Hillary and Bernie and the CNN Town Hall

Hillary and Bernie and the CNN Town Hall

Hillary and Bernie and the CNN Town Hall

Last night, CNN hosted the two remaining candidates for the 2016 Democrat Presidential nominations. First up was Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got to go last again. With Anderson Cooper moderating and questions from the audience, it was everything one would expect and less. CNN was kind enough to boil it down to 90 seconds for those of you who have a life and did not watch it.

Bernie Sanders was able to boast about and rub in Hillary’s face the fact that he did not vote to authorize the Iraq War, yet again. Although I disagree with just about every word that comes out of Mr. Sanders mouth, he comes across as a man who is comfortable in his own skin. He knows who he is and what he believes and doesn’t give a fig what you think.

The only uncomfortable moment for Senator Sanders was explaining his spirituality. The hippie “We are the World” types always give up the game with their envy. Bernie does it in the video clip below. The “One World” spiritual types always have to impugn the motives of others to show how pure they are. “They got theirs, so they don’t care about you.” Watch Bernie. And note the anger.

And, then there was Hillary! Oof!

If Bernie Sanders comes across as comfortable with who he is, Mrs. Clinton comes across as so scripted and controlled that she has probably been constipated for the last forty years. Oh, did I just type that. Yup, I sure did. Be honest, Hillary Clinton does look constipated.

Mrs. Clinton may be running from her Iraq vote (It was George W. Bush’s fault). However, Hillary is standing on President Obama’s record and agenda.


For the younger generations, they don’t know anything about Whitewater or cattle futures or bimbo eruptions or the travel office. They don’t remember the Hillary so desperate for money that she deducted two dollars for donating Bill Clinton’s old underwear to charity, as noted in the New York Times. The woman will do anything for money.

And, then there is Goldman Sachs and $675,000. And, everybody does it.


This is Hillary in a nutshell. Not her fault. “That is what they offered.”????? Everybody does it. Don’t blame her, she’s a girl. Oh and Hillary…please don’t say the word “JAIL”.

Tonight, we will get Hillary and Bernie in an MSNBC debate. Help me, Lord. Victory Girls will watch so that you don’t have to watch.

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