Here’s One Reason Why The Younger Generation is Screwed

Here’s One Reason Why The Younger Generation is Screwed

Here’s One Reason Why The Younger Generation is Screwed

A few days ago, I wrote about the values we had lost. Family, respect for our elders and our nation, decency toward one another, love of country and community all seem to have disappeared over the years, and I’m convinced our nation’s schools are a big part of the problem.

Example: an unhinged, self-important sow named Yvonne Mason, who spent nearly two decades corrupting young minds in South Carolina, who recently received a letter signed by President Trump, and instead of graciously accepting the missive, has decided to very publicly make “corrections” to the letter, which she claims is full of “stylistically appalling prose.”

“When you get letters from the highest level of government, you expect them to be at least mechanically correct,” Mason said.

She dinged the Trump letter particularly for repeatedly capitalizing “nation,” “federal,” “president” and “state,” turning these common nouns into proper nouns.

Using her signature purple ink — since harsh red ink is discouraged by some educators these days — Mason identified 11 instances of faulty capitalization in Trump’s letter.

And the left, including the media, had a collective orgasm!

Oh, how brave! Oh, what a hero she is! And look, how pithy! She uses teen colloquialisms!

Of course, let’s remember that the “mistakes” Yvonne claims the letter contained aren’t actually mistakes and if they were mistakes, they weren’t made by the President himself anyway. Any normal human being would recognize that a) the letter was written by a staffer, b) understand that the federal government writing style is very different from the writing style we use on a regular basis, and c) not make a spectacle of herself in a desperate bid for attention by very publicly sharing her “corrections” for the media to glom on to, and haughtily claiming she would send the letter back filled with arrogant snark.

A normal person would have been proud to have received a letter from the White House in response to their concerns, and if said normal person wasn’t a fan of the current White House resident, said person – if they were normal – would merely put the letter away.

But a supercilious attention whore, intent on showing the world how “woke” she was would do exactly what Yvonne did – publicly attempt to humiliate the President and then bathe in the media attention like a pig in shit.

Of course, all Yvonne did was beclown herself, because the “mistakes” she pompously points out aren’t mistakes at all. They are written in a specific federal government writing style. It’s common. The guidelines in the Plain Writing Act do not specify what to capitalize and what not to. The Act merely directs agencies to write clearly to increase accountability.

And by the way, the Act capitalizes “Federal.”

The purpose of this Act is to improve the effectiveness and 
accountability of Federal agencies to the public by promoting clear 
Government communication that the public can understand and use.

Federal agencies set their owns rules for capitalization. The writing style of the Defense Department varies from the writing style of the intelligence community, which differs wildly from the Justice Department’s writing style. For example, take Executive Order 13549 signed by Barack Obama on August 18, 2010. Had Yvonne done a shred of research, she would have realized that generally speaking, Executive Orders and other White House correspondence capitalizes “State,” “Federal,” and especially “Nation.”

Sec. 1.1. There is established a Classified National Security Information Program (Program) designed to safeguard and govern access to classified national security information shared by the Federal Government with State, local, tribal, and private sector (SLTPS) entities. [emphasis mine]

And had Yvonne actually done any research into how government agencies write, (see the US Geological Survey Correspondence Handbook, for instance) she would have seen the following:  When referring to different forms of government, capitalize “Federal,” and “State.” Also this: Capitalize the word Nation if used as a synonym for the United States… It’s a respect for America thing – something this arrogant hag wouldn’t know if it rustled her moldy meat curtains. Anything look familiar in the letter below?

Yvonne Mason is an unhinged, arrogant leftist, who apparently makes it a habit of writing to federal, state, and local officials and engaging in “rhetorical activism.” I wouldn’t be surprised if she passed those “values” on to the kids she taught for 17 years.

“Have ya’ll [sic.] tried grammar and style check?” Mason wrote at the top of the letter, punctuated by two asterisks.

“OMG this is WRONG!” she wrote at the bottom, citing one of many incorrect uses of capitalization.

THIS type of creature – rude, arrogant, snide, ungracious, and discourteous – is teaching your kids. What are these people teaching them?

Rudeness and arrogance.

Is it any wonder David Hogg proudly proclaimed that he hung up on the President of the United States when the latter took the time to call the snotty little shit after the Parkland tragedy?

Is it any wonder we have teenagers physically assaulting waitresses for making the wrong change in a restaurant?

What are they not teaching them? Spelling and Civics, at the very least.

Is it any wonder that Emma Gonzalez arrogantly proclaimed a few days ago that if you want to exercise your Constitutional rights, you should go “serve your fucking country?”

Is it any wonder David Hogg can’t spell and doesn’t know the basic functions of our government?


These are the people teaching your children – people like Yvonne Mason, who was obviously not worried about teaching kids decency, respect, or how to do actual research. Manners weren’t on the curriculum either, and apparently neither was setting a good example.

People like Greg Pittman – a history teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas – are also teaching your kids. This so-called “teacher” called Kyle Kashuv – a Jewish student – the “next Hitler” for posting a photo of himself at the range with a rifle after a trip there with his dad. Broward claims to be investigating, but somehow, given the county’s sketchy history of sweeping wrongdoing under the rug, I doubt anything will be done.

We, as parents, must demand more. We must demand better from the people who have our kids eight hours per day and who make such an indelible impression on their lives. We must be more involved as parents. I cannot imagine this is the first time Yvonne Mason exhibited crass, unprofessional behavior. I have a hard time believing that in 17 years of teaching kids, Yvonne Mason never once acted like an unhinged lout, especially during the Bush years, when Bush Derangement Syndrome had the left in its grip.

This behavior is unacceptable in people who are teaching our children, who are responsible for their mental health and welfare, and we need to expose it and call it out each and every time.


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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Timmy says:

    Maybe the feminist grammar nazi should take her red pen to this.

  • Stephen Ippolito says:

    Great piece, thanks.
    How very far the teaching profession has fallen!

    I have always remembered and acted on a lesson taught to my classmates and I at our High School by a true teacher who was a true gentleman.

    It is the story of a guest from modest circumstances fortunate enough to be seated at the King’s table at an official dinner who, unused to formality, drank from the finger bowl.
    Noticing the faux pas, His Majesty nonchalantly did the same thing, sending a discreet message to all at the table and ensuring the guest would not be made to feel uncomfortable.

    The moral: a true lady or gentleman never humiliates another and does not tolerate those who do.
    Perhaps the story is apocryphal. Perhaps not. The point is that teachers once strove to instill such lessons and to model courtesy for their pupils.
    The office of the busiest man in the world deigned to reply to her petty whining. You’d think she would be flattered and grateful and impressed – but instead she seeks to embarrass them.

    You are correct, VG’s. This woman is a sow – and I don’t care if San Fran Nan doesn’t like it.
    To those who think this nasty poseur is a brave “resister” I say: “garbage”.

    This lady, whom I am proud to call a countrywoman, is what a real member of a real Resistance movement looked like:

    • GWB says:

      The office of the busiest man in the world deigned to reply to her petty whining. You’d think she would be flattered and grateful and impressed
      I agree with your comment, except for this part. The office of the President does not “deign” to respond to the citizens who authorized his office. He owes a duty to respond to his fellow citizens, having been awarded the office of highest executive responsibility in the land.

      And I am not “impressed” because such an august personage responded to me, a mere peon. I am a free citizen of these United States, and the President is not above me in any class or moral sense.

      I doubt you truly intended the thoughts I surmised from your statement. But it demonstrates a weakness in our language and thought, from having too long invested Washington, DC with the power they currently exercise.

      • Stephen Ippolito says:

        I take your point, for which I thank you but I stand by what I said.
        There’s now well over 300 million American citizens- all of whom are entitled in principle to be acknowledged. No doubt about that.
        Do you not see a practical problem in that, though?

        That’s what I was referring to. It is simply not possible from a practical point of view for the President, himself or through his minions, to read & consider, in any meaningful way at least, and then to respond, in any meaningful way at least, to all 300 million Americans on everything they wish to put to him at any time they wish to put it.

        I get responsibility and serving the base. I come from private legal practice and even when I ran my law firm I found it difficult enough to respond to every single client as they wrote, phoned or called in. It’s called living in the real world where scarce resources have to be allocated between infinite wants and demands. Causes just have to be prioritised even among the citizenry. That’s just reality.

        When I took some time off from private practice to serve as an army reservist full-time in Canberra I saw first hand that even with the best intentions it is simply not possible for those who lead us to acknowledge every approach from the public – whether in a timely, considered fashion or even sometimes at all.

        Truthfully, our leaders also receive so many letters that are so abusive and/or negative that they do not even deserve a reply. Waving your citizenship papers and spouting off about being a citizen just isn’t good enough.It’s not a golden pass to have every silly and petty critique of the top man saluted.

        That this sow got a meaningful reply to what was no doubt a whiny, petty letter reflects very well on the Donald.

  • Tami says:

    She criticizes over capitalizing and uses the term “y’all”? Hypocrite?

    • GWB says:

      Sorry, I give her a pass on “y’all”.
      First, she’s from the South. (No, that doesn’t fill me with pride in this particular case.)
      Second, “y’all” is a much more clear expression of the second-person plural than “you” is. (“All y’all” is the second-person plus-plural, I think. 😉 )

  • GWB says:

    A normal person
    Oh, but she’s a Social Justice Zealot! So, she has to be both outraged AND self-promoting. Oh, and dumb, too.
    But a supercilious attention whore
    Ah, okay, you hit some of that….. 🙂

    rustled her moldy meat curtains
    Oh. Eeeeewwwwwwww…….

    “OMG this is WRONG!”
    ZOMG, she WROTE in leet speak! *smdh*

    called Kyle Kashuv … the “next Hitler”
    And NOT Hogg, who actually gave a communist salute (pretty similar to a NAZI salute) at some idiot rally.

  • Doug Purdie says:

    You mean you didn’t know that bad grammar, capitalization and punctuation puts our Democracy in grave danger?

  • Hammerin' Hank says:

    I write, therefor I am.

    Please help me understand … how it happens that the most verbose hear (sic) wrote in similar fashion (stylistically) to the article writer … which is to have behaved in similar fashion to the very thing she was criticizing?
    Answer hints: to criticize is not to critique; pedantic.

    Me, myself and I have often heard that American education is designed to teach how to learn, not what to think. Too many of Us are caught up, as here, in the partisanship of fleeting political moments (PFPM), losing sight of the various trees in the forest of Our democracy.

    By emulation of poor examples, leaders lead not. Ms. Mason may have some personality distinctions, which could provide the basis for subconscious attraction.

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