It’s “Another Boy” and The Blind Masses Still #StandWithPP

It’s “Another Boy” and The Blind Masses Still #StandWithPP

Right on cue as expected, more of the Hollywood elite are sounding off and #StandingforPP. The latest to come forward is none none other than Scarlett Johansson:

Like, of course they like, stand with you, Scarlett Johanssen. You know who’s not standing right now?

Another boy.

And it’s no surprise whose side The White House is on:

“Planned Parenthood has been quite specific about the policy and procedures that they have in place and I know that they have described those procedures as reaching the highest ethical standards. Based on the essentially fraudulent way these videos have been released, there is not a lot of evidence that Planned Parenthood hasn’t lived up to those standards. There is ample reason to think that this is merely the tried and true tactic we’ve seen from extremists on the right to edit this video and selectively release an edited version of the video that grossly distorts the positions of the person who is in the video”-Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary

When asked how our very own President reacted to the videos, Earnest simply said:

“I don’t know if he’s seen any of them. I do know he’s been following this story.”

He’s “following the story” but silent. No doubt resting up after his Africa trip, I am guessing. That jet lag’s a killer. When he does finally speak up, I am guessing that he will probably fall in line with the story that the videos were a series of “malicious attacks concocted from the right”, he will scold the right, point his fingers at Republicans, his minions will cheer him on and he’ll call it a day and plan his next golf outing.

Because, after all-it’s just “another boy”.

Being a former radio personality, I am naturally prone to be emotionally triggered by sound-be it a particular melody of a song or an inflection in a voice. I know this sounds like something some fluffy and artsy-fartsy liberal wacko would say but here it goes anyway-sometimes, after seeing something, I close my eyes to hear the emotion in the words. In the video that was released this morning, we heard Dr. Savita Ginde discussing and looking through parts of an aborted fetus in a dish. We also heard a medical assistant exclaim “Another Boy” as the fourth chilling video comes to a finish.

Another boy.

Another boy whose cries won’t be heard. Another boy who will not know the love between a mother and a child. Another boy who will not walk, run, play baseball, learn to ride a bike or cheer on his favorite football team. Another boy who will not laugh at gross jokes or noises, break a leg doing his own stunts and won’t have the voice to say that he thinks girls are yucky. Another boy who will not fall in love, learn to drive, go to college, vote, fight for his country, become a Hollywood celebrity, President, save a life, or bring life into this crazy world. Another boy who won’t see the beauty and simultaneously the ugliness of this world and embrace the liberty to make his own decisions in it.

It’s just another boy.

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  • Kim Younts says:

    Just another over-hyped Hollywooder flapping it when she oughta shut it. Thank you for your article acknowledging a precious child.

    • Lisa Carr says:

      Thank you, Kim. Ashley Judd (I know, color us surprised) also spoke out and said she’s “standing” with PP. I’d like to give people credit in Hollywood for having some brains–but it becomes increasingly difficult with every passing day. These videos are a depiction of a sad, deep, dark existence that is becoming the reality–the new “normal” of our world. Unless we speak out….

  • Robin H says:

    If this was being done at a puppy mill, the full force of the law would have rained down on them before they knew what happened. But a human baby? That’s still a “choice.”

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