Illegal Alien Rapes, Murders 93-Year-Old Nebraska Woman; McCain-iacs Push Amnesty

Illegal Alien Rapes, Murders 93-Year-Old Nebraska Woman; McCain-iacs Push Amnesty

Ninety-three year old Louise A. Sollowin—who was someone’s grandmother, someone’s mother, someone’s best friend—died on Wednesday at a Nebraska hospital. But even though Ms. Sollowin was of an advanced age, she didn’t die of natural causes. She died after being savagely beaten and raped on Sunday by a 19-year-old, piece of human excrement, illegal alien. The horrific details of the crime are too much for me to describe. Nor will I be showing his face, or uttering his name, here.

Sollowin, whose husband fought in WWII, was adored by her family. “She loved her family and her family loved her,” said Teresa Hartzell, Sollowin’s granddaughter. “She was all about family.”

It is yet another shameful, preventable death at the hands of an illegal.

On Tuesday, I detailed the violent gang rape of a 13-year-old runaway, also at the hands of illegal aliens. While we’ve come to expect cover-ups of reality from the Democrats, you won’t hear any of the amnesty-pushing John McCain-iacs, Marco Rubios, or Lindsey Grahams of this nation speak the names of the scores of preventable deaths committed annually by illegal aliens, either. No, they’re too busy back-room dealing with the most incompetent president in modern history, one who refuses to secure our borders, whose only goal is to cement permanent Progressivism. And he’s doing a fine job of making fools of them all.

I am outraged. I am angry. And I am tired of hearing these stories. I left my long-time home, and scores of good friends, in beautiful Oregon a year ago this month in part because of illegal immigrants, the children of whom have overrun area schools, sucking up increasingly limited resources, while leaving my child, and the children of countless friends, without. Children of illegals literally account for upwards of 75 percent of the student population in several of the schools in my former district, while their parents readily admit they are in the country illegally. Though I often heard friends express frustration with the fact that our area schools were filled with illegals, our tax dollars going to educate them, no one, not one single person, was willing to express their frustrations to administrators or legislators. Why? Because to do so immediately, and mercilessly, labels you a racist. But dammit, I’m fed up. I’m tired of the money my family and my friends work so very hard to earn being spent, year…after year…after year, to educate, feed and generally support illegal aliens, while our country is in flames at the hands of those who call themselves our leaders.

I’m all for diversity. I’m all for LEGAL immigration. But I will never support amnesty. And much of the country feels as I do. It may sound heartless, and if so, so be it, but I am squarely, unapologetically in the deportation camp: Deport them all. Seal the borders. Then impose a moratorium on all immigration until the clusterbleep that is the federal government gets its act together, however long it takes. But, as much as I can dream for that reality…that’s unlikely to happen because we have an indolent, cowardly bunch of complete and total nitwits in Congress who will likely quietly shove through an immigration bill rewarding law-breaking with citizenship, delaying border security which will then never happen, all the while buying the ludicrous argument that the newest citizens will vote Republican. And when they do, when they shove more bull shit down our throats in the hapless tradition of ObamaCare, the rampant crimes committed by illegals that we’re witnessing today, in the rear view mirror of tomorrow will look like child’s play in comparison.

My heart aches for the innocent victims of illegal alien crime, and I hold a seething anger at the unwillingness of our so-called representatives to address its ongoing threat to our national security. Let us not let them die in vain. Speak up. Make your voice heard. You’ll be called a racist. It’s nothing but a silencing mechanism. Remember, sticks and stones.

To read the names, and see the faces, of Americans killed by illegals, go to The Remembrance Project and the Memorial Wall, both of which honor the victims. And tell your representatives, loudly and often, NO AMNESTY. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

Rest in Peace, sweet Louise A. Sollowin. May swift justice be done in your name.

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  • Please forgive the following length rant, but the subject of illegal is a sore one for me. My wife is a legal immigrant from Tanzania (we met and married in her country in 2003). The process of trying to come here legally is a nightmare. In order to complete her visa application the US Embassy wanted an ever growing array of documents (tax documents from the IRS, marriage license, Tanzanian birth certificate, documentation from the Tanzanian government stating she was not a criminal, etc.). We could never get a straight answer to the question of what documentation was required for a visa: we made several trips to the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam, and each time there were requests for new documents that had not been asked for before. It took the intervention of a Member of Congress (Representative John Carter of Texas) who contacted the US Ambassador directly to finally end the endless requests for documents.

    When we came to the USA in January 2005 the USCIS did some more paperwork and took my wife’s biometrics. According to US law the temporary visa stamped in my wife’s Tanzanian passport was good for one year, and would be replaced when she received her I-551 (aka “green card”). The I-551 never arrived because the paperwork and biometrics were lost by USCIS, a fact that we never were told about until we had a second Member of Congress (Chet Edwards of Texas) contact the USCIS. Eventually, with only a few days before her temporary visa expired, we got her I-551.

    The irony of our story is that her case was supposed to be routine! I once joked that if Osama bin Laden had instead legally immigrated to the US rather than hide out in Pakistan the American government would have lost his paperwork, and he would have been permanently safe.

    That is what makes the present immigration system and the proposed amnesty for illegals a sick joke. The current system is hard on those who want to come here legally, while turning a blind eye towards those like the 19-year-old rapist/murderer who defy our laws. The amnesty proposed by Rubio & Co. makes a bad situation worse. There is no chain migration for my wife’s relatives – we have to follow the usual lengthy and costly channels, but that is another rant for another time – but those who broke our immigration laws get rewarded by eventual legal status and the chance to bring their families. This is happening because there is a rich, powerful lobby for illegals, but none for legal immigrants such as my wife. Don’t believe those who say that illegals will have to pay a fine and “go to the back of the line” under the proposed changes. If this legislation becomes law, you can bet your overtaxed dollar that the fines and provisional legal status will not survive a court challenge in front of a leftist judge – if the Obama administration does not decide to just ignore law (they have a history of ignoring laws they don’t like).

    • Jodi says:

      Thank you for sharing your personal story, RL. How incredibly frustrating for you and your wife. The whole system seems skewed to encourage illegal entry, and then, of course, followed by rewards. And you are 100% spot on that this law will make the problem worse. The border will never be secured. It’s a lie, and most Americans know it. If we don’t learn from our history and our past mistakes, well, you know the rest.

  • Kate says:

    i hate this story so much but thank you jodi for being the one to write it. it was necessary.

    rest in peace, louise. 🙁

  • Jodi says:

    As do I, Kate. This piece of *bleep* deserves nothing short of being drawn and quartered in the public square. Perhaps THAT would discourage future crimes by illegals. I can dream.

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