ISIS Starts Recruitment Drive After #Westminster Attack [VIDEO]

ISIS Starts Recruitment Drive After #Westminster Attack [VIDEO]

ISIS Starts Recruitment Drive After #Westminster Attack [VIDEO]

The Westminster attack claimed the lives of four innocent people, including one United States citizen, Kurt Cochran, and one police officer, PC Keith Palmer.

And even though the attacker has been officially identified, authorities say they have no idea what his actual motives were.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, of the Metropolitan Police, said: “We still believe that Masood acted alone on the day and there is no information or intelligence to suggest there are further attacks planned.

“Even if he acted alone in the preparation we need to establish with absolute clarity why he did these unspeakable acts to bring reassurance to Londoners, and to provide answers and closure for the families of those killed and the victims and survivors of this atrocity.

“We must all accept that there is a possibility we will never understand why he did this. That understanding may have died with him.

“Nevertheless, we are determined to understand if Masood was a lone actor inspired by terrorist propaganda or if others have encouraged, supported or directed him. If the latter proves to be the case, they will face justice.

Well, let’s see… who could possibly be using this attack for their own benefit? Oh, look here!

photo: YouTube screenshot, courtesy Daily Mail

Yes, that would be ISIS, going all out on a brand new video recruitment drive, glorifying the Westminster attack.

Islamic State is using the Westminster terror attack to help recruit terrorists in a wave of YouTube videos glorifying the massacre.
Khalid Masood, who killed four people on Wednesday in a rampage in London, is being hailed a hero by twisted extremists in videos that Google has failed to block.
Several videos are still live, including one entitled ‘Westminster attack documentary (must watch)’ posted by a user called Luke Taylor, in which radicalised Muslims preach at the camera in a 10-minute clip which features a prisoner being burned to death.

Well, that’s just great. So, now, I just wonder what the killer’s motive could have been? I mean, if the authorities are completely in the dark as to his motive, surely ISIS doesn’t have a clue either!

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Social media has made it extremely easy for terrorists to communicate (something which British officials are extremely upset about), so to claim that someone was “a lone actor” in this day and age is foolish and ignores the obvious. While the attacker may not have been directly affiliated with the ISIS hierarchy, his record, his background, and his actions clearly speak to what he hoped to achieve. To pretend otherwise is just plain stupid.

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