ISIS Terrorists ‘Beatles’ Who Beheaded James Foley Captured In Syria [VIDEO]

ISIS Terrorists ‘Beatles’ Who Beheaded James Foley Captured In Syria [VIDEO]

ISIS Terrorists ‘Beatles’ Who Beheaded James Foley Captured In Syria [VIDEO]

James Foley, an American journalist, was horrifically beheaded by the evil that is ISIS on August 19, 2014. One of those who killed Foley was known as “Jihadi John,” a member of a British-born ISIS group called “the Beatles.” On Thursday, U.S. led Kurdish forces captured the last two members of that evil group.

The two men, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, formed part of a group of four fighters nicknamed “the Beatles” due to their British accents and are allegedly responsible for murdering approximately two dozen hostages in Syria.

Given the start of the Olympics and people getting stupid over Trump’s bad hair day, is it any wonder that news of this amazing capture slipped through the cracks?

Everyone SHOULD be talking about this. Believe me, I was thrilled to stumble across this news item.

However, no one is more thrilled than Diane Foley, James’ mother.

The mother of slain hostage James Foley said Friday that she wants two British men who were part of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) cell that killed her son to be tried and imprisoned for the rest of their lives. Diane Foley welcomed the capture of the men who were part of a group, all of whom had lived in London, known as “The Beatles” because of their British accents.

Foley told the BBC on Friday that the arrests announced Thursday won’t bring her son back, but “hopefully it protects others from this kind of crime.”

She said “their crimes are beyond imagination. They really have not done anything good in the world, so I think they need to spend the rest of their life being held.”

Diane is certainly more gracious than I would be regarding those two. Especially considering that James wasn’t the only journalist that they helped kill. The more than two dozen hostages murdered by “the Beatles” include Steven Sotloff and American Aid worker Peter Kassig. 

Who are the last two “Beatles?”

Kotey, a 34-year-old convert to Islam who grew up in west London, and 29-year-old Elsheikh, whose family fled to the UK from Sudan in the 1990s, were the only remaining members of the group still at large.


According to a state department’s terrorist designation, Kotey operated as a guard for the “Beatles” cell and “likely engaged in the group’s executions and exceptionally cruel torture methods, including electronic shock and waterboarding”.

The state department says Kotey was also responsible for recruiting several British nationals to fight for Isis.

Elsheikh travelled to Syria in 2012, according to the state department, who noted the militant had “earned a reputation for waterboarding, mock executions, and crucifixions while serving as an Isis jailer”.

Given how evil those two are, we should all be thankful they have been captured.

What happens next after the interrogations of those two are largely complete? Will they go to jail in Britain? Or will they be moved to Guantanamo Bay? If they do, as Diane Foley hopes, end up rotting in a jail cell for the rest of their lives…GITMO is an excellent place for them.

French journalist Nicolas Henin, one of the very few who survived the brutality of “the Beatles,” had this to say:

Two captured British Isis militants should not be given the “satisfaction” of being put to death and becoming martyrs, a former hostage has said.

The capture of these two is a very good thing. Let us hope the information gained from their interrogations bears fruit and leads to more terrorists being captured.

Let us remember James Foley with the help of Sting’s beautiful tribute at the Bataclan.

As much as his family mourns James and tries to take hope that someday that “Empty Chair” will be filled, I hope today that they have some comfort in knowing that the last two ISIS terrorists who murdered him are behind bars.

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  • Scott says:

    Given that they were captured by the Kurds, I’m sure they’ll be interrogated using very effective means, until they have nothing left to offer, then they’ll likely get a single bullet, and an unmarked grave… good riddance to bad rubish, as my grandmother used to say!

  • Doug Purdie says:

    I think they should be executed, then layed to rest done up in a nice pig skin suit sown by a really good Jewish taylor. Maybe seal their caskets with some bacon grease.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Death by slow torture should be the common method for dealing with ISIS. They deserve no less for all the atrocities they commit.

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