Hypocrisy Is Standing Rock #DAPL Protestors Creating Environmental Disaster [VIDEO]

Hypocrisy Is Standing Rock #DAPL Protestors Creating Environmental Disaster [VIDEO]

Hypocrisy Is Standing Rock #DAPL Protestors Creating Environmental Disaster [VIDEO]

We don’t like big oil they said! We’re here to preserve history they said! Save the rivers they said! Protect the earth! It’s Sacred they said!

Thus spaketh the protestors, sometimes nearly 10,000 of them, camped out at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. All so a pipeline would never be built. Celebrities visited, spoke, marched around, got arrested, and generally added to the chaos.

Then one day, people had had enough. The Standing Rock tribe said no more. The nearby towns affected as well as the State of North Dakota said… ENOUGH. And so, as Gail noted here, it all came to a quiet end.

But what those environmentally ‘save the earth at all costs’ protestors left behind tells us an entirely different story. It tells us that those protestors were hypocrites on a massive scale. Seriously massive scale.

Now the cleanup efforts begin. The camps span more than 1,000 acres, which had been, according to state officials, sensitive wildlife habitat. Now, because of an early thaw and thousands of “water protectors” it is a wet, muddy cesspool of human waste and hazardous fuels after protesters turned the native grassland into a dumping ground.

According to the Col John Henderson of the US Army Corp of Engineers, crews have already removed some 250 truckloads of trash, but his agency plans to spend upwards to $1.2 million of taxpayer money to rehabilitate the area.

“To ensure that none of this garbage and waste and debris and structures and vehicles ended up in the reservoir. That would be an absolute environmental catastrophe,” Henderson said.

How is thousands of tons of trash the protestors left behind going to help the environment? It’s not. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Seriously, that much trash? That’s literally a medium sized garbage dump right there!


How about saving the rivers? Well, is letting your waste from the Porta Potties (if they used them) seeping into the ground and making it to the streams and rivers ecologically friendly? It isn’t. Oh and let’s not talk about the germs and diseases potentially present in that massive heap of garbage shall we?

How about limiting air pollution?? I guess the protestors never cared about that since, at various times they set tires on fire, and just prior to leaving they set half the damn camp on fire! I kid you not.

A protestor pours gasoline on a fire blocking North Dakota Hwy. 1806 on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016, north of Cannon Ball.
Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

I don’t know how those so-called protestors survived the fall and especially this winter, which has seen record cold temperatures and snowfalls comparable to decades past.

But Guess What? I. Don’t. Care. You know why?

Because that entire group of protestors are giant hypocrites. Yes, HYPOCRITES.

Save the environment they said! Which means YOU save the environment while we do whatever the hell we want.

Rivers must be kept clean they said! YOU keep the rivers clean, while we the oh so “enlightened” protestors dump trash and disease in it all day long. Nanny nanny boo boo. So there!

No air pollution they said! But hey! It’s ok to pollute the air by burning down our trash heap of a campground because it’s a “ceremonial” protest of…. What are we protesting again?

While all the protestors were busy lecturing us about saving the environment from the dreaded pipeline, they themselves were contributing merrily to a giant environmental and ecological disaster in at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota. Do you think they care about the mess they left behind? No they don’t. Do you think they care that they’ve left a major disaster for the Standing Rock tribe, the state of North Dakota, and all tax-paying Americans to clean up. No, they sure as hell don’t.

Next time any group of protestors starts ranting about “saving the environment” from the big bad oil bullies and the federal government, we can use the hypocrisy they exhibited at Standing Rock as a way to shut them up.

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