

Throughout these crazy times. wrestling has taught my son so much about himself. In 7th grade, he went out for the sport, not knowing a thing. I have watched his work on the mat, I have watched him improve over time and get solid, get stronger both physically and mentally. I have watched him shake his opponents’ hands and both win and lose with grace. I have watched from the sidelines and prayed for that pin, that win, that victory when it wasn’t looking so good and watched as he took those losses as learning experiences and not defeat. I will watch from the stands today donning my sweatshirt displaying my athlete’s name proudly.

Strength. Resilience. Fortitude. Perserverence. Patience. Humility. Gratitude. A sense of humor. Victory in defeat. Acceptance. Ownership. Grit. Character. Heart. Honor. Brotherhood. Friendships. Agility. Mental stability. Faith.

Not if you read the latest news in WA State. Why, ever, would we want our children to have these qualities as adults when they can hide in their homes, fearful of the OMICRON and TikTok thugs making gun threats?

It’s no wonder this state wants to give the sport of wrestling the full nelson. Remember this when it’s time to vote the policymakers out. SQUEEEEEZZZZE!

Photo Credit: Mark Bonica/FlickR/CC BY 2.0

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