House Dems Fear “Migrant” Humanitarian Aid Could Be Used for Deportation

House Dems Fear “Migrant” Humanitarian Aid Could Be Used for Deportation

House Dems Fear “Migrant” Humanitarian Aid Could Be Used for Deportation

Have you noticed that the liberal media and their counterparts on the Left have ceased labeling the president’s claims of a border emergency—and it’s resulting humanitarian disaster—as a “manufactured crisis?” Gone are the days of Chuck and Nancy—or as I fondly refer to them: Chancy—appearing on live television looking like a pair of disappointed parents.

No, their claims that the crisis at the border was simply President Trump’s attempt at drumming up support for his immigration policies were always a false narrative, one that the socialist media was happy to repeat. But no more. America is well aware of the humanitarian crisis at the border and that we are, in fact, being overrun and our resources depleted. Now they’re paying attention.

But not for the reasons they should be.

No, Nancy Pelosi and gang’s only concern is that those who have violated our laws and our sovereignty be provided adequate necessities. You know. All that stuff they’ve thus far refused to fund.

Yes, this is the same Nancy Pelosi who’d have to wade through human feces in hip-waders if she dared visit her own constituents. The same Nancy Pelosi who has precisely zero concern for the growing homelessness and drug addiction plaguing her home district.

And what is Pelosi not concerned with? Think Cloward and Piven: she’s more than happy to spend your hard-earned tax dollars on the masses of foreign nationals flooding our borders and overwhelming our system, but not one dime to prevent it from happening in the first place. From the New York Times:

Congress is trying to rush $4.5 billion in emergency humanitarian aid to the southwestern border while placing new restrictions on President Trump’s immigration crackdown, spurred on by disturbing images of suffering migrant families and of children living in squalor in overcrowded detention facilities.”

“But with a House vote on the package planned for Tuesday, some Democrats fear that the aid will be used to carry out Mr. Trump’s aggressive tactics, including deportation raids that he has promised will begin within two weeks. Republicans are objecting to restrictions in the measure that are meant to dictate better standards for facilities that hold migrant children and to bar the money from being used for enforcing immigration law.”

(Note: the rest of that New York Times article reads just as you’d imagine: Trump bad; downtrodden “immigrants” good; no mention of the word “illegal.”)

Yes, the masses of migrant children, and adults, that Congress’ magnet legislation—and the executive orders of the Obama administration and activist judges—caused. The same children these same people grotesquely exploit to tug at the heart strings of every American. Because vote for us, we’re compassionate. (Just ignore the infanticide we support…)

And what, pray tell, are those “aggressive tactics” they’re so concerned with? Well, just enforcing the laws that great humanitarian, Nancy Pelosi, and her fellow congresspeople put it place; that is, deporting illegal aliens, under final orders of deportation, who’ve refused to leave our country. Oh, the horror!

By the way: it didn’t seem to concern Pelosi et al when former, and oh-so-cool-catty, President Obama was doing the very same thing.

Our southern border is in chaos, people whose intentions are not known have sneaked in, and the ensuing humanitarian crisis is past the breaking point. There is no denying that. And, in case you missed it, leftover swamp creatures from the prior administration apparently leaked information about deportation enforcement plans in an effort to push leftist open border polices and keep those future Democrat voters right where they are, the laws they are tasked with enforcing be damned. Yes, I’m looking at you, acting Homeland Security Secretary McAleenan. Check out his political donations:

Notice a pattern?

And then there’s this:

Nothing to see here, move along, right Mr. McAleenan?

Against every headwind imaginable, President Trump has spent his first two-and-a-half years in office trying to secure our border in an effort to keep Americans safe. The cancellation of deportation efforts is just the latest in a long string of grenades the Powers That Be have lobbed in his direction in order to maintain the illegal immigration status quo. While Trump has claimed publicly his reasoning for calling off the deportations planned to have started this past weekend were in an effort to give Congress one last chance to fix the problem it helped create, the true reason is more likely the alleged sabotage.

As of this writing, the Democrats reportedly lack the votes—for the umpteenth time—to pass humanitarian aid for those migrant kids they’re so concerned about.

Well, big surprise. Nancy Pelosi has no intention of giving Trump, or the American people, an inch on border security and immigration reform. Not now, not ever:

No, Pelosi’s plan is to keep exploiting migrant children—and offer up no legislation that would address the illegal immigration problem; Mexico and We Build the Wall donors are doing more to curb illegal immigration than Congress is—no matter how many of them, on both sides of the border, are harmed in the process, all in an effort to cattle prod you and me into voting Democrat next year. It’s the very antithesis of compassion, and her efforts are the equivalent of sticking a Band-Aid on a breached dam. And that’s why next year’s election is so pivotal. The choice will be between the open borders society the Left craves, where no one entering our country is vetted and terrorism will become the norm, or a sovereign nation that scrutinizes everyone who wishes to enter. I know which I’ll be choosing.


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