Hyde-Smith vs. Espy: Race Cards Fly in Tuesday’s Mississippi Runoff Election

Hyde-Smith vs. Espy: Race Cards Fly in Tuesday’s Mississippi Runoff Election

Hyde-Smith vs. Espy: Race Cards Fly in Tuesday’s Mississippi Runoff Election

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a runoff election today to determine who will fill the seat previously held by retiring Senator Thad Cochran. Because none of the four candidates attained over fifty percent in the “jungle” election earlier this month, Mississippi voters will choose between Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith and Democrat Mike Espy. And naturally, the Democrats are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to keep President Trump’s Senate majority from growing.

And they’re nothing if not predictable.

Pres. Trump rallies for Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in Biloxi, Mississippi Monday night. (Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

As of yesterday afternoon, there were claims of nooses “found” on the Mississippi Capitol grounds. The curious part? The person who “found” the nooses declined to notify authorities. Instead, he/she contacted the…drumroll, please…media. Because whenever one feels threatened, one’s first inclination is to alert the local news station.

And why are nooses supposedly being discovered lying about the grounds of the Mississippi Capitol? Because Senator Hyde-Smith used—GASP!—words the Left interpreted as racial dog whistles. And her opponent happens to be black. And he probably can’t win on his own. And because it’s what they do; it’s what they ALWAYS do.

Now you’ll pardon me if I scream “BS!” from the top of my lungs. Does anyone remember this HATE CRIME!! screaming, noose-discovering nitwit? Or this one? Or this one? Or this one? Lather, rinse, repeat. Something about screeching about falling skies comes to mind. Because when “hate crimes” nearly always turn out to be staged by the target of same, one starts to question the validity of any claim of targeted harassment. Which serves only to harm actual victims. But, hey, those ends are justified. Occasionally.

Yeah, those are some super-threatening signs. No “hate crime.” Point proven.

And then there are the obvious and multiple attempts by none other than CNN—also known as the propaganda arm of the DNC—to paint Hyde-Smith as a virulent racist and push Mississippians to vote against her (note: not FOR the Democrat, who by the way, has a colorful, Clinton-tied  history):

Sigh. Could they be any more obvious?

And then there’s alleged comedian Jim Carrey, who produced this little bit of Leftist propaganda:

Seek help, Jim. Oh, and grab a mirror. And a history book.

Look, I get that Mississippi has collective heartburn over its past and holds sensitivity about it. But that’s just it: its past is its past. And I don’t blame Hyde-Smith for dragging Mississippi’s history of racial angst back into the spotlight. I blame the Democrats. They can’t sell their open borders, government-run healthcare, tax-the-rich policies in conservative states, so they pull out the race card and wave it around like a Vegas Strip marquee. And to use something as highly sensitive as past race relations to try to win votes is beyond reprehensible. Just as with crying “Wolf!” it serves only to further divide. But they do it anyway. Because it’s what they ALWAYS do.

But…I predict the good and decent voters of Mississippi will see right through the race-baiting the Left is once again employing to try and win a seat that they know is very likely beyond their grasp.

Because Mississippi is like Texas: the Democrats always thinks they’ve got a chance to grab a seat that’s been red for decades but never quite seems to convince enough voters to take them to the dance. So they pull out the race card, even to assist a skateboard-riding, DUI-denying fake Hispanic against the real deal. Also see their shenanigans in Florida and Georgia. Race-baiting playbook employed, ad nauseum. Because it’s what they always do.

But I suspect it won’t work in Mississippi either. And today’s outcome will likely be yet another red wave of disappointment for the Democrats in the Deep Red South. Trump’s Senate majority will grow by net one. And he’ll continue getting the judicial confirmations he wants—thank you, Harry Reid—and Chuck Schumer will keep being Chuck Schumer, a walking, talking Wiffle ball of hypocrisy.

But that won’t stop the Left from employing this same, tired old ploy in the next round of elections.

Because it’s what they always do.

BE OFFENDED! Pro tip: “Muslim” isn’t a race, Mr. Narrator Guy.

Meanwhile…here’s hoping Hyde-Smith remains right where she is following today’s runoff election (will this election cycle EVER be over?!), if for no other reason than we can all point and laugh as CNN, NBC, and all the other Democrat operatives hurl another round of empty platitude-filled race cards her way during her inevitable re-election bid.

Oh, and did I mention: Because it’s what they always do?


Featured Image Credit: Jodi Giddings

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  • GWB says:

    and wave it around like a Vegas Stripper’s bra marquee
    FIFY. They’re much more flagrant than a sign on the Vegas strip.

    Trump’s Senate majority will grow by net one.
    Huh? How so? The seat was already held by a Republican. If Hyde-Smith wins it will be status quo in that seat.

    But that won’t stop the Left from employing this same, tired old ploy in the next round of elections.
    And the only way to stop it (or make it counter-effective) is to demonstrate over and over again how much better America is when we ignore race.*
    I know that I’ve been privileged to work with the military for all my adult life. I’ve lived and worked with Blacks and Hispanics and Jews and Arabs and Norwegians and Cretans and Japanese and Koreans and Australians and…. And I just don’t really care what you call yourself, as long as it’s American.

    (* I don’t believe we should ignore behavior or culture. We should strive to get everyone to “protestant work ethic”, Judeo-Christian morals, and a certain gentility (including chivalry). And we should hold to those things regardless of a person’s race/color/national origin.)

  • Well, Espy apparently lost. BADLY. Good prediction, Ms. Giddings, it’s all over now (except, of course, for the next six years of Leftists screaming “racism,” “unfair,” “rigged,” etc.

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