In Space, Political Correctness Follows

In Space, Political Correctness Follows

In Space, Political Correctness Follows

Could we all take a collective breath and enjoy a pretty awe-inspiring sight? Space is still the final frontier, and mankind has barely touched the edge of it. SpaceX, the private company started by Elon Musk, sent up a satellite last night to achieve orbit.

The goal was to not only get the satellite into orbit, but then return the rocket booster – “Falcon 9” – to its landing pad in California.

SpaceX achieved both goals.

And it made quite the splash on social media, where the hashtag #SpaceX was trending on Twitter.

It’s nice to have these moments where something cool happens, and everyone can just take a moment to point and look. Or freak out about the coming alien invasion.
But space, unfortunately, is not immune to political correctness – and neither are astronauts. Scott Kelly (the one NOT married to Gabby Giffords), who has officially retired from NASA, apparently committed an unspeakable crime. He quoted Sir Winston Churchill.

Kelly was making a semi-subtle, more passive aggressive comment about the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. While people did disagree with him on Twitter over that, what was shameful were the number of people who raked him over the coals for quoting Churchill.

And worse, Kelly then apologized for it!

Wait, I thought the left loved Churchill because he fought Nazis. Are we back to loathing him again? I can’t keep up.

Is this why we can’t have nice things? We’re not even allowed to quote Churchill now? At least, not until the left re-invokes him as “antifa” once more, right?

No one is perfect – not astronauts, not inventors who send rockets to space, and not statesmen. Elon Musk might have some major problems at the moment, but we should all still be able to stand in awe of what SpaceX is able to accomplish. Scott Kelly may have been passive aggressively tweeting, but he shouldn’t be excoriated for quoting one of the greatest men who ever lived. And yes, Churchill had his flaws. He still stood fast against Hitler’s tyranny and deserves the credit for leading Great Britain through the dark days of World War II.

Can’t we just look up at the sky, admire the view, and enjoy the freedom that we have to reach for the stars? Or must absolutely everything be political now?

Featured image: SpaceX’s Falcon 9 prepares for launch, October 7, 2018 (image via screenshot)

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  • GWB says:

    Or must absolutely everything be political now?
    Sadly, yes. Because by 1) nationalizing politics and 2) politicizing everything you give the national gov’t control over everyone’s lives – in every respect.
    For those who crave power combined with making a ‘perfect’ world, not letting anything escape from their grasp is very important. God Heaven The State forbid you ever have a wrongthink.

  • Muns says:

    Your good natured assessment is silly. Kelly Scott and his PC ilk are a danger to western civilization and should be called out as such.

  • MrSatyre says:

    Apparently everyone has short term memory loss over who Scott Kelly is. He’s a Leftist. Always has been. Always will be. Look at who he’s married to, for Christ’s sake! Together, they have lied repeatedly about gun control, the 2A, and have attempted to buy guns illegally, only to have failed for all the right reasons and then lied about it after they were called out on it.

    • SFC D says:

      You’re confusing Scott Kelly with Mark Kelly. Mark is the ghoulish prick that trots out what’s left of Gabby Giffords, uses her a left wing political prop. Scott is the twin brother of Mark, who we now see is identical in every way.

  • DSmith2 says:

    Sorry, Churchill had faults, but what is being complained of here wasn’t one. Churchill told the TRUTH about various races and cultures, and that is the Unforgivable Sin in today’s world.

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