Is George P. Bush the GOP’s future?

Is George P. Bush the GOP’s future?

I’m not one of the Bush haters. I love them actually, though I haven’t always agreed with some of their decisions over the years. I remember crying my eyes out when George H. W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton. I remember praying and fasting when George W. Bush was in the Florida recount in 2000. I admired the cool and calm efficiency of Jeb Bush when Florida was hit repeatedly over the years by natural disasters. I vowed I would always love W. after 9/11 because he was THERE. He comforted all Americans and he took fearless action against the enemy his entire 8-year presidency. His post-presidency work with wounded warriors has been nothing but self-less.

Now it appears the next generation, George P. Bush, is preparing to leap into politics. Here’s a bit of biography on George P., age 36. I think it’s pretty interesting actually. George Prescott Bush is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s son; the nephew and grandson of a president. He’s actually named George “Prescott” for his great-grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush.

He’s part hispanic – his mom is a naturalized citizen from Mexico. He was raised in Florida, of course, but makes his home in Fort Worth, Texas after graduating law school at the University of Texas. He’s married to Amanda, who’s also an attorney. He runs a consulting firm and has most recently been active in Republican Party outreach to college students. He’s also the co-founder of Hispanic Republicans of Texas, a group that seeks to elect Hispanic candidates. He’s eye candy.

George P. Bush

George P. Bush also has Navy service on his resume, including a six-month deployment as an intelligence officer to Afghanistan, where, for security purposes, he was given a different name. Not even those he was serving alongside knew he was “a Bush”. George P. was deployed in 2010-11 under the United States Special Operations Command. He has said that attending the October 2006 launch of the aircraft carrier named for his grandfather — the USS George H.W. Bush – inspired him to join the military. Yep. I think his personal bona fides sound pretty good to me. His policy positions might be a bit more difficult for me.

So, apparently, it’s time.

George P. Bush filed a “campaign treasurer appointment report” on Wednesday which is a requirement for someone to become a candidate under campaign finance law in Texas. The report does not specify what office George P. might be seeking.

But what about Bush fatigue? We know it’s real.

Back in 2003 when George P. Bush was asked about whether he planned to run for office himself, he said that his grandmother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, had advised that anyone thinking about entering politics should distinguish himself in some other field first: “Make a name for yourself, have a family, marry someone great, have some kids, buy a house, pay taxes, and do the things everyone also does instead of just running out and saying, ‘Hey, I’m the nephew of or the son of or the grandson of…’.” That sounds like wisdom to me.

I welcome George P. Bush into elected public service. He sounds great. But will a George P. Bush help bring more Hispanics into the GOP? Has Marco Rubio? Susanna Martinez? I doubt it.

We can run as many amazing Hispanics as we want but it won’t draw Hispanics to the GOP. The true rub is freedom verses free stuff. How do you convince 1 out of every 2 people that freedom (smaller, less intrusive government) is so much better than free stuff (from a bloated, invasive government)? And the whole woman-vagina-birth control-abortion-women’s rights argument? FACE PALM.

The answer is: We need to be able to winsomely articulate the message of Conservatism with a capital “C”. How we do that still must be figured out.

…and for all you Bush haters out there, one of my favorite photos, W rockin’ the flight suit!

George W. Bush in Flight Suit

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