Democrats must choose: Keith Ellison or Alan Dershowitz?

Democrats must choose: Keith Ellison or Alan Dershowitz?

Democrats must choose: Keith Ellison or Alan Dershowitz?

Today Democrats will vote for the new chair for the Democratic National Committee. (Read about all the candidates here.) Congressman Keith Ellison, D-MN, is reportedly in the lead for the position. He was the first Muslim to be elected to Congress and prior to that was publically supportive of Louis Farrakhan and other anti-Semites. Since he began his public service career he has superficially distanced himself from the Nation of Islam, but has continued to advance anti-Israel policies.

Keith Ellison, front runner for DNC chair

Alan Dershowitz, well-respected legal scholar and commentator, and proud Jew, will under no circumstances continue to support the Democratic party if Ellison is elected as the chair.

In Dershowitz’ own words:

If he is elected, I will quit the party after 60 years of loyal association and voting. ….

I will urge other like-minded people — centrist liberals — to follow my lead and quit the Democratic Party if Ellison is elected chairman. We will not be leaving the Democratic Party we have long supported. The Democratic Party will be leaving us!

The Democrats need to be concerned if life-long honorable Democrats like Alan Dershowitz are making such strong statements about their potential leadership. Dershowitz is an unapologetic supporter of Israel. Ironically, Chuck Shumer, D-NY, minority leader in the Senate, who is also Jewish, is firmly in Ellison’s corner. Ellison’s strongest supporter is Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, also Jewish (Ellison supported Sanders over Clinton in the presidential race). They are friends to Ellison, but there is plenty of evidence to show that Ellison is no friend of theirs.

Dershowitz sums up his reasons for this decision – support of Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, Stokely Carmicheal, and other anti-Semites. He shows Ellison has only pulled back from these people since he has been in pubic office ad the timing of his alleged support for Israel is opportunistic:

Ellison has a long history of sordid association with anti-Semitism. He worked with and repeatedly defended one of a handful of the most notorious and public anti-Semites in our country: The Reverend Louis Farrakhan. And worked with Farrakhan at the very time this anti-Semite was publicly describing Judaism as a “gutter religion” and insisting that the Jews were a primary force in the African slave trade. …

He first claimed to realize that Farrakhan was an anti-Semite when he ran for office in 2006 seeking Jewish support. His claim to be a supporter of Israel was timed to coincide with his run for the chairmanship of DNC. I do not trust him. I do not believe him. And neither should centrist liberal supporters of Israel and opponents of anti-Semitism. …

With regard to Israel, Ellison was one of only a small number of Congress people who recently voted against funding the Iron Dome, a missile system used by Israel to protect its civilians against rocket attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah. His voting record with regard to the Nation State of the Jewish people is among the very worst in Congress.

Ellison’s support consists of the more progressive wing of the Democrat party.

Ellison has already collected a hefty list of endorsements, ranging from middle-of-the-road Democrats—like outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and his presumptive successor, Chuck Schumer—as well as leaders of the party’s progressive wing, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Sanders.

He is on tape in 2010 criticizing the United States’ support of Israel.

“The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people. A region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million. Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right? When the Americans who trace their roots back to those 350 million get involved, everything changes. Can I say that again?”

So why are the Democrats so invested in Ellison and willing to accept his sketchy history with Israel and anti-Semitism? He fuses together identity politics and what they desperately want – a progressive economic policy.

Ellison has tried to reconcile these two ideas in a slightly smoother fashion. “It’s about the money. A lot has been made about the white working class. I think we’d better take a look at the working class of all colors,” he said on the Keepin’ It 1600 podcast. For many young liberals and leftists, Ellison’s attempt to fuse these ideas may look like the future of the Democratic Party, fluent in both identity issues and progressive economics.

These Progressive know-nothings are also hot to impeach Donald Trump, a sentiment shared by Ellison.

Here is Ellison bantering with Bill Maher about Islam. Maher calls the Qur’an a hate-filled book. Ellison equivocates and says the radical Muslims are reading it wrong. Maybe he’s the one reading it wrong. Ellison has been a Muslim since age 19.

Young Progressives may think those politics are the future of our nation, and they seem to be winning in the DNC with that idea, but they will not succeed in the rest of America. As Alan Dershowitz stated, the party cannot have any future as a hard-left fringe entity:

Remember what happened when the Democrats moved left by nominating George McGovern, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis — all good men. The total combined electoral votes for these candidates would not have won a single election. There is no reason to think the country has moved so far to the left since those days that the Democrats can win by pushing even further in the direction of the hard left. The self-destructive election of Keith Ellison will be hard to undo for many years.

A lot of people got woke in the last election, resulting in the victory of Donald Trump. If Ellison is elected, it should serve to bring even more people back to their senses. They might be lost without a party, so let’s make sure not to snub them too hard when they come looking for a home. Open their minds with your understanding and convince them that conservative principles are the best way to preserve the unique freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

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  • Scott says:

    Wow, the cognitive dissonance surrounding this is amazing! Forget just a minute about his anti-antisemitism, how exactly does putting someone who subscribes to a religion that openly supports the persecution of gays square with the supposed support of LGBT ( and whatever additions i may have missed) ” community”?? I guess as is standard with democrats and leftists ( but i repeat myself), don’t bother them with facts…

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