Ilhan Omar Says Quoting Her Is ‘Dangerous Incitement’

Ilhan Omar Says Quoting Her Is ‘Dangerous Incitement’

Ilhan Omar Says Quoting Her Is ‘Dangerous Incitement’

Ilhan Omar would have you believe that she’s been oppressed and vilified ever since she stepped foot into the United States when she was twelve years old. She would have us believe that she’s been continually marginalized and criticized solely because she is a Muslim. Today she decided free speech has limits. Why? Because quoting her is ‘dangerous incitement.’

What did she say? The comment in question starts right at 15:15 into her speech.

If you didn’t care to watch, and I don’t blame you, this is exactly what she said.

““Here’s the truth: Far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen. And frankly, I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it,” Ms. Omar told the crowd. “CAIR was founded after 9/11, because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”” [Emphasis Added]

When I first read that she’d said that, I thought I broke my jaw it had clunked so hard onto the floor. She talks all the time about being diminished because of who she is, and because Muslims are considered 2nd class citizens by the rest of us. Yet it’s totally ok to dismiss the events of 9/11 as if it was just this minor inconvenience and diminish those who were killed and those who ran into danger to save lives.

But that’s right where we are. Ilhan Omar is now a media darling with two magazine covers under her belt and her racism and blatant anti-semitism is no big deal. This from Newsweek.

“To be sure, Omar and Tlaib are no friends of Israel. And while defenders acknowledge they could be more sensitive in their language, they reject the accusation that they’re anti-Semites.“These two congresswoman are shaking off the old mindset with regard to the Palestine question,” Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington-based Muslim civil liberties organization, tells Newsweek. “They’re not trying to fit into the historical Washington mindset, which has been unjustly pro-Israel for decades. And they represent a whole new generation of progressive activists nationwide.””

No, Omar isn’t a friend of Israel. She wants Palestine to be recognized and Israel to be wiped off the map, and threw a Twitter fit about people questioning her antipathy towards Israel while whining at the same time that she is pro-American.

If she was so pro-American, she wouldn’t complain about this Republic every time she opens her mouth.

If she is so pro-American, she wouldn’t have so emphatically dissed the events of 9/11 and lied about when CAIR was founded, 1994 for those wondering. Then again, her actions just after the attacks are very telling.

“After 9/11, Omar donned the hijab, not so much out of religious conviction, she has said, as from a determination to show her cultural identity at a time when many Americans viewed Muslims with suspicion.”

Given her comments at the CAIR speech in California the other week, it’s understandable that she’d be called out about them by many. Congressman Dan Crenshaw was one.

Brian Kilmeade discussed her remarks as well. This morning we find out that Ilhan doesn’t like being directly quoted.

She is literally telling everyone that no one can quote her lest we be accused of ‘dangerous incitement.’

Dan was having none of it.

Ilhan, you want to know what the danger is here? Telling us that we aren’t allowed to quote your exact words. You are literally saying that our freedom of speech has limits that are, evidently, arbitrarily decided by you. Limiting our speech is as un-American as it gets.

Thankfully for all of us, our Founders knew what they were doing when they wrote the First Amendment. So Ilhan, you go right ahead with your speaking. We’ll go right on ahead with quoting you. That’s how this works.

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  • Bill Cook says:

    If Omar and her ilk have their way, that pesky 1st Amendment (and the others as well) will be a thing of the past.

  • Steverino says:

    Muslims don’t believe in free speech and doubly so for infidels. Since they subscribe to a supremacist religion, they are incredibly arrogant.

    It would be revealing to closely question Ilhan Omar on any number of issues, starting with what happened on Sep 11 and who did it and why. I suspect the answers would be illuminating.

    • Milton Poindexter says:

      All Americans know that “the people who did something” are burning in the bottom level of Hell’s sewer. Does she know that, or does she know that they are martyrs sitting in glorious paradise with their allah?

    • Denver says:

      some people who happen to be muslim, not all muslims or even muslims in particular. watch the slide into bigotry. hate is never the answer.

      • SOTMHK says:

        It’s pretty clear that those who perpetrated 9/11 did so IN THE NAME OF ISLAM. Therefore, in the context of discussing what they did, describing them as ‘some people who happen to be Muslim’ is misleading at best. I think those who perpetrated 9/11 would vigorously deny that they ‘happened to be Muslim’, in the context of what they did; they would claim that Islam was CENTRAL to their actions. Don’t they have the right to self-identify? Isn’t it demeaning to them to claim that they were mistaken in their motivation?

        • GWB says:

          The problem isn’t so much the self-identification, as it is the actual fundamental doctrines found in the Koran and the Hadith. If they were taking something obviously out of context (like a modern Christian declaring all Christians must marry prostitutes because God commanded a prophet to marry a prostitute) I wouldn’t hold it against islam, per se. The call to islamic jihad is more like a Christian declaring that we all love our neighbors as ourselves or that you should follow the 10 Commandments.

          There are plenty of people in the world who call themselves Christian who clearly are working against God’s will and his commands. I don’t let them define Christianity. Christianity is defined by the Author thereof, and his revelation in Scripture.
          And their scriptures demand they kill the infidel and conquer the world in Allah’s name.

  • Ron H says:

    She has dual loyalty: Somalia and Islam

  • TMLutas says:

    You’re missing a trick she pulled with that comment. CAIR was founded in 1994. Prior to 9/11, CAIR was involved in the promotion of Hamas. Those inconvenient seven years needed to be flushed down the memory hole and she did it.

    Why let her get away with it?

    There’s an easy question to ask that can’t be twisted into anything offensive. Rep, Omar, CAIR was founded in 1994. You said it was founded after 9/11, in 2001. How did you get a simple fact like that so wrong and what does that say about your narrative that CAIR was founded as a defensive organization after 9/11? What is it about the pre-9/11 CAIR that you don’t want attention drawn to?

    • GWB says:

      I don’t think she let her get away with it. She noted the lie.
      But an excellent question to ask. Not that you’ll ever get to ask it – because she’s a totalitarian like all the others of her progressive/muslim ilk.

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  • Doug Loss says:

    “My love and commitment to our country and that of my colleagues should never be in question. We are ALL Americans!”

    Bull. I’m quite happy to call this piece of filth un-American. If that’s “dangerous incitement,” I can live with that.

    • greg says:

      So would you call your wife filth or the very woman that had you a name so demeaning as not to be fit a human. This lady is a mother first and foremost, a wife, and a fellow American, serving the people of her state and doing so very well I may add.
      If you cannot agree with her statements then do not read her editorials but to bash her I will not set quietly and say nothing. White men in this country are the reason for it’s problems and I am sure if those who truly know you could have others second guessing you and yours alike.

  • GWB says:

    She would have us believe that she’s been continually marginalized and criticized solely because she is a Muslim.
    So f*ing what? I think – unless you and yours denounce the conversion of our republic into a caliphate/theocracy, and the dhimmitude of non-muslims – islam is a fine demarcation line between those who can support the American way of freedom and equal justice and those who can’t. I also think progressivism is another fine boundary, as is someone who is a monarchist. None of those attitudes are compatible with our free republic.

    executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
    As if he’s not going to lie his ass off about their “anti-Zionism”.

    unjustly pro-Israel
    Well, you can argue that America shouldn’t be as pro-Israel as it is. But if you throw the word “unjustly” in there, I know you’re just shilling for the religion (and a bunch of nations) that would just as soon wipe the only real ‘democracy’ in the region off the map (as Omar did in her office, evidently).

    a time when many Americans viewed Muslims with suspicion
    With damned good reason, given just the history going back to 1974. Going back another 55 years, and it gets even more troublesome.

    Thankfully for all of us
    Our nation has a strong history of telling people who think we should be quiet and do what we’re told to STFU and STFD, and shooting them squarely in the face when that doesn’t work. We, as Sarah Hoyt has said, do not listen well.

    So, Omar, STFU and STFD, until you actually learn from your betters – that is, those who actually love freedom and justice, and recognize progressivism and islam for the enslaving ideologies they are – what it means to be American.

  • GWB says:

    Oh, and here’s a NEW one! (h/t Ace of Spades)
    “A recently discovered video shows @IlhanMN mocking Americans for their anxiety about al-Qaeda, equating US armed forces to al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.”
    (I think the text is a bit of an over-reach for the actual video. But she clearly doesn’t think al-qaeda and hezbollah are all that awful, and islamic terrorism is not that big a deal.)

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    I’ve searched high and low down here. There’s not one virgin down here! None!
    On the other hand, there’s a flock of Moslems looking everywhere for them.

  • Michael Hughes says:

    She is a far-left bubble-head who happens to be a Muslim. YAWN!

  • Valli Neal-davis says:

    Omar the terrorists and antichrists Moslem should should feel the same way she’s making American people feel with her ridiculous Riddick that she is continually saying about America omars values are not that of Americans remove this Moslem terrorists immediately.

  • Scott says:

    “a time when many Americans viewed Muslims with suspicion
    With damned good reason, given just the history going back to 1974. Going back another 55 years, and it gets even more troublesome.”… Actually GWB, it goes back to the founding of that blood cult. They have brought little to this world outside of death and destruction.. People should remember that the line “to the shores of Tripoli” in the Marine Corp Hymn was the result of BLACK MUSLIMS (does that make me racist?) Capturing white Christians, including Americans, and selling them into slavery..(inconvenient that it doesn’t fit the narrative huh?)

    I won’t even begin to address the shit she spews related to 9/11, because my hatred for these slime over the fact that included in the over 3000 Americans killed that was were 343 Brothers of mine from the FDNY still burns brightly, ad might color my comments.
    One can also point out the hypocrisy in her comment that “some people did something”, and how unjust it is to use that against all adherents to that disease of the mind, when she and the rest of the left have no problem using that EXACT mentality and approach when it comes to gun control, immediately painting all law abiding gun owners as criminals when “some person does something” with a gun??
    This piece of human excrement needs to be stripped of her citizenship, an sent back to somalia along with all the other idiots that voted for her!

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  • Greg says:

    Dan you and Nina should be ashamed misquoting the words spoken as a national threat to anyone. She only stated what is true, to quote her in America is dangerous because people just like you and your con artist president seek to silence people of color like her for speaking out against your deep State agenda which starts in your white house and it’s very name says enough.
    Try listening before assuming because 90% of you just made an ass out of you and many like me too.

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