If We Are All Going to Be Labeled as Racists Anyway, Don’t Back Away from the Critical Race Theory Fight

If We Are All Going to Be Labeled as Racists Anyway, Don’t Back Away from the Critical Race Theory Fight

If We Are All Going to Be Labeled as Racists Anyway, Don’t Back Away from the Critical Race Theory Fight

One of these days I’m going to be fired.  I always point to the elephant in the room when it’s right there in front of me.  And more conservative politicians need to accept that this is a winning strategy.  Let me explain.  Just two days ago, I had a lovely couple walk into my office.  She is a young black woman, and her husband is white.  Between them, they hauled in their darling daughter in a car seat.  In new home sales, I’ve been taught that you never start the conversation about the house.  It’s best to get to know them first as people.  So, as I remark on their baby girl, I ask them how long they’ve been in Austin and what brought them here.  His job they say.  I ask where they are from.  Boston.  “Wow! How are you liking Texas?”  Her answer was as frank as it was refreshing.  “To be honest, we were worried, given we are a mixed-race couple.  But we’ve found everyone so amazingly welcoming.”  “Wait, didn’t you know we are all racists down here?” I asked.  And we all laughed.  Because, despite the entire media narrative to the contrary, white supremacists are not running rampant across our country.  On my way home, I was thinking about the conversation and realized that if we are all going to be labeled as racists anyway, we can’t back away from the Critical Race Theory fight.  In New York however, they want me to believe they are not teaching CRT, I’m just confused.

Critical Race Theory is one of a handful of culture wars raging across our great land right now. It crept up on us normies so stealthily, we never saw it coming.  Unlike the culture war over gay marriage, there are no Gay Pride parades for CRT.  That was by design.  In the mid-eighties, as the real forays of Critical Race Theory were winding their way into university thought and educational teaching practices, a loud and proud proclamation that America SUCKS would have been impossible. 

No, it was best to surreptitiously inculcate young, impressionable students with words like inequity, systematic racism, and inclusion.  Then, without parental oversight or civic engagement, those same children became teachers to our next generation.  Like Legos, they added onto the block chain of learning the idea that America was founded on racism.  White males are only motivated by greed and conquest.  All races and religions other than Caucasian and Christian are oppressed and need defending by governmental intervention.  And without the window into our classrooms, granted to us by the very same teacher’s unions who would have kept their teachings on the down low, we never would have known. 

This is what I call the silver-lining of COVID crazy.  We were finally able to peek behind the curtain and see the wizards at their work.  But now that parents see for themselves what nonsensical notions are being spoon-fed into our children, they want us to pretend we don’t know what we know.  It’s not Critical Race Theory!  You’re just confused!

Here is a formal announcement from the New York indoctrination team:

According to Jay Worona, deputy executive director and general counsel for the New York State School Boards Association:

“There are many people who are proclaiming that the curriculum is being designed to indoctrinate students to think in a particular way, as opposed to what we’ve done for eons, which is to teach critical thinking skills.”

The word “critical” in this context has nothing to do with “Critical Race Theory,” which is a legal theory that addresses how American racism has shaped public policy. 

“[CRT] is a way of looking at our institutions and deciding whether racism has been embedded in them,” Worona explained. “(Policies based on diversity, equity and inclusion) are important because every single child that’s in our system matters.”

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with the ever-shifting words they use to describe this thing they claim ISN’T being taught.  Our own Toni Williams sums it up nicely in her piece from last month.   But it all boils down to the same old crap. 

  1. Systemic Racism.
  2. White man bad. 
  3. BIPOC (I loathe this term!) oppressed.  

But the really great news is this.  Parents are NOT confused.  They are making it very clear, to the detriment of the aggressive, progressive, liberal race hustlers that THEY DON’T WANT THIS $#!@ in their classrooms!  In The Five clip below, Geraldo continues to beclown himself as he tries to speak on behalf of the Pravda.  But he gets his clock cleaned by the rest of the crew:

If we are to learn anything from the elections last week it’s this: parents are not confused about Critical Race Theory, and if we are going to be called racists anyway, we might as well just keep up the fight against it.  This is a hill to die on.  We need to accept that no matter what we do, good, bad, or indifferent, we are going to be labeled as assholes.  Let the words and tweets roll off our back knowing that we are most definitely on the right side of history, and we can win many elections handily if we don’t give in to fear. 

Fight loudly.  Call it out wherever you see it.  Lose friends over this.  They can call it CRT or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, (DEI), or Rainbows and Unicorn Lessons for all I care.  But never ever let them convince you that it is about fostering a better understanding of history.  Don’t let them gaslight you into thinking this is about creating a positive learning environment. The New York Board of Regents think parents are stupid and are happy to say so aloud. 

Featured image: “critical race theory” by kaezenovka licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, cropped and modified

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  • Cameron says:

    The quick explanation of CRT is that white people are inherently superior to colored people and benefit from an invisible force called “privilege.” Colored people are inferior and perpetual victims and they need white people to help them out.

    I will always use that as my explanation when someone asks what CRT is and I’ve long stopped caring about hurt feelings regarding that.

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