Officer down: PC Keith Palmer London (VIDEO)

Officer down: PC Keith Palmer London (VIDEO)

Officer down: PC Keith Palmer London (VIDEO)

As I think the world knows, ISIS also known as Daesh claimed responsibility for the London Terror Attacks. To recap, three people were murdered yesterday and forty injured before the Daesh fan was shot and killed by the police. The Daeshbag (and that is about as kind as I can be to that lowlife coward) stabbed PC Keith Palmer to death in front of Parliament. PC Palmer was assigned to protect Parliament and that is what he gave his life to do.

Why talk about this hero?  Well, MP Jo Cox’s widower said it best:

So to honor PC Palmer, here are some stories of the man. The Daily Telegraph reports:

“One of those who died today was a police officer, Pc Keith Palmer, a member of our parliamentary and diplomatic protection command. Keith, aged 48, had 15 years’ service and was a husband and father.

And he did what he was trained to do without regard for his life. Because that is what the police do.

“He was someone who left for work today expecting to return home at the end of his shift, and he had every right to expect that would happen.”

The bravery of the officer was later hailed by colleagues, friends and the many MPs whom he was charged with protecting.

And he died a hero at the hands of a petty little criminal.  He was a father of two and a military vet.


Another tribute is financial: there are donations being collected for his family discussed here and here:

Online donations have poured in for PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the terror attack in the heart of the capital.

JustGiving said all funds will be sent to the Palmer family.

And kleenex alert: a tribute from fellow officers in Britain:

Another tribute came from his favorite football team paid:

Thank you to the Metropolitan Police and to PC Palmer for your service and sacrifice from the other side of the pond. Prayers to the Palmer family. May his memory be a blessing.

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