Investigation Finds Covington Catholic Kids Innocent Of Racism

Investigation Finds Covington Catholic Kids Innocent Of Racism

Investigation Finds Covington Catholic Kids Innocent Of Racism

The snippet video went viral in a flat second. And within hours young boys from Covington Catholic school were being slammed by the media, their own school, the diocese, politicians and more for their supposed racist actions against Nathan Phillips. Phillips by the way, lied about all of it AND lied about his military service. Now, an investigation has found that they are innocent of racism or making offensive remarks during that episode. 

Greater Cincinnati Investigations issued a report dated Feb. 11 that found no evidence that students from Covington Catholic made “offensive or racist” statements to either Black Hebrew Israelites or Native American tribe members gathered on the National Mall.

“The statements we obtained from students and chaperones are remarkably consistent,” the investigators said. “And, the statements are consistent with the videos we reviewed.”

Yes, there were multiple videos out there. But the public ran with a snippet and brought out the knives in force against these young kids. I watched on social media as adults blathered on about how a 14 year old boy should know enough in a situation like that to just walk away. I watched other “adults” yes, I’m looking at you Kathy Griffin/Trevor Noah/Alyssa Milano/Rosie O’Donnell, gleefully call for the kids to be doxxed and shamed into hiding.

Did those celebrities and politicians along with the public at large change their tune when the full video came out? A few did. Many continued to double down as did the media.

Understandably the kids and their parents hired attorneys. L. Lin Wood, one of the members of Nick Sandmann’s legal team, not only put well over 54 people and the media on notice, and is filing suit against Nathan Phillips for defamation, he released THIS video as well.

It’s quite different when you look at the big picture isn’t it?

More than 40 kids and all the chaperones were questioned during the course of the investigation, and hundreds of hours of video were poured over. The findings are as follows:

  • No evidence was found that students performed a “Build the Wall” chant or made racist remarks to the Black Hebrew Israelites or Phillips.
  • Most of the students felt like (Phillips) was coming into their group to join in with the students’ cheers, investigators said. None of the students said they felt threatened by Phillips and many stated they were “confused.”
  • Video shows that some students performed a “tomahawk chop” to the beat of Phillips’ drumming and some joined in with his chant.
  • Nine chaperones reported being present at the Lincoln Memorial when the main interactions took place. Investigators said video confirms at least five chaperones were present.
  • Chaperones said they didn’t feel that students were in danger or threatened.
  • In regard to the “It’s not rape if you enjoy it” video, investigators said the man in the video was not a Covington Catholic student.
  • In regard to the 7-second video of two students making comments to two women, investigators said they could not determine whether the students were from Covington Catholic.

In fact, if you watch the full video or the compilation that Wood’s team put together, you’ll see and hear that it was the Black Israelites, which have long been classified as a hate group, who were screaming racists remarks at the kids.

Yet everyone and the kitchen sink were oh so willing to put the blame on some young kids all because of a stupid HAT. Yes, a HAT.

The fact that I am sitting here writing about this incident because some kids chose to wear a MAGA hat, and Nick Sandmann’s facial expression was somehow racist is both mind-boggling and infuriating.

Of course, lots and lots of people are reacting just as badly to this news as they did to the original incident.

Speaks a lot to their character …or lack thereof doesn’t it?

Yes, this is excellent news for the kids at Covington Catholic. Will the cyber mob bullies learn from this? Given the reaction I’m seeing all over social media, I’d say the answer is a flat NO.

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  • Theo Moore says:

    People who choose hate as an essential part of their lives are not much concerned with the truth. True on every side of the question. The seeming ascendancy of the left points this out in their ranks. I hope we do not fall into the same mistakes on the opposite side. Aligning ourselves with truth is more important than winning this argument.

    No, I do not think the ladies from victorygirlsblog have this problem, rather as the left grows increasingly unhinged it will be an increasing temptation to us to be concerned with victories rather than the campaign.

  • Jim says:

    Theo Moore: ”People who choose hate as an essential part of their lives are not much concerned with the truth.”

    The ”core sentiment” of the progressive Left is hatred of difference and those who are not part of their groups of like-minded mobs, but who stand alone and think and reason for themselves. They also seek out and try to destroy those who are especially competent and industrious as they themselves are generally mediocre – and lazy as I found when working in a state government welfare service. Ms. Occasional Cortex’s proposal to give a ”wage” to those unwilling to work is a classical example of the mediocrity of the socialist ”sheep” mindset.

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